Metal Gear Rising Info Next Week, Previous Version Still a Possibility

More Metal Gear Rising news next week, and the previous version of the game is still a possibility for the future.

During the Kojima Productions Report number 159, the staff members talked a bit about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, in response to a question sent in by a listener.

First they talked a bit more about the mixed response the VGA trailer has been receiving so far.

“As we release more information, I think more people will come around. What we showed at VGAs was just the first reveal. Really we didn’t show much.”

They also gave a hint as to when new information can be expected.

“We will be revealing more very soon. Maybe… next week, possibly?”

The staff members talked a bit more about coming information.

 “We will delve more into the gameplay and what you can expect. Keep your eyes open over the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing a lot interesting things, and hopefully it’ll get you excited leading up to E3. Needless to say, we’re not doing this [the production of the game] half assed.”

The listener asked if there was a possibility of the previous build being made into a game as well, under the direction of Hideo Kojima.

“It had a lot of cool ideas (…). From our perspective, that story still exists. We didn’t abandon that story. It’s on a shelf right now, we may revisit it at some point in the future, there’s always that possibility. (…) We’re not throwing it away.”

Source: Kojima Productions Report

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