Kojima talks about Death Stranding progress

Last month, Kojima was at the Brasil Game Show, where he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award. During his visit he also appeared on a television show called The Noite com Danilo Gentili, where he answered some questions about his next game, Death Stranding. User Gonicalized on the Death Stranding subreddit has taken the time to translate what was said during the interview.

Responding to a question about how far he was into development, Kojima said the game-plan has all the characters, and he is currently in the process of adding details and testing. The planning phase is done. The host then asked if he’s very meticulous about these details, and Kojima said he’s ‘VERY meticulous’. At the same time he can’t just get lost in the details, he has to keep and eye on the full picture as well. But everything is going according to plan in terms of schedule, so he says he’ll be able to launch in time.

Lastly, the host read a description of the game he read in a magazine: “An action adventure, dark and surreal, in the near or alternative future, with ecological touches.” He asked whether Kojima would agree with these words. Kojima responded that he does agree with this description. “Yes, It has ecological subjects in it.” he answered. He continued talking about how most games just focus on attacking opponents (a stick), and he wants to do something else (a rope). You can still use weapons but the game will be different from all those he’s made until now.

Below you can read the full transcript of the section of the interview that focuses on Death Stranding (as translated by the reddit user). Or, if you know Portuguese, there’s also a video available of the interview. Update: we now have a more loyal translation by Thiago Tolentino.

Interviewer: The first game of your company is already one of the most awaited games of the industry. It’s Death Stranding. For how long are you producing this game?

Kojima: So, when I founded my company, only one and a half year ago, I joined the creators, made the company, searched for the platform. So, one year and a bit.

Interviewer: In what stage of development is the game currently in? Without giving much spoiler, because it’s mega secret. Everyone wants to know about it, everyone is like “For God’s sake tell us what it is gonna be like”. So what can you say about the game to us?

Kojima: I can’t say how much percent, right!? But, there is a planning, right? It is all done/ready already. It has all the characters and I have to test it, right!? The game needs to be tested. You have to make it on the computer to see if the game will pleases or not. You need to be keeping an eye on this, but you will also be putting details to fix what’s not. So, I’m still putting these details yet. It is not like a movie where you take out and cut and paste and it`s over. Everyday you have something that you add, something that you take out. And I’m in that stage of adding, taking out, making some changes here and there.

Interviewer: You are talking about details, are you a very meticulous person?

Kojima: short laughs Yes, I’m VERY meticulous. But if you only focus on the details it will not work. You need to be that kind of person that goes for it, but you also go for details. You need to take a step behind and go for it, but you always need to be positive thinking (wishful thinking), otherwise the game doesn’t launch. I think it a bit difficult. So, for me, a game creator is always a bit displaced from society, so to say.

Interviewer: That is why I asked, you said that you are very meticulous and as you are working on details right now, so I though “It’s going to take very long”!

Kojima: No, no, no. It’s not like this. It is going according to the plans.

Interviewer: Let’s see a teaser of DS.

Interviewer: One of the many cool stuffs about the project is that there are well known and famous actors involved. That one for example is the one who plays Hannibal; the villain from 007: Casino Royale. His name is Mads Mikkelsen. What type of game is it gonna be? Do you have the notion of the anxiety you cause on fans when you make a teaser of that quality and the fans stay like “Oh my God, I want to play it soon!” What will it be like?

Kojima: You watch the teaser and you don’t know what type of game it is gonna be, right!? It is an action game on an open world. So to say, that`s it. You can go to a lot of places, do whatever you want, but it is an action game.

Interviewer: I’ve read on a magazine a description for the game. Can you tell me if they got it right? They described it like this: Open quotation marks, “An action adventure, dark and surreal, in a near or alternative future, with ecological touches” End quotes. Do you agree with that magazine description?

Kojima: It has ecological subjects in it too. But what I want to do, I’ve been making games for 31 years, stuff like you shot, take a stick and go hitting, even online, you go and take a sword or a pistol and shoot. That’s not this, so, something that is not a sword, some kind of strings, interlacement, and I wanted to do this. So, this time, I am trying to do something like this. Of course you can also use the pistol, but it will be very different from all the games I’ve being doing until today.

