The Venom Triumph Bonneville appears on eBay for $10,000

You may remember the custom made, real-life Venom Triumph Bonneville that was on display at several events to promote Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, including Comic-Con and Igromir.


Now, you can own a similar vehicle for a mere $10,000 USD. Someone on eBay is selling the item, with bids starting at 10k.

If you wonder how this eBay seller got his hands on the bike, here is the story: it was given away as a contest prize at Comic Con Russia, organized by Konami and SoftClub (Konami’s Russian representatives). To have a shot at winning the bike, fans had to buy any edition of the game either at gaming store GamePark or during Igromir 2015, and fill in a form. The winner was determined on October 4th, and that’s where the eBay seller got the item.


Source: eBay, via Segment-Next, VG247

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