Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus and Del Toro to present at Thursday’s Game Awards

Update: Here is a recording of the show:

This Thursday The Game Awards 2017 will be held in Los Angeles. This yearly award show, produced by industry veteran Geoff Keighley is meant to celebrate the best games of the past year, as well as provide world premieres for new and upcoming titles. Yesterday, we already learned that one of the presenters will be none other than film maker Guillermo del Toro, who of course is a close friend of Kojima’s and also collaborates on him with his next project Death Stranding. They will be presenting an award together during the show.

A little earlier the legendary game designer already posted on Twitter that he was boarding a plane.

Guillermo del Toro in Death Stranding

Update: Geoff Keighley has announced that actor Norman Reedus (who plays the protagonist in Death Stranding) will be attending The Game Awards as well.

Seeing Kojima and Del Toro (and Norman Reedus, as it now turns out) on stage is nice enough in itself, but a lot of people will be wondering if this also means we’ll see new footage of Death Stranding during the show. A couple of things do point in the direction. First of all, a new trailer of Death Stranding was revealed at last year’s Game Awards, and Kojima and Keighley have worked together in the past to reveal projects the game designer was working on. Secondly, a few weeks ago Del Toro mentioned in an interview with IGN that he expects Kojima to show him gameplay ‘soon’. Could he be referring to a gameplay reveal at The Game Awards? Lastly, Keighley has put out several teasers for the show over the last couple of days with Kojima or Death Stranding in them, one of them even ending with Kojima saying ‘one more thing’, as if to give the viewer a hint. Do keep in mind though, that nothing has been officially announced, and Kojima and Del Toro could be simply there to present a part of the show (Kojima is also in one of the jury panels).

Source: The Game Awards Twitter (1,2)

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