Interviewer: Very cool! Thank you Hideo. It was a pleasure to meet you and talking to you. Wait here, I’m gonna talk to Hideo in particular…

Interview ends

Source: Reddit, translation by Thiago Tolentino

  • Batzi

    I have a feeling that Kojima is trolling us and that the game will come out soon!

    • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

      He already said the game will release before 2019 aka when akira takes place and tokyo olympics (2020)
      He said before the whole word it will come out soon . Don’t want to appear rude but I think you may have missed TGS 2016

    • That’d be the bees knees

  • Johnno

    Wow! Sounds like the game is much further along than we thought! Chances are good we might see more of it at TGA then!

    Kojima is likely developing the gameplay first and will shoot cutscenes later towards the tail end.

    The speed of development suggests that when Kojima speaks of open-world that Death Stranding’s world is likely not as big as MGSV or other large open worlds, but that he’s taken criticism from MGSV and other open world titles and is keeping the map small, but filled with intimate detail and a lot to do. I hope that’s the case. Bigger isn’t always better. This would allow the team to add in all those awesome details his earlier works had from shooting ice cubes to in-jokes alongside tight level design.

    Smaller map also helps boost graphical detail, so that the game will look good!

    • Yeah Kojima said the game will not necessarily be big in scale: http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=26885

      Which is probably a good idea, especially for his first independent title.

      • Thiago Tolentino

        Sorry, but he DID NOT mention on the interview that the game is already playable. It is an assumption of him saying that he needs to test it and see if it works and also there were some “leaks” that Kojima is going to show gameplay to Del Toro soon, but he did not mention playable in this video. He said that his studio is one and a half year, that he can’t say the percentage of completion and that the game has a little more than one year of development. Also, he stated that it ISN’T like a movie that you edit and cut, but that it is going as scheduled.

        • So you’re saying the translation is wrong?

          • Thiago Tolentino

            Kind of. He did not ever mention “playable” and said that it isn’t like a movie that you edit, cut, add, etc. Before saying about the game having all characters, he stated “There is a plan. It is all done”. I guess he is talking about the planning phase being already over.
            PS: I’m saying this based on the Portuguese translation.

          • So he does make a comparison with movies, and he probably means that if it were a movie it would be in the phase of post-production, correct? By the way, it has already been confirmed a while ago that the game is playable (Shawn Layden actually played it), so that wouldn’t be a surprise.

          • Thiago Tolentino

            Maybe. He said that it isn’t like movie that you edit, maybe meaning that it is more complicated than that. Everyday he adds or take out something and that it is in that phase. Yeah, Shawn said it, but I guess it is more of a demo of the game than a proper playable game (I wish I’m wrong, I want it as soon as possible). Kojima, or at least the translation, did not make it clear if the game is done or the plan is done, for me, it sounded more like the last.
            It would be nice if someone could translate it directly from Japanese.
            I’m saying this based on the simultaneous portuguese translation. It wasn’t very clear.
            But, as I said before, he did not mention “playable”.

          • Alright, thanks for your feedback. Made some adjustments to the article, hopefully it’s more accurate now.

          • Thiago Tolentino

            Send me your email throught private message on Twitter. The core of the interview is what you already posted, but as a great fan I imagine you want to know every word from the legend. I did a translation loyal to his words or at least to his translator ones. Hahaha

          • Done, thank you!

          • Thiago Tolentino

            You’re welcome my friend, but I did not receive anything yet!

          • No? Hm, let’s try Twitter then.

  • News for Death Stranding??? IMPOSSIBRU!

    Finally something good. I can’t wait to see the next trailer. Than come to Metal gear Informer and cry all over the place. It’s going to be good.

    TGA is soon guys.

    • You think we’re more likely for a trailer at TGS? I think it’s more likely going to be at PSX. Either way I’m happy though haha

      • Batzi

        There is no press conference at PSX 🙂 Only a presentation on December 8th for early bird tickets which I didn’t get. I will be attending TGA and PSX (Exhibition).

        • Hmmmmmmm let’s see how it goes then haha

      • TGA = The Game Awards 😉

        • Batzi

          I have a feeling that Kojima will announce a new title having its subtitle Death Stranding. We already know what it is. He showed it at E3 2017. Bridges: Death Stranding. Fontsize was the give away.

          • Hm, you mean like he did with The Phantom Pain? That’s an interesting theory.

