Reversible cover for MGSV Ground Zeroes also in America

A few weeks ago Konami announced a reversible cover for Japanese Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes copies. The alternate box art features a black and white Shinkawa artwork instead of the default render.


Now it has been confirmed that the reversible cover will also be included in North and South American copies of the game.


Now if only Europe got it as well…

Source: Metal Gear Solid Official Facebook, Reddit, via Gametrailers

  • PrinceHeir

    Wow it’s so perfect except for the note at the back of the case.

    Does the JPN version have a note like that? Why did you ruin a perfect cover art 🙁

    At least the reversible cover is there, really hate the in game render art for a cover in any game.

    • Invader_skoodge

      I think they figured the front of the case was what was important. that part is white space with the KojiPro logo. I agree, the one I hated the most was ICO for PS2 knowing the EU and JP covers were actually made by Fumito Ueda himself.

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    HELL YES this is what i was hoping!

  • Patrick Esdam

    Gah, Europe is left out once again.. Again, again, again..

  • Rob Machado


  • Cartmangus

    why did us europeans have to get left out this time?.. fucking why. Here it is in high res, curtesy of a ToraShiro on Neogaf

    • Patrick Esdam

      As a Metal Gear collector, I can’t just settle with the European version.. Guess I’ll be getting both.

  • Janeo

    Well I guess I’m happy with the original cover even without kaz but it would be nice to have a choice

  • CaptainBKM

    It sure would have been nice to have this too.

  • Kaniebas

    That.Is. Gorgeous!

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