MGSV: Ground Zeroes for Xbox 360 requires a hard drive

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes requires a hard drive on the Xbox 360. This has been stated by Konami.

A warning on the box makes clear to users that they need a hard drive, and doesn’t support installing to a flash drive. Because of this, certain Xbox 360 systems (the Arcade and Core models) cannot play the game.

From Konami’s support page:

On the Xbox 360, in order to help you through your missions, a hard drive with up to 1.7GB free is required for the initial installation. Additional requirements are 192KB to save your game, and up to 256MB of free hard drive space for system updates and additional storage for some game features. Storage requirements are subject to change.

Source: Konami, Gamespot

  • Nekkedsnake

    Wow hahaha. I was gonna add the 360 version to my MGS collection too. I have spare external hdds laying around but I just didn’t expect to have to NEED a hard drive to play GZ on it.

  • Anonymous X

    I cannot fathom why anyone on this planet would play a Metal Gear on an Xbox console. Any other console I would understand, but Xbox? Can you imagine if Halo came out on PlayStation and the userbase was higher there? And yet the Xbox One version of Ground Zeroes has outsold the PS3 version in North America. Unbelievable.

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