          • Batzi

            Exactly! Now I am not sure Kojima would want to repeat the same trick twice but so far that’s how I see it! Obviously we’re always wrong and Kojima always somehow manages to come up with something new to trick us! The stakes are high! Del Toro should be seeing the demo soon, possibly this week.

  • Gatsu

    O___O !

  • Gatsu

    Hopefully we see trailer soon, hype extreme https://media.giphy.com/media/KuupTWNNuO6TC/giphy.gif

  • Full Options

    *His planning phase is done.
    **I want to achieve something different..

    Thx for the article, all those news are intensifying the suspense !
    All the characters in the box and stuff…
    Can’t wait !!!!!! ;D

    • Thanks for pointing out those errors!

      • Full Options


        • Yeah, that was probably what it was supposed to be. 😛

  • Mr.Sixes

    Okay…so what about the actual fucking gameplay?

    • The ‘actual fucking gameplay’ will be shown when it’s ready to be shown.

      • Mr.Sixes

        ….not exactly comforting to hear that a game’s gameplay is not being shown yet.

        • Why? Kojima just confirmed they are on schedule, we know the game is playable (at least partially), so everything seems to be going fine. There is no reason to assume there is anything to worry about.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Because he doesn’t have almost any of his veteran gameplay team, most of them stayed at Konami or didn’t go with him when they left. He’s got like 15 guys who worked on a previous MGS before TPP, including him and Shinkawa.

          • He has a team, just because they haven’t worked on MGS before doesn’t mean they aren’t capable. What is more important is that the team is being lead by someone with a vision, which in this case shouldn’t be a problem since Kojima has certainly proven to be able to do this.

          • Mr.Sixes

            A team, but not one I trust really do to the stealth military stuff he’s known for. Also vision can only take you so far if your don’t have talent, Advent Rising and Heavy rain are proof enough of that.

          • Why would he not hire talent for his new studio?

          • Mr.Sixes

            You mistake what i meant by talent, not the actual people (aka the talent) but the ability of the people who are hired (their personal talent)

          • You do realize they choose these people carefully right? It’s not like they just hire anyone.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Yes, but doesn’t mean they again have talent. I’ve seen games with a whole host of carefully selected teams witj sometimes years of experience FALL APART once in the hands of people like mighty no 9, like Yooka laylee, like Advent rising, like lawbreakers to some extent and sooooo many others. All of which are vision driven projects by veterans

          • Still, given Kojima’s track record, there is not a single reason to assume this game will fall apart.

          • Mr.Sixes


          • Whatever.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Exactly you’re not going to address the actual point, so whatever.

          • It’s no use anyway.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Because you can’t provide the thing that I’m talking about, gameplay and assurance that it’s good.

          • No, there is no access to gameplay right now. So no one can. Neither can you prove that there is any reason to assume there is something to worry about.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Again not worried, suspicious

          • How do you actually know who stayed within Konami and how much veterans actually with Kojima?
            Developers always change. This is a typical game development process. What we saw at Horizon:ZD end titles does not say much. These developers were given thanks because they helped for Horizon:ZD development.

            Calm down. Gameplay will be revealed next month or at E3 2018. So far Kojima is happy and everything works alright for him. We, obviously don’t know the full picture… yet. Stay tuned.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Because I’ve bene following the games Konami put out since he left and at least 49 people from MGSVTPP (with almost half of them are veterans from the MGS2 or even MGS1, Policenaut & snatcher days) have worked on Super Bomberman R and PES2018….

            Yeah but there are core members of your team you’d worked with going forward until they retire or leave the company. These are the guys who seemingly directly left Konami for the new KP, there’s no gap in their resume where they worked on another game betwee TPP then appeared on the credits of Horizon. I don’t believe that last sentence for a second

            I am calm, it’s called not liking what he’s doing, something that since Ground Zeroes i can say I’ve done more than not regarding him.

        • Full Options

          An engine such as Decima can deliver or let invent any gameplay, so the question is not complaining about where it is, but how polished the chosen mode will be.
          Looking at Kojima’s resume, I think we can safely guess it will be rock-stable and original as always.
          He said there will be some control elements similar to Uncharted in an open world, so it will likely be a 3rd person view game with probably 1st person aiming / shooting sequences.
          I believe that gives enough info after just 2 years working on a totally new IP.
          Now, if you absolutely want them to replace Aloy’s mesh with Norman’s to convince you they’ll be ready in time, be sure they can do it VERY easily but they have other priorities than proving the world they can setup a 3rd person view sample.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Uncharted is a shit gameplay system, basic of basic only there to give you more than show a narrative.

