Kotobukiya REX Metal Gear Solid 4 Version gets some more pictures, packaging art shown

Kotobukiya’s latest Metal Gear model kit, REX MGS4 Version, was released in Japan earlier this month, and some new photos have appeared online which show the box it comes in and the parts as you receive them. The illustration was made by sci-fi illustrator and mecha anime artist Hidetaka Tenjin. As this is a model kit, you’ll have to assemble the famous bipedal weapon yourself, as well as paint it (though the package does come with a color guide to assist you). Since┬áthis is the REX as seen in MGS4, the machine has been ‘partially destroyed’ as a result of Snake’s efforts in MGS1. For more information and pictures of this kit, visit this page.


kotobukiya-rex-metal-gear-solid-4-version-packaging-art yoji-shinkawa-metal-gear-solid-4-finished kotobukiya-rex-metal-gear-solid-4-version-front-and-back kotobukiya-rex-metal-gear-solid-4-version-leaflet kotobukiya-rex-metal-gear-solid-4-version-color-guide


You can purchase the kit from Amazon.

Source: Hobby Search, Hideo Kojima Twitter, Metal Gear Japan Official Twitter

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