Metal Gear REX (‘partially destroyed’ MGS4 version) by Kotobukiya – pictures and details

Kotobukiya has opened pre-orders for a new figure: the MGS4 version of Metal Gear REX. The 1/100 scale figure is around 22 cm tall and has a ‘partially destroyed look’ to it. It also comes with three small figurines: Old Snake, Raiden and MkII. The figure will release in October of this year for a price of around ¥10.000 (€83 / $94).

Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-1 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-2 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-3 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-4 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-5 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-6 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-7 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-8 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-9 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-10 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-11 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-12 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-13 Metal-Gear-Rex-Kotobukiya-14

Keep in mind that the base isn’t included and the figurines of the characters come unpainted in the set. The camouflage decal isn’t included either.

Earlier Kotobukiya also produced model kits for Metal Gear REX (MGS1 Version)Metal Gear REX (Black Version), Metal Gear RAY, Sahelanthropus and Sahelanthropus (Black Version). They also made a Ground Zeroes set.

Source: Kotobukiya, via

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