            I don’t want Norman in horizon I want to see what Kojima wants to do gameplay wise.

          • Full Options
          • Mr.Sixes

            Not fear just annoyance

    • Eugene Voldo

      It’s an action game, so you can imagine how naked hollywood actor running around the shores and helping dying whales and people around him. It’s all we know for now.
      And don’t hurry Kojima. He’s an old man after all! Let him think a bit about the joys of life, about his past triumphs and vague future, quitely swaying in his rocking chair.

      • Mr.Sixes

        Yeah and that doesn’t sound interesting of a concept. I don’t want that, it’s one of the reason I want gameplay.

        Nah he doesn’t get my respect because he’s older.

    • Gatsu
    • Johnno

      You mean the gameplay he’s already been showing to Andrew House, Mark Cerny, Shuhei Yoshida, and soon even Guillermo Del Toro? The 3 former who’ve all said it looked very interesting and was truly like something only Kojima would do?

      Also many veteran members have joined Kojima, many of whom wished to keep their identities unknown so as to avoid the wrath of Konami. Hence plenty of evidence that many MANY ex-Konami employees are leaving and either joining Kojima or going elsewhere like Bandai Namco.

      Not to mention Kojima has the entirety of Sony’s Worldwide Studios at his back.

      • Mr.Sixes

        Because the 3 guys funding your project would definitely say it didn’t look interesting and generic and probably would lie about it.

        Except once their name is on the game itself it won’t matter because unless somehow this game makes them immune to that (how?) then it d not make much sense. Also what evidence exactly.

        Okay and that downstairs provide some immunity from making a lackluster product.

        • Johnno

          So an industry veteran like Kojima who has a long established track record of good gameplay and gameplay systems with several highly revered titles to his name; and 3 men in charge of some of the most celebrated game studios; have expressed opinions we should not consider… in favour of uninformed ravings of a totally unknown internet commenter called ‘Mr. Sixes’?

          I did not understand the rest of your sentences. But it is obvious you do not know how game development works where things are worked on far into the late stages of development, and you are not at all familiar with Kojima’s pattern of revealing information, where he begins with conceptual thematic trailers, then story trailers then inevitably reveals gameplay during the latest stages of development once certain systems are locked into place and things are polished enough to be in a presentable marketable state. Certain things like story,characters etc. are easier to lock down first, but gameplay is always in a state of flux, experimentation and refinement. Things you might start of with might not work or be discarded or changed and altered considerably. Once the main hook of your gameplay system is permanently in place and forms the basis in which every other mechanic surrounds and builds off of it, only then does it make sense to finally debut gameplay. This also helps avoid clueless commentors from complaining about incomplete-looking things and avoids selling mechanics that for one reason or a another do not make it into the final game and therefore come off as false advertising. Therefore, gameplay should be shown only once things are finalized and in a state ready to show off. Which means that gameplay should not be shown until towards the 2nd half of the development cycle at the very least.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Inafune before mighty no 9 kickstarter you can say everything you just said about Kojima. Pretty sure those guys were also the ones talking about the amazing capabilities of the vita and how it is a worthy competitor to the 3ds. I’m not saying trust me but be critical of them n

            Actually you’d be wrong on both accounts: A. I’m developing my own stuff. B. Kojima’s first thing showed of mgsv was the “here’s to you” sequence of Ground zeroes at the 25th anniversary event with gameplay at pax the following month shown almost 2 years before release. next was mgsv:tpp teaser as just’ the phantom pain’, which showed the hospital intro sequence that had both gameplay and cut scene elements and was shown nearly 3 years before release date. Also if you are starting with story first and gameplay second you end up with something like mgs4, where the actual content of the game is able to be beaten in less than 6 hours but the cut scenes make that nearly 15 hours. Or worse uncharted where the narrative tension isn’t always felt because of gameplay loops. The very basic of gameplay are there according to the source, the fact they’re not showing it makes me curious why.

          • Johnno

            So now you are comparing Inafune to Kojima? Especially considering one was done under the limitations of a Kickstarter campaign versus the full-fledged studio Kojima is building? You’re now just throwing arbitrary comparisons at the wall to make something stick.

