Stephanie Lemelin joins Metal Gear Solid cast?

It looks like actress Stephanie Lemelin will play a role in an upcoming Metal Gear Solid game – presumably The Phantom Pain. The actress appears in a video together with Paul Eiding and Kris Zimmerman, taking the Ice Bucket Challenge. Paul Eiding has been associated with the Metal Gear series for a long time, since he has provided the voice for Colonel Roy Campbell in several games, and Kris Zimmerman has been voice over director for all games, including The Phantom Pain. The description of the video refers to her as ‘new Metal Gear Solid cast member’, and in a tweet she mentions joining the cast earlier this year.



Stephanie Lemelin appeared in several tv series and movies, and has done voice overs for games as well, including Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Wonderful 101, and the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive.

Source: Youtube, Stephanie Lemelin Twitter

  • Neil Attard

    Young sniper wolf

  • PrinceHeir


    I do wonder if Strangelove will make an appearance in the game. Of course they might changed her voice, but i prefer if they keep the same voice actor from Peace Walker. Same thing with Amanda.

    I’m guessing new character or maybe JUST maybe, an appearance by Sniper Wolf!! ^^

    Then again, it might occur in the next game along with Gray Fox.

    • Zlatan

      i guess strange love is the mother of otacon. after peace walker strange love and huey came together. guess she will be kitnapped by skull face or cipher and this is the reason why huey betrays big boss and msf. we saw him being tortured in the trailers. there must be a deep reason for his betrayal. what better than love (for your wife or child). probably she will be killed becuz we never heard from her again.

      • PrinceHeir

        Good observation!

        Amanda and Stangelove will probably their last appearance in this game. No need to worry about Cecile since she already went back to France.

        I’m guessing Amanda too will probably perish, and Chico will finally side with Big Boss as a soldier. I love the theory on the net on how he will become the Machine Gun Kid.

        • Eric Otness

          You do realize Machine Gun Kid is British, right (at least according to the MSX2 manual, he was a former SAS operative)? One of those MSF guys claiming they were former SAS is more likely to be Machine Gun Kid than Chico is (heck, he doesn’t seem to even have much of an expressed interest in machine guns).

          And Amanda has problems of her own regarding Nicaragua. Don’t forget, even with overthrowing Somoza, she still has to, alongside the other FSLN, take total control of Nicaragua to ensure its independence.

          Probably the only character who has any reasonable chance of returning is Dr. Strangelove.

          • PrinceHeir

            You do realize that Kojima can retcon pretty much anything from the MSX games since after MGS1, the MSX games are pretty much non-existent aside from references from characters(they don’t even have the same personalities in future games)

            I won’t be surprise if the remakes of MSX games will be different from the old ones.

          • Eric Otness

            Yes, except they still kept his profile in the MGS4 Database, and unlike Master Miller, we have no indication yet whether that will change.
            Besides, technically, with your argument, that would be grounds for all the characters except for Big Boss, Gray Fox, and Solid Snake and possibly Dr. Madnar not existing at all, meaning we won’t even have a Machine Gun Kid at all.

          • Shalashaska Has Landed..

            An MSX2 manual? Seriously man? Not only has 90% of the lore to those MSX games been swept under the rug, but the standalone character backgrounds practically has no coherence whatsoever to the SOLID series.

            Kojima has a difficult time just staying consistent within each preceding main Solid entries by themselves. I bet you my life, he isn’t worrying about staying faithful to an MSX manual.

          • Eric Otness

            First of all, they’re not “standalone” as they were written by the same guys who actually wrote the MSX2 games, unlike, say, the Official Missions Handbook which was just licensed out.
            Second of all, Machine Gun Kid’s profile was kept in the MGS4 Database, which means that it stays canon until further notice.
            Third of all, since you mentioned that almost all the lore of the MSX2 games had been destroyed, technically, one can also make the argument that Machine Gun Kid, Shotmaker, Dirty Duck, Bloody Brad, all those guys no longer even exist in the Metal Gear franchise (heck, the only characters from the MSX2 versions of the games who even exist, especially the first Metal Gear, are Gray Fox, Big Boss, and Solid Snake), so really, that still isn’t a guarantee that Chico will be MGK, since there isn’t even a guarantee that MGK even exists anymore. Honestly, I really hate that Kojima is constantly ruining continuity that he wrote. He’s as bad as George Lucas.

          • Shalashaska Has Landed..

            1. I meant “standalone”, as in the MSX lore is isolated from the SOLID lore. The MGS series doesn’t even acknowledge, and in most ways, dismisses the political background and motivations that instigated the events within those games.

            2. MGS4’s database is canon? Didn’t they also say Big Boss was a part of Snatcher? Didn’t it also say that Big Boss retired from FOX unit in 70’s, when PO(universally seen as “fully canon” at the time) said he retired from FOX right after Snake Eater? I haven’t read the database in a long time, but remember it having a lot of errors and inconsistencies to hold strong merits.

            3. No, no. I’m not saying the bosses don’t exist or anything like that. In fact, I’m not even challenging your dispute against Chico=Machine Gun Kid. I agree with you wholeheartedly on that. It’s a terrible theory formed out of thin air.
            I’m just challenging you using an MSX manual to back up your case with MGS’s lore. They’re outdated and have no value for the main series. While I don’t *hate* Kojima for being inconsistent, I do share your sentiments in regards to that, and wish he would stay more faithful to his writing. Heck, Old Snake didn’t even remember Dr. Madner in MGS4 for christ sakes.

