Kojima makes a surprise appearance at E3 2016 to talk about his new studio

Totally unannounced, Hideo Kojima appeared as a guest at Youtube Live at E3, hosted by Geoff Keighley. Through his translator he answered some questions about the progress on his new game, the company mascot and his views on the E3.

Kojima still couldn’t share any details on his next project, but he did say that they are currently experimenting with several game engines. “We haven’t decided on an engine yet, however we’ve been able to narrow our options and on some specific engines we are doing tests on gameplay and on another engine we are doing tests for the kind of visual quality that we are looking for.” A bit later in the interview he also said that while it’s still going to take a while, they’re working on the different elements in paralel and moving forward at a good pace.

On Geoff’s question who Kojima Productions mascot (Ludens) is, Kojima answered that it represents everyone, from the creators themselves to the players.

Keighley asked what Kojima thought of E3, and he replied that while much of it can be experienced though the internet via streams etcetera, it still isn’t the same as being physically on the show floor. When you’re really there you also experience the energy, the vibes, and you’re able to meet friends and other creators. Kojima said he was especially interested in checking out VR at the show floor. He believes it’s a form of technology that will go beyond games and change our day-to-day lives.

Keighley also formally invited Kojima to The Game Awards 2016, which will take place December 1st. Kojima couldn’t make it to the 2015 show due to his split with Konami, something Keighley publicly spoke out against during the stream. But when asked if he’d like to attend this year’s show, Kojima replied: ‘Of course! Definitely!’


To check out the full interview follow the link in the source section below.

Source: Youtube at E3 2016

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