            As for MGSV, the first time we technically saw it was far far earlier on, when Kojima announced development of the FOX Engine in a special TGS video, and back then it was still codenamed Project Ogre. Kojima took this route in contrast to his earlier pattern in order to sell the concept of FOX which he’d been working on for several years already as of the end of MGS4’s development where whilst working simultaneously on Peace Walker intending to allow RISING to be the first game released for it. And then we didn’t see any actual gameplay outside of some real-time walking around.

            By the time we first saw Ground Zeroes, story and gameplay was already at a stage of development where both were ready to be shown. If anything the length of time was taking too long when Konami seemed to have forced Kojima to release GZ separately from the product. So the time between GZ’s debut around the end of 2012 and its release in 2014 a little over a year later is in line with his previous unveils. Especially considering his debuts of MGS1 & 2 also showed conceptual gameplay that was not finalized in order to demonstrate the real-time nature of the graphics. And even then people were calling out BS and claiming that he was faking the gameplay.

            With GZ, Kojima was selling an Engine just as much as he was selling a game. While it was for internal use only, interviews seemed to suggest that Kojima was open to allowing other Japanese developers to use it and therefore make Japan just as competitive with the west and ambitious ideas even included the potential of a level editor where fans could create their own user generated missions, and even have their names appear in the credits at the end of each mission. But none of this happened in the end.

            So far for Death Stranding, actual development on got into full swing as of early this year. The only two trailers we’ve seen were conceptual ones used for testing purposes in terms of what engine he would use which they simultaneously reutilized for marketing. This is the pattern he followed when he moved on to doing MGS4. We get early pieces teasing the concept and used as tests for the engine. MGS4’s (following the teaser made on the PS2 engine) was running on initial PS3 prototype hardware that still had the dual Cell chip before the hardware was downgraded to only 1 cell combined with an Nvidia card due to the complexity of programming for it and the expense. This is how things are sensibly done. Kojima tests both cinematics and gameplay. He then chooses to focus on one before the other is done or only shows conceptual cinematic angles of what gameplay will incorporate as he did for MGS1, 2 3 & 4.

            Ground Zeroes was the same. During the MGS anniversary event, Kojima still led off with only a cinematic cutscene with a slight tease of real-time gameplay at the end, holding off a full gameplay reveal until PAX, and even then this was showing off non-final layout work and only a little, and things that didn’t make it into the final product. And primarily that was used to show off the visuals of the engine and not focused on the gameplay itself other that very basic movement and token items to demonstrate lighting and animation. Because unlike before, Kojima was also trying to market FOX and this therefore necessitated a lot of demonstrations at various shows with renderings etc. He was proud of what his team had accomplished and was trying to get Japanese developers interested.

            Considering the pattern, the next thing we’ll get for Death Stranding is likely going to be the same as when MGS2 was unveiled – A heavy emphasis on cinematics, and cinematic angles showing conceptual gameplay of what the prime mechanic is and a few different ways its utilized. Doing this also helps the devs to only pretty up the graphics for those few captured areas/moments. But full blown demo gameplay will only come when the game is further along and a fully playable vertical slice is able to be demoed.

            The fact that they’re not showing it is very simple. The game is barely a full year into development. And unless progress has come along considerably such that they’re at a milestone near the half-way mark where the critical gameplay systems are locked into place and key areas are at a near-final state ready to be shown to the world and critical commentators.

            I’ve initially said on this site that I feel it’s too early and that we wouldn’t see anything new from Death Stranding until E3 2018, so the news that Death Stranding was in a playable state with only some minor details to go in there and add really surprised me, but we see now from the new translation provided that Kojima didn’t actually say that and he was being more nuanced in what he meant by ‘playable’ the difference between ‘playable’ for early development purposes, and ‘playable’ at a stage that’s feature-ready with enough graphic detail to present to the world which would be just as much an advertisement and require effort put into a vertical slice that resembles the final product.

            So whether we’ll get anything for TGA is still up in the air, but I wouldn’t rule out another purely conceptual piece. Because for one it’s too early to show actual demo-able gameplay fit for a commercial advertisement. And two, we haven’t heard anything about Kojima shooting cutscenes with Reedus of Michelsson yet. Three, from the last things he’s mentioned, it sounds like he’s more keen on unveiling the female cast member he’s been teasing as the heroine, and he’ll likely try and put that out first, because it’s more likely to leak than gameplay if he waits too long. Though we’ve already had some clues as to who it might be.

