Konami to interview Kojima on Ground Zeroes later today, taking fan questions

Konami will be conducting an interview with Hideo Kojima later today, and through Facebook and Twitter they are asking for questions from the community. Here is the message Konami posted:

Codec Call Incoming!!!!

We’ll be sitting down with Kojima-san later today and we’re fan sourcing questions to ask him starting right now! What do you want to know about MGSV GZ?


Source: MGS Official Facebook

  • CrazyGuy207

    I wonder what the secret next gen physical copies get? Also, I wonder if you can wear something else in GZ.

    • extermin8or2

      What do you mean?

      • CrazyGuy207

        Kojima said awhile ago that next gen physical copies get something extra, but never said what. As per wearing, I mean different camos and stuff like in peace walker.

  • CrazyGuy207

    I don’t have a twitter, someone should ask when the full version of “Sins of the Father” will be released, also, if the possibility of a demo before release if possible.

    • Zanzibarland

      So you want a demo for a demo? cmon man –

  • Zanzibarland

    My only Question i have is: When we see some footage of metal gear online?

    • Machine Gun Kid

      Same here. Iv been wondering about mgo3 since it was announced. They havent said ah whole lot about it except that the team behind mgo2 was helping the la studio out with it but that was acouple months ago. How bout ah mgo3 trailer already kojima? id even settle for ah screen shot. Give us some kind of idea about mgo3

      • Machine Gun Kid

        Oh yea i also remember someone working on mgo3 sayin that they wanted mgo3 to blend in with the phantom pain main game but i think i speak for every mgo fan when i say that we want mgo as a stand alone game. Altho the blending concept could be cool.

    • ThisIsSnake

      I hope that its a true successor to MGO2, and not some trash to cater to the masses. God, I miss MGO!

    • Ricardo Oe

      Yeah ! Dear Big Boss Kojima; a legion of fans are waiting for old mgo and mgo V.
      We salute you !!!
      Long Life to MGO !!!

  • PrinceHeir

    I want to know if they are going to implement some of the feedback that’s gonna be collected(hopefully) in Ground Zeroes and used that evidence to further polished Phantom Pain.

    i also want to ask if we could play other characters? even if its only side mission, i would really love to play as Miller or even Amanda or maybe Stangelove.

    finally can we now have an explanation on how Solid Snake has gotten a bandanna that is similar to Big Boss. did Big Boss gave it to him or something?

    that’s the question i have been meaning to ask since Big Boss was introduced in MGS3.

    • CrazyGuy207

      Big boss threw the bandana into the ocean after destroying peace walker. I guess it eventually washed up in Alaska where solid snake found it after the shadow moses incident.

      • PrinceHeir

        i remember Miller picked it up no?

        since at the true end, i think he was still wearing it.

        i don’t really remember since Peace Walker isn’t really memorable for me.

  • Yi-Long

    Dear Mr. Hideo: It’s 2014. Many of us would like an OPTION to play this game, as well as any other game, in the ORIGINAL language. In this case Japanese, with English subs. Just like I’m sure you prefer to play and watch/play English TV-shows, movies, and games in their original language.

    I was extremely disappointed that MGS4, even though it came out on PS3 BluRay, which means storage wasn’t an option, was missing the Japanese voices. Even Metal Gear Rising Revengeance was missing the original Japanse voices, despite being a Platinum game(!) It turned me off completely.

    Please, can you somehow make sure that this time we WILL be able to select the original Japanese voices as a option to play the game!?

    • Nyxus

      Actually, for MGSV the English dub is the original one, but I see your point. It would be nice to have the option.

    • CrazyGuy207

      Still not digging Keifer, eh?

      • tom

        It’s not just about him, I don’t like hayter or him and most of the other english VA’s. They should give us the option, there were other voice over options like for Spanish or french in past games, why not include japanese since it’s been the original language and it’s created by Japanese developers?

      • Yi-Long

        I don’t mind the re-casting of the voice of Snake. Unlike many, I’ve never been a huge fan of the original english voice-acting. But that’s not really the point.

        I DO find it hilarious that people like me, who want their entertainment to offer the option (the OPTION) to enjoy it with the original voices, often get a lot of abuse and get ridiculed as ‘weeaboos’, yet those same people will go absolutely nuts when Dante gets a new haircut, or Snake gets a new English voice-actor…(!) :’)

    • flying_fox

      Actually, about MGS4, storage may have been a real issue. I heard that audio was uncompressed and the Bluray was full.

      Anyway, the Japanese version of GZ has English subtitles, and will work on any PS3 / PS4.

      • Yi-Long

        I’m not completely sure, cause my PS3 broke down after the last update (thanks Sony!) and I can’t check, but I believe the European release of MGS4 has multiple language-options (English, French, Spanish, German, etc) for the voices.

        Which would mean that storage shouldn’t have been a problem. And honestly, a large portion of gamers would like games like these to come with an option to play them in the original language, instead of a locally dubbed version.

        Even IF storage IS a problem, as I said, it’s 2014, and you could offer the original voices as a download. If they can abuse DLC to milk and dime us for everything and nothing, why not offer something that actually should have always been included in the first place!? You don’t release movies anymore missing the original language-track, do you!? 😉 I certainly hope not.

        Or release different versions of the game and allow gamers to pick and choose the version they want, in case they synched the lip-movements for each versions (or just release all the Japanese versions with English subs from the get-go, so we can import it without any problems).

        To cut a long story short, it’s 2014, and there really is no excuse anymore to release a game (or a movie, or an anime/TV-show) without the option for the original voices… 🙂

        • Jessika S.

          A Large Portion……. LOL!

    • Revenge of Anonymous

      THIS. The question that must be asked.

  • Golgari

    Just checked Facebook page and saw the questions. 95% of them are just stupid to be honest. Basic stuff from a facebook community – “Where is David Hayter?” “Why paying 40$ for a 2 hour game?” “There will be Gray Fox?” etc. and almost no one asks about game’s mechanics or Big Boss’s saga storyline. About the weather system, stealth or “real-time day and night cycle”… So I’m not so sure that there will be something interesting.

    I have like five freakin’ questions about stealth mechanics alone ;(

    • Janeo

      People are idiots if they are asking those questions they obviously haven’t kept up with all the news that’s been coming in

  • ThisIsSnake

    Can you forward roll in MGSV?! Like in the previous MGS Games!

  • Jan Compaf

    Need a SOLID reason why David Hayter is not the voice of MGS anymore, thats my ONLY question , hope someone asks it.
    No DH is like Terminator without Arnie.

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