Metal Gear Solid coming to First 4 Figures

First 4 Figures, a company making high-end collectible figures, has announced that they will be working with Konami to release new Metal Gear Solid collectibles. Check out the announcement below.

It is truly an honor to now be working with Konami to bring you Metal Gear Solid collectibles! Make sure you join our F4F Official Collectors Club to see all the behind the scenes development process! Please help to share out this news! Much appreciated!

There are no details so far as to what exactly these collectibles will entail, only a teaser video that shows some of their previous work for other franchises. However judging by the use of the Metal Gear Solid logo it may be specifically related to the original PlayStation game.

Source: First 4 Figures, via MetalGearCollection

  • Clawson_J

    Hope it’s Solid Snake

    • They do make nice stuff, going by that video.

    • Eugene Voldo
    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      Hope it’s also Liquid Snake, Gray Fox, Revolver Ocelot or Psycho Mantis to name a few.

  • Full Options

    OT : MateZ !! More equations !!! … hard to read, but I am sure some will figure out what’s written with some photoshop filters… ;D

    • These are not new equations. This was a present from some fan at E3.
      We know about equations from Horizon:ZD.
      I think we know everything about them.

      • Full Options

        Oh shoot, I got it, editing my comment so people don’t get misled. Sorry if you were and thx for the precision !
        So those 4 other ones are totally fictive then …

      • Lex Radu

        sure, sure! :)))))))))))

      • Full Options

        Haha, yeah with Boss, every slightest detail has its importance, and this one is indeed big. ;D

  • I just wish they re-release some of the Play arts figs for the anniversary, and maybe bring new figures to the MGS1 line… at least those are not as expensive on their release window… (unlike the Quiet figure…. for reasons)
    well you can always get a bootleg Grey Fox for 35 bucks….

  • Full Options

    OT: Mates, if not watched already (published June 21), this is Guerilla’s Decima Tech Dir Michiel van der Leeuw, asked about KP. Starting at the Koji-Pro question in the video, but remember to also check also the rest if interested :

    • This interview only proved to me that KojiPro have a lot of difficulties with the engine. Their game will be totally different to what Guerrilla guys are doing and their engine is mature but not ready.

      After the completion of MGSV, the engine was pretty much done and you could do anything on it. P.T. was that result when you don’t need to constantly update it to receive realistic environment for playable teaser.

      Kojima long time ago said that to have their own engine is just better and there are multiple ways to make your game look good. It’s about the simplicity.

      • Full Options

        Well, we could not expect any magic engine on the market to be an out-of-box FoxEngine either… They would have struggle on all of them anyways so I guess it is also necessary to consider more positive aspects. For instance, they admitted that Koji-Pro is bringing them drastic improvements in various areas. All studios have a lot of problems developing their games and MGS flavor of FoxEngine did have some areas where things could have been improved. For example, I really missed a fair underwater gameplay like in MGS3.
        Or the ability of controlling flying vehicles such as choppers or fighters instead of just driving cars and tanks..
        In terms of corrective maintenance, they were indeed quite done with many things but if Kojima, as usual, wanted to introduce newer evolution maintenance, which is probably one of the main reasons they have things to address in Decima, all this would also obviously involve extra-efforts..
        So unfortunately not a FoxEngine, yes, but also way closer to a rock-stable engine and levels / art tools they need than having to start it all from scratch or to work with a weaker engine for example..
        I may add that with the support of Guerilla’s talents, it is hard for me to imagine a more competitive cocktail in the endeavor of reaching the comfort they had with Fox.
        The engine is ready for ZD but for DS, eh, having them still on R&D is quite normal and of course not as optimal as if they were on Fox, but they would still probably be on some heavy R&D phases even right now if they were on a new MGS..

        • Or the ability of controlling flying vehicles such as choppers or fighters instead of just driving cars and tanks..

          That was not there, because it would not make any sense for the game Kojima wanted to make. The game is about tactical espionage operations. It was not GTA.
          There is a reason why tanks and vehicles were there, for the additional options (escape route/fast travel) and their physics were just alright, just to serve it’s ultimate purpose.

          • Full Options

            I think that a degree of freedom such as for example a real control over ACC could have definitely added to tactics and espionage by for example deciding other landing zones such as more sniping or sneaking-friendly, instead of pre-defined ones.
            But I was mentioning these features more on a possible engine improvement standpoint rather than the fact that they were not present in MGSV.