            So assuming it’s a 2019 release, I’d expect a proper debut of gameplay at the mid milestone period which means mid-2018. But since I don’t work at KojiPro and don’t actually know his schedule, that’s speculation based only on what Kojima has hinted as a target release date being before the Tokyo Olympics.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Why I compared them: A Japanese developer known for one series with a few other pet projects who left their company, that they were a large part of and high up in after 30+ years of working for, to make a game company and a games that fit their vision without the confines of their previous employer….

            Also there’s very few limitations of kickstarter when he did it in 2013 beside have a game pitch that sounds good and try to complete the project, Inafune also got a publisher with Deep sliver who at the time in 2014 when they were picked up was on a notable upward trend. Also this was after getting 4.5 million dollars from fans on a project he originally wanted to complete with less than 900k from fans. So take that point and go somewhere else.

            Except project Ogre wasn’t announced as the actual game, only a prototype for a game and as you go on to describe was more a reason to get FOX made. Deaths stranding was announced as a game , which is why I compare it directly to The Phantom pain and Ground Zeroes which were announced as games.

            Yes I know that Ground Zeroes was long in development, but it debuted with gameplay which is my point, when you announce a game too soon without displayed gameplay you get either people forgetting about it or worse thinking it will be another Duke Nukem forever or No Man’s Sky. Kojima messed up this time instead of announcing that he was making a game with Gurreilla that has norman reedus, he announced a name and has been non-stop talking about what it is shaping up to be like and that he’s got this and that done, but not the actual gameplay, just words from people who you mentioned that have an investment in seeing it succeed. Without his gameplay team, I don’t trust him to deliver based on hype alone since he can easily become another Inafune with Ninja Gaiden Z (which had Koei Tecmo’s money and man power behind it as well but turned out to be giant turd) or Mighty no 9.
            You trust him and them? go on, but until I see actual fucking gameplay, I don’t care about Death Stranding and am infinitely more interested in survive .

          • He has a gameplay team. And why compare it with the worst examples you can think of? Indie games made by a very small team, failed kickstarter projects… Death Stranding is neither of those. Kojima just doesn’t want to reveal too much about the game right now, that’s why he is mainly giving the same answers when asked questions during interviews. It doesn’t mean they aren’t making progress. If you don’t want to believe it until you see it, that’s fine, but know that there are no real reasons to be worried (contrary to Metal Gear Survive).

          • Mr.Sixes

            Because it’s the more apt example I can think of, a 30 year vet of a Japanese company teaming up with a group of people we don’t know if can execute his vision. Inti creates isn’t a small team, more people worked on Mighty No 9 then worked on MGSolid1. You say that about not revealing much Yet he talks about how the gameplay will be something familiar and there will be no real losers . Never said he wasn’t making any progress just that we don’t know the quality of the project. I’m not worried, I just want to see it

          • Sure, everyone wants to see it.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Alright then.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Okay then…. What was that supposed to do make me relax? Make me not want to see it more?

          • Mr.Sixes

            Because i is a can and I feel it’s apt… Okay ninja Gaiden z also inafune’s game…. Or DmC devil may cry also inafune’s decision to make Dante be totally different from previous games.

            Not worried suspicious, i see nothing to be really worried about regarding survive.

          • Really?

          • Mr.Sixes

            -If you’re talking about how long it took me to reply….yes really.
            -If you’re talking about that “I can because I feel it’s apt”. yes really
            -If you’re talking about me not worried about survived…yeah, I want it for something very specific and it hasn’t seemingly let me down on the aspects I wanted: namely melee weapons having a larger variety than knife and hands, survival elements returning to metal gear after 6 games( PO/PO+, 4, Rising Revengence, Peace walker GZ and TPP) of being absent, a BOW, more in depth base building and a mystery that is separate from the patriots/big boss/snake family saga which we only get one game of but it was nothing like a metal gear game in play style (Rising).
            If you’re worried about it being a reskin or reuse of a lot of MGSV’s stuff I can’t help you beside point to amazing games like Majora’s mask which was a reuse of a lot of Ocarnia’s assets or Infamous’ Festival of blood & First light stand alone releases which reuse Infamous 2’s and Second Son’s assets, and of course Undead nightmare which much like this game was a zombie version of a standalone release using 85+% of the same assets…the only difference I see is the stuff with Hideo leaving.

