MGSV: The Phantom Pain at Comic-Con London: Triumph motorcycle revealed, merchandise and more

Entertainment convention London Comic-Con has kicked off today, and Konami is there with a special Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain stand. The main event was the reveal of a special edition MGSV Triumph motorcycle, the Venom Triumph Bonneville VTB.1. According to Triumph, only one has been made.

“Here it is! A one-off Triumph Bonneville, celebrating KonamiUK new game – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.” Triumph Twitter
“Pro tip: Take a close look at the VTB.1. One of the “arms” of the handlebars is a metallic red colour…” Konami UK Twitter

Venom-Triumph-Bonneville-VTB1-2 Venom-Triumph-Bonneville-VTB1-3

Venom-Triumph-Bonneville-VTB1-4 Venom-Triumph-Bonneville-VTB1-5Venom-Triumph-Bonneville-VTB1-6Venom-Triumph-Bonneville-VTB1-Box

MotorcycleNews reports: Venom is based on the Bonneville T100 ridden by character Snake in Metal Gear Solid V, and was created in-house by the Triumph team. There are no mirrors, speedo, or rev counter, and it wears aggressive go-anywhere Continental TKC80 tyres, while the stock saddle has been cut down and refinished in Sneaking Suit neoprene and carbon Kevlar leather, inspired by Snake’s combat wear. A heavy duty ammo rack loops around the back of the saddle, offering both protection and somewhere secure to bolt down an extra case or two of rounds.

Before the reveal the bike was kept hidden under this large cardboard box:

MGSV-Stand-Comic-Con-London-Box-2 MGSV-Stand-Comic-Con-London-Box

VTB1-Venom-Triumph-Bonneville Comic-Con-London-VTB1-Venom-Triumph-Bonneville

“The VTB.1 ‘Venom Triumph Bonneville’ is revealed!”



There’s also various Metal Gear merchandise visitors can score at the event, such as Insert Coin t-shirts, Level Up wear and Musterbrand items, as well as the newly announced 1984 Collection clothing line.

MGSV-TPP-Comic-Con-London-1 MGSV-TPP-Comic-Con-London-2



Comic-Con-London-MGSV-Stand-3 Comic-Con-London-MGSV-Stand-2 Comic-Con-London-MGSV-Stand-1

Also, Play Arts action figures, including Skull Face and the recently released Quiet can be purchased at the event.

MGSV-TPP-Comic-Con-London-5 MGSV-TPP-Comic-Con-London-4 MGSV-TPP-Comic-Con-London-3


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