Hideo Kojima in Paris day 3 and 4 – Interviews and cosplay

Hideo Kojima, together with other members of Kojima Productions Japan, has travelled to Europe to promote the launch of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, among other things. First he visited London, right now he’s in France. Here is a summary of his previous two days in Paris.

Third Day (March 16)

On Sunday he took a day off, sleeping in late and not doing much at all.


He did drop by the offices of Konami Paris


In the evening he and the team watched some MGSV Ground Zeroes trailers and the first preview of Kojima Station.

Konami-France-WatchingFourth Day (March 17)

Yesterday, on March 17, the loft Kojima is staying at was used as an interview room. It seems free FOX and XOF t-shirts were available as well.






French media interviewed Hideo Kojima.







A Ground Zeroes Camp Omega diorama made by a fan, complete with glowing ‘V’.



In the evening Kojima met up with cosplaying fans.



Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

  • PrinceHeir
    • ObsessedGeorge

      So… Kojima is Illuminati. Well now all make sense.

      • Machine Gun Kid

        That would be a symbol for free masonry not illuminati. illuminati symbol is on the back of the u.s. dollar bill, the pyramid with the all seeing eye. I always had ah feeling koijima was in a secret society. Most super successful people are but theyll never talk or admit it publicly as i stated already in another comment on this post.

  • Twin Zero

    Man I want one of them FOX/XOF Shirts 🙁 !

  • crimsonfox

    Related: That Ocelot cosplay is the best thing I have ever seen.

    Unrelated: I just finished Ground Zeroes… GAME IS FUCKING GREAT (excuse my French, French media)

    • teevok

      Agreed… going to play this over and over again to see how much i can improve!

    • Machine Gun Kid

      I’ll 2nd that crim. After the awsomeness of playing gz the phantom pain should be amazeing. Heres to 2015/2016/who knos when lol

  • Nekkedsnake
    • ShadowKingpin

      This truly makes me happy (Coming from a Freemason myself)!

    • ObsessedGeorge

      What’s the difference between a Mason and a free Mason?

    • Machine Gun Kid

      I always had a feeling kojima was in a secret society. The majority of super successful people in any industry are usually a member of some secret group/society. Thats ah fact. Theyll never admit it publicly but thats how it is. I always thought he was, now his shirt confirms it lol

  • Janeo

    Why does kojima need a PA anyway what does she even do

    • Assist. 😛 And she is the one who translates his tweets to English.

      • Janeo

        Very cool so she is extremely important

  • dat shinkawa artwork, i would love to have something like that on my wall

  • Awesome, someone cosplayed Donald Anderson!

    (Yes, Im back, couldn’t stay away :P)

    • Machine Gun Kid

      President of armstech!!!

      • Machine Gun Kid

        Actually hes the Chief of DARPA, to correct myself.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I’m guessing since in the last photo Kojima is holding that awesome sword, he’s supposed to be Gray Fox.

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