Hideo Kojima receives MVP Award at the Famitsu Awards 2015, MGSV wins two awards as well

The Famitsu Awards for 2015 just took place, and Hideo Kojima, Ayako Terashima and Ken Imaizumi of Kojima Productions attended the event. And there was a reason for that, as Kojima received a ‘MVP Award‘ on stage.


"Hideo Kojima won "MVP award" at Famitsu awards! Congrats boss!" - Ken Imaizumi
“Hideo Kojima won “MVP award” at Famitsu awards! Congrats boss!” – Ken Imaizumi
“Received!!!” – Hideo Kojima

You may remember last year’s Famitsu Awards, when several Metal Gear games won prizes but no one was there to pick them up. This was shortly after the Konami – Kojima situation began in the month before.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain won two awards as well, an Excellence Award and a Best Character Award for Snake. Additionally, Akio Ôtsuka (Japanese voice of Snake) won ‘Male Character Voice Award‘.




Source: Ayako Twitter, Ken Imaizumi Twitter, Hideo Kojima Twitter, Famitsu, @digitarou

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