            I think what also kind of prevented it is the fact that the sandbox is anyways clearly not yet optimized enough to be rendered in real-time from top hence having purposefully inaccessible sectors or zero high altitude gameplay sequences.
            Rendering such detailed landscapes from top has a heavy charge of LOD strategy efforts in order to reach what we have in GTA when flying a plane. We might add that RAGE renders gorgeously / fairly well even with some slight rendering poppings and various other sacrifices in terms of aliasing, but fortunately and thanks to newer hardware, those kind of limitations are slowly disappearing / becoming a false problem, which is cool.

            TPP was indeed not planned for that, but back to our initial exchange / topic, such degree of freedom could have definitely be one of the numerous future Kojima’s goals / evolution, and would have involved heavy R&D phases on both Fox or Decima. I am not saying DS will deliver such flying feature at all, but Kojima is for sure and likely (judging by this dude’s face xD) pulling the cr.p out of KP and Guerrilla for developing say pretty fancy new gameplay situations.
            New simulation sand-box philosophy is to offer the widest range of possibilities, as close as possible to reality so the player can find their very own approach to a specific situation.
            RAGE has indeed a little advance on the topic but knowing the admiration Kojima has for R*, it is pretty realistic for me to guess that such developments could have easily been in future Kojima’s little papers..

          • There is a game right now that is pretty much copying MGSV gameplay.
            Ghost Recon: Wildlands from Ubisoft. They have flying vehicles and almost the same mission structure.
            These helicopters or planes do not offer strategy much because all military bases has an anti-aircraft weapon system and it looks dumb in the end.

            MGSV is first of all a stealth game, everything else should be an option. It is much more fun to sneak than just shoot your way through in the game.

            I don’t know anything about Death Stranding, but I think Kojima wants the same careful approach. Flying vehicles are always a problem for these games.
            GTA games are more forgivable and about freedom as much as possible in the open world environment. Their mission structure is very linear in comparison to MGSV too. So if they ask you to use a sports car on a mission, you must drive only on that car otherwise mission failed.

            p.s. This is why Kojima in the end cut the content where you could drive Metal Gear mecha at MGSV. Balancing stealth gameplay was an issue.

          • Full Options

            Yeah, not to mention as well possible AI behavioral trees tuning depending on locations that were apparently customized / tailored around the specific TPP landing zones.

            There are also other factors regarding TPP because having the possibility of landing everywhere could offer quite efficient sniping vintage points. This would have also involved modeling efforts on zones top hills you are actually not allowed to reach in the game’s final state.

            But yeah, in all these regards, GTA’s solo campain is indeed heavily more linear.

            Did not played Ghost Recon, but if the enemy AI was as efficient as TPP’s it would then more rely on your infiltration style.
            My point is that freedom of landing in TPP was either directly in hot zones or safe ones, but not up to the player to decide a limit in-between. This could have been very fun to experience, like sticking a bit closer to the limits were areas are risky and also involving piloting skills by the way. For example being [!] or not if landing closer or further depending if you decide to land a chopper possibly even without the engines on, in auto-rotation (lowering drastically the sound of the chopper like they used to do in some infiltration in Vietnam) to drop Snake in optimal areas… ;D This would have been a quite fun sneaking best practice at least for me.

            Regarding Battle Gear, we can not really evaluate the state of the engine physics regarding vehicles having pitch / roll / yaw, but taking it out certainly leveraged them from tons of polishing efforts of all kind as well.

          • My point is that freedom of landing in TPP was either directly in hot zones or safe ones, but not up to the player to decide a limit in-between. This could have been very fun to experience, like sticking a bit closer to the limits were areas are risky and also involving piloting skills by the way.

            Oh yes. Absolutely. I agree on that.
            I think this idea was scrapped in the end. If you remember the first demo for Ground Zeroes, they actually said that you could land anywhere, but I think it was a balancing issue more than a feature problem.
            I’m sure by these 5 years there were tons of ideas that did not end up in the game because of the PS3/x360 limitations or balancing issues. In the first demo Snake used a grenade to summon our heli in some random position.