          • Okay, fair enough.

          • Johnno

            Haha! So let me get this straight…

            Until you see a “gameplay” demonstration similar to GZ’s debut… where a camera is behind a character… he walks several steps forward… Crouches… Then lies down… And gets caught by a spotlight… then fades to black… you will be entirely suspicious of Hideo Kojima’s incapability to make an actual game…


            I suppose the same would go for the PAX demonstration where we get to see some more rudimentary movement, a character shooting a gun, a demonstration of a smoke signal lighting effect and a helicopter fly-by, and this in your estimation would count as a suitable demonstration of “gameplay” that proves to you that Hideo Kojima has a team capable of putting together a few items that a first timer could achieve with a little effort in a free copy of UnReal Engine…

            I guess somebody had better get Kojima on the phone and ask him to call up Guerilla games and have them reskin Horizon’s Aloy with a character model of Norman Reedus, and move him around a few steps backwards and forwards, toss in a lighting effect or two and have some skeletons ride by on a tank, and you would consider this suitable “gameplay” to put out there and market to the world?

            Yeah… how about this. How about you stop embarrassing yourself with critical comparisons between Inafune and Kojima based solely on the facts that they’re both Japanese, as if their race and background is the only thing worth considering. We know from countless articles that unlike Inafune, Kojima himself is a good programmer and himself has put in a lot of work on technical aspects of the games he makes behind the scenes, and his fellow co-workers, and even the FOX Engine designer praised Kojima as such. Kojima also was one of the head honcho board members of Konami as a whole and could balance multiple projects simultaneously, unlike Inafune who took on too many kickstarters at once. Kojima is so well known in the industry and he could easily get signed and funded by a major platform holder like Sony who are giving him total freedom. Do you see anything remotely similar to that occuring with Inafune? And don’t say “Deep Silver”, because I won’t stop laughing!

            So basically you’re looking forward to Survive, a game where Konami is essentially reskinning MGSV and calling it a day. Okay… so you’re just in here to troll people excited to see more of Death Stranding and act deliberately obtuse. Then I guess there’s no point continuing to talk to you. Guess you’ll just have to burn with suspicion and anxiety until Kojima finally shows an elementary video of Norman Reedus’ run animation.

          • Mr.Sixes

            Yes as we currently have nothing and it shows basic movement options, it’s better than the nothing but pre-rendered scenes we have right now which may not be in the game.

            Yes, because it’s better than what we currently have. Nothing.

            No, because that wouldn’t be the gameplay he’s shooting for and if it is i know for sure he doesn’t deserve my money or respect.

            “solely on the facts that they’re both Japanese.” except my comparison went beyond the being Japanese, it was more about the work culture and the general ideas of Japanese game development, it was their nationality i was speaking of, if a German blooded guy lived and worked in Japan all his life he’d be use to a different work culture and be exposed to different cultural elements that inspire. What you say about inafune leads me to believe you don’t really know about him and his higher level work at capcom before he left. Not deep sliver but level 5 who has acquired comcept and Sony who worked with inafune on his first major post capcom game soul sacrifice and tecmo koei who teamed up with him and let him use the ninja Gaiden license for the horrendous Ninja Gaiden Z…. But yeah.

            Not really a reskin and I’m not being obtuse just don’t think death stranding is all that interesting as of yet.

  • Mr.Pony

    So…it seems the Nvidia Shield is getting yet another MGS, this time its MGS3. No announcement, no nothing, was just dropped at the store.


    • So like last time, huh. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Mr.Pony

      How fitting…escape from L.A is on my TV right now xD

      • MrVux000

        God i love the main theme from Escape movies…

    • Eugene Voldo

      Good guy Konami is too modest for annoncement in the vein of big AAA companies.

    • Can anyone check what the USD price is? It changes regions automatically.

      • Mr.Pony

        Curiously it’s cheaper than MGS2 for some reason

        • According to some websites the official price is $15, but it’s been temporarily discounted to $10 for the launch period (although there are no details on how long it will remain discounted).

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