Short documentary talks about the cancelled Metal Gear Solid games and concepts

Youtube channel GVMERS has released an interesting video chronicling the various Metal gear concepts and ideas that were cancelled or scrapped during production. In the 17 minute documentary they talk about the Metal Gear Solid port for Game.Com, the cancelled Metal Gear Solid: Rising concept, and ideas that were cut from Metal Gear Solid 2, among other things. You can check out the video below, and it’s worth a watch.

With the future of the series highly uncertain following the departure of Hideo Kojima and other notable talents attached to the series from Konami, we felt that it would be worthwhile to investigate some of the series’ more fleshed-out rebuffs, to both wonder about what could have been – and show how many of these failures served as the foundation for future successes. From an ambitious iteration of Metal Gear Solid 2 featuring great white sharks and a mind-reading mask, to a subversive spin-off that went as far as to be showcased on-stage at E3 before being cancelled, and then revived under a different name and developer, the history of the Metal Gear Solid series’ rejected concepts illustrates that while some of the most inspired ideas will never see the light of day, others just need the right time and place to flourish.

As explained in the video, some ideas that were scrapped were carried over into the next installment, or repurposed in a new form. Others, unfortunately, never came to fruition, most notably the game about The Boss’ Normandy mission, a promising concept to both Hideo Kojima and the fanbase. On the subject of Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Kojima Productions did state years ago that the finished script is still there on some shelf, and they may use it some day, though it’s hard to say if this is still accurate after all the changes happening within the studio. Either way, it’s interesting to look back at some of the ideas that ultimately weren’t to be – and we never know what the future may bring.

Source: GVMERS

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