            But more freedom for the Pequod would enhance TACTICAL ESPIONAGE OPERATIONS for sure.

          • Full Options

            Yeah, I remember they said that and was really excited about it. Previous gens must have been such pain in the for them.. But the consensus they reached was marvelously smart and entertaining.
            Could definitely be a balance issue with flying vehicles as you said, because this “Solid ground sensation” we have, and if we could describe it like that, was hence incredibly well polished, so I think the trade paid off a lot. They perhaps carefully avoided to fall into more erratic combinations that would have shared the same mechanical imperfections than titles like BF (extremely good in its style, nevertheless) regarding the overall sand-box’s gameplay …
            Here we have a beautiful “ground-robust” experience never achieved in any title so far..

          • Eugene Voldo

            Erm, while MGS5 is a great game I don’t think that you’ve played Far Cry 2. Because that’s what Ghost Recon: Wildlands copying. And MGS5 had copied it too.

          • I played Far Cry 2 and completed it since it’s launch, but MGSV is completely different to that action game that is set in Africa. Sure, there are some similarities when it comes to sandbox but MGSV has nothing to do with it. Different game designs and approaches to it’s mission structure.

            MGSV first of all copied MGS3, MGS4. Peace walker and nothing else.

            Ghost Recon:W is a complete copy of MGSV but with the multiplayer. In fact, MGSV had plans for 4 co-op just like in Peace Walker.
            That’s why Devs of it sent collectors edition to Kojima to say Thanks.


      • vic boss

        I know that a lot of work goes in order to make a game work and right now while playing Horizon the transition from one room to another is very raw in terms of lightning, it is not as smooth as it was with TPP, so I hope that rather than putting 4k and HDR as a priority, I hope that Decima allows Kojima to deliver a game that looks just as good or maybe even better than TPP while also having 60 fps, I hope he doesn’t prioritize 4k and HDR rather than 60fps. Or if he does at least i hope he gives us the choice like rise of the tomb raider to choose if we want 4k or 1080 60fps, or something like that. I know that it would be really hard to make a 4k game while also having 60 fps on the ps4 but that’s the thing make it 1080p at 60fps.

        • Death Stranding lighting will be much better than in Horizon for sure. Horizon is not realistic and if I’m not mistaken there was no huge PBR use… It does not make sense to use PBR or some crazy lighting techniques for the game that is very artistic in it’s nature. Horizon is about color, foliage, grass, environment and realistic looking robo-animals.

          Since MGSV, something like PBR or photogrammetry is not new anymore, so it is expected to be in Kojima’s new game, but I wonder what else he can show us for the PS4.

          4K upscale and HDR will be prioritized for sure. Sony is pushing these technologies. I don’t care about 4K, but HDR is some cool stuff honestly.

          Also it depends really if Kojima’s staff can actually push visuals really… He has a team of 100 people that makes Open-World game. Ubisoft makes open world game with 1000+ staff and they don’t push visuals much these days.

        • Full Options

          I am sure pulling the engine to 60 is in their plans and that it was a huge sacrifice for them to roof-top HZD’s vsync to 30..
          I am not sure they’ll manage to sustain 60 any time soon for true UHD though, given the size of the images… But not impossible.. Maybe PS4 pro has yet enough horse power but we are still in console gens where load-balancing geometry complexity / detail and frame-rate is still an active topic.

          Although definitely sure that the very next console generation will easily and natively sustain below the 16ms frame budget in UHD for most games developed with this goal in mind.

  • Gatsu

    Im sure they will look amazing <3.

  • Do we know at what time the Anniversary Event starts?

    • Full Options

      No clear date so far. Nyxus said the 25th Anniversary official celebration was on 30th August so this is still blurry to guess when this one will happen. We don’t even know if they planned something at all, but it would be so unfortunate and clumsy from them if nothing happens…

      • Mr.Pony

        At best we can expect some announcement to the near future, an event or something like that.

        • Full Options

          Fingers crossed to bones through flesh…

          • Mr.Pony

            Really crossing my fingers for something good

            *wispers*…HD collection release on Pc, plus MGS4… *wispers*

    • As Full Options said, there is no indication there will even be an event. But there is still hope.

      • Alrighty now I understand. I thought something was happening on the 13th which is why I was confused since there was no word from Konami

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