Nuclear Disarmament achieved in MGSV:TPP on PS3 [illegitimately]

Update October 13 2020: Konami has confirmed that the nuclear disarmament event was achieved illegitimately:

Original story: Almost five years after the release of the game, nuclear disarmament has been achieved in the PlayStation 3 version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

For those unaware: Metal Gear Solid V has a secret cutscene that is only triggered when all player owned nukes on a certain platform have been disarmed, either by the owners themselves or by other players infiltrating their base.

Unfortunately, the event was data mined shortly after release, as well as erroneously unlocked in 2018. But now seems to be the first time the scene has been legitimately unlocked on a platform.

It probably won’t last long before new nukes start popping up, but for now at least, PS3 owners of the game can enjoy a world of peace. Peace Day actually came.

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