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Close Up: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition Premium Package

While in the west the console version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was bundled with the other games in the HD Collection, in Japan it was a separate release. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD was released in 2011 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A limited edition was made available as well, the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition Premium Package. It was sold exclusively at Konami Style, and there was also the option to get a mug and Kaz figure by Play Arts by paying extra.

The Premium Package comes in a large shiny box made of thick paper, with the game’s artworks in the characteristic black and yellow color palette used during the animated cutscenes.


Taking off the lid reveals the contents of the package, neatly presented.


First of all, the game itself. This is the regular boxart for the game in Japan, a close up of Big Boss looking straight at the camera. So unfortunately, no Shinkawa artwork.


Next up, the soundtrack CD, which contains a selection of the game’s music. This cover does contain Shinkawa’s work, so it’s a winner by default.


The CD itself can be seen from the back of the case, a gold colored disc. It’s called the Peace Walker Vocal Tracks + Unreleased Instrumentals (KJP-0002). The full tracklist, making up for just over 40 minutes of music:

  1. Heavens Divide
  2. Love Deterrence
  3. Showa Blues
  4. Minato no Yoko, Yokohama, Yokosuka
  5. Prologue
  6. Suicide Over Betrayal
  7. Reflections
  8. I’ve Been Waiting, Snake
  9. Vencemeros!
  10. V for Victory
  11. Hasta La Victoria Siempre!
  12. Basilisco
  13. Zadornov
  14. Love is Blind, After All

Last but not least, the package includes a Big Boss action figure by Play Arts, revealed when you remove the upper layer: the Battle Dress Snake. These figures are quite costly if you buy them separately, so seeing them bundled with a special edition is pretty nice. Also, the included figure is a version specifically made for the Premium Pack.


Unlike the regular version, this one is chromed, making him slightly more shiny.


The figure is part of Volume 4 of the Play Arts line, and on the back of the box you can see the figure in various poses (as well as Kaz Miller).


It’s actually quiet large and nicely detailed, and resembles the character very well. It comes with a bunch of accessories: a swappable hand, machine gun, pistol, RPG-7, and a swappable head wearing a helmet and visor to turn it into an MSF soldier.


While this Premium Package doesn’t contains a whole lot of extras, the contents are well presented making for an attractive presentation. Still, having no artbook it feels like something is missing, leafing through Shinkawa’s awesome drawings and seeing early concept art is always great. Although seeing as Peace Walker’s artbook was sold separately, this is to be expected. But, considering this is one of the cheaper Premium Packages you can buy now, it’s something that can be forgiven. So in conclusion, like all Premium Packages, it’s a nice bundle, and something worth looking into if you’re a Metal Gear collector.


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