Kojima on his new studio: atmosphere is of utmost importance

The second episode of Hideo Kojima’s web series HideoTube has just been released, with once again Kenji Yano as the special guest. Since the first episode came out last month, it’s been a success, with over 100.000 subscribers to the channel and over 400.000 views for the first video. Kojima said he’d like to do an episode every week, but right now he seems to be too busy for that.


Yano and Kojima then started talking about Kojima’s technology trip back in January, when he visited various Sony studios around the world. Kojima explained he wants to make great things with fewer people with his new studio, and create something really edgy. The trip was meant to have a look at the international model, and at the newest advances in technology and tools used by these studios. “Also, each studio has its own feeling and atmosphere.” Kojima said. “I believe that for the people on the team to be able to work creatively, the atmosphere of the studio is of utmost importance.” He then added that the three most important things are the people, the technology and the atmosphere, in that order. “That’s what I took into consideration when visiting these places.” he explained. “And I hope to be able to look around a bit more in for example Europe from now on.”

As for his own new studio, it’s still in a very early phase at this point. “We are still in the starting pits, gathering staff, finding the right place for the studio, working on the plans for the workplace, etc.” Kojima said. He’s been very busy with all this, so doing an episode every week would be too much during this time.

Kojima than talked some more about the trip, specifically about the friends he visited, in the gaming industry but also in the movie industry. “There are these people who have always had my back.” He visited these people to announce his new studio and to exchange ideas. “I’m still in the process of doing this, but everyone has been really nice and supportive. For this I am very thankful.”


The next subject was the 19th DICE Awards, where Kojima received a Hall of Fame Award. “Of course I am extremely happy and honored by this, when you hear of something like a ‘Hall of Fame’ and such – well, any award given to someone who’s accomplished something in a certain field over a long time – I think many people associate that with someone retiring from their craft.” Kojima said. “And of course it makes me happy, but make no mistake, my goal is to keep doing what I’m doing until I die.”

After this, Kojima and Yano discussed the winners of the 88th Academy Awards; Mad Max, Spotlight, The Revenant, Son of Saul, Ennio Morricone, Sam Smith.

Then, two movie recommendations for films soon to be released in Japan: Magical Girl (Kojima said he likes the way the story is told) and Escobar: Paradise Lost. Kojima and Yano talked about these two movies and what makes them interesting in great detail.

And that marked the end of this episode. “I bet people want to hear more about games, but here we are chatting about movies again. This, I understand.” Kojima said. “Since the studio was just founded it’s still way too early to be talking about that. We still don’t have the staff, no building, just started the basic plan. I’m in the middle of figuring out how I want the studio to look. Please wait a bit longer.”


“Also, we just started our studio and we’re looking for people to join our team. […] We want to keep it a small team with people making a game together, so people who have passion, are energetic, people who inspire each other. Rather than to so we’re looking for staff, I’d say we are looking for team mates. Age, sex or where you were born doesn’t matter.”

Source: HideoTube 2

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