Hideo Kojima to be at The Game Awards 2015?

Will Hideo Kojima be making an appearance this Thursday at The Game Awards 2015?

The Game Awards are produced by Geoff Keigley, who knows Kojima personally and worked with him several times before, including the Joakim Mogren interview for MGSV. A couple of weeks ago it was revealed Kojima would once again be on the advisory board of this year’s Game Awards (notice how they added ‘Kojima Productions’ below his name, where it was just his name a few weeks ago). Furthermore, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been nominated in four categories, including game the year, and Kojima Productions for developer of the year.

Last year, Kojima appeared on stage (after an introduction by Kiefer Sutherland) to provide a first look at Metal Gear Online. Many are wondering if he will make an appearance on this year’s show, especially after all the rumors surrounding his supposed departure from Konami (apparently he already left in October and his contract is said to have ended this month, although this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet).

During a livestreamed Periscope Q&A session, someone asked Keighley wether we will see Kojima at the show. Geoff answered as follows:

That’s a great question. Lots of debate and discussion about that over the past few weeks. Stay tuned. We hope to have clarity on that shortly, but I’ve been talking to Hideo and we hope that he’ll be able to be a part of the celebration.

Update: Geoff Keighley just announced that just like last year, Kiefer Sutherland will be present at the show as well (more than likely this has something to do with his role in Metal Gear Solid V).


Donna Burke (singer for Sins of the Father / Heavens Divide and the voice of the iDroid) and Stefanie Joosten (Quiet) will also be in LA to attend the show.

The Game Awards take place this Thursday (December 3rd) at 8:30 ET.

Update December 3rd: The official Game Awards Twitter tweeted this:


Source: Geoff Keighley Periscope Q&A session, via Gamingbolt, Geoff Keighley Twitter

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