          • Eric Otness

            Nice we at least agree on something, and that being that Chico=MGK is not even a reasonably good theory (heck, we’re not even sure, Database aside, that Kojima even remembers most of the bosses in Metal Gear besides Big Boss, much less Machine Gun Kid).
            As far as the Database, unfortunately, when it’s literally the only thing we’ve got, I have to acknowledge it. Yes, it makes mistakes, but on the other hand, considering the part about Ocelot removing Liquid’s arm to regain stability is in there when, really, we don’t even get any indication that he even removed the arm until the final battle against him (which, BTW, doesn’t even have any way of communicating with either Rose or Otacon), sometimes we have to concede to what the Database says if it’s literally the only thing that gives any information. Plus, I wouldn’t necessarily say he didn’t remember Madnar, since he did at least recognize the name.
            Yes, I get sickened when anyone basically trashes continuity as much as Kojima does. Heck, I hated Ariel’s Beginning precisely because it trashed the original TLM film’s continuity to such an extent that it effectively locks itself out. I also didn’t like the fact that Kojima basically turned Solid Snake into a psychopath in Metal Gear Solid, not to mention seemed to be exactly the same as in MG2 despite his making clear he was cured of his PTSD (and heck, wanting to be cured of his PTSD was pretty much the reason why he even accepted the mission to Zanzibar Land), as well as the comments from not only his enemies, but even his own allies that effectively confirmed he was a sociopath. Ghost Babel, a non-canon game, did a far better job at actually showing he had remorse for his past actions, including having remorse for not only committing patricide but even bragging about it and basking in the glory of it. Heck, even MGS2 Raiden actually seemed more remorseful and self-loathing about his own past than MGS1 Solid Snake did.

          • Wait, we’re talking about The Little Mermaid now?

          • Eric Otness

            Just citing an example of a series butchering continuity besides Metal Gear and my hatred of butchering continuity. I can easily cite examples from other series, such as Metroid: Other M, for example, or Bernadette being made into a child-hater in The Big Bang Theory despite making clear that she had previously raised children illegally with her mom when managing to deal with Sheldon at one point, or Claire Bennet being made into a lesbian in Volume 4: Redemption despite the prior seasons not even giving any hint she had any attraction to the same sex at all (and BTW, that decision killed the show). Heck, I could even cite some examples from the Pokémon anime and how it boils my blood at their butchering continuity during those cases (especially Best Wishes).

          • I think you’re making a big deal out of something that really doesn’t have to be. Lighten up a little. I mean, it isn’t serving anyone, least of all yourself, if a flaw in the continuity of a Pokemon anime makes your blood boil.

          • Shalashaska Has Landed..

            Oooooo, just the thought of Charizard being turned into a grass-type Pokemon, makes me wanna commit about 3 or 4 felonies!

            Edit- Ugh, my laptop connection speed is making me spam replies. Sorry. =/

          • Not a problem, the duplicate replies have been deleted.

          • BigBoss_88

            Dude relax a little with your Kojima-continuity hate. I think you’re making way too big deal of all this.

          • Shalashaska Has Landed..

            Ariel!? Wha… Huh?!… ^_~

            Lol. Anyway. Fair enough man. I guess in all fairness, I should have worded my initial comment better. When I said standalone character backgrounds, I was saying that those origins only exist to their MSX lore. In the main Solid entries, Gray Fox, Master Miller, hell, even the FOXHOUND unit, are rewritten with different origins. An MSX manual for the MGS series, is as reliable as a flat tire.

            Personally, I wasn’t even aware that the MGS4 Database was considered valid. I only read it one time and noticed many errors that even casuals could pick up on. On a side note: the database never mentioned anything about Master Miller as “Kazuhira” within that background, did it? All that does is strengthen my point that if it hasn’t been showcased within the game itself, Kojima doesn’t really concern himself with a written background continuity. If Machine Gun Kid (or any other MG Boss) have an introductory into the MGS series, you can bet your cheeks that Kojima won’t integrate their origins from a 24 year old computer game manual that’s obsolete to the series.

          • Eric Otness

            Well, yeah, although then again, Kojima doesn’t even care about what’s stated in-game, so it likely doesn’t even matter. After all, Gray Fox stated in-game that he was put in a Vietnamese prison camp after the fall of Saigon, and yet not only does Portable Ops retcon that claim, but even Ground Zeroes retcons it as well. Heck, even Gray Fox being a teen when he found Naomi Hunter’s been nullified (pun not intended) with Portable Ops.

        • Le Guy who drowned quiet
      • Fredy Carius

        I think Strangelove went to England by the time of Ground Zeroes (i think i heard Huey saying it in some of the pre-briefing tapes)

        • Eric Otness

          Actually, no, it just said that she left Mother Base. Besides, Kazuhira Miller implied that she’s unable to return to England in the first radio conversation of Chapter 5 (“Kazuhira Miller: Well she’s [Strangelove’s] out of a job now, and she’d have a problem returning to England. You can talk to her about it. Anyway, you don’t need me to tell you how good she’d be for R&D.”)

  • Anthony Filipas

    Listened to some of the Black Ops 2 VA work from her. Sounds like Meryl in some way. But goddamn who knows what she’ll do in this. We have already seen a young Psycho Mantis, so I guess she’ll be a young Sniper Wolf?

    • The guy who drowned quiet

      karma(her name inBO2) right?

    • ThreeMadFrogs

      Sniper Wolf was in her 20’s in Metal Gear Solid (set in 2005). How is this Wolf going to look like that in 1984? She would be under the age of ten at the very most.

  • BigBoss_88

    Ooooh hot, she’s got pretty long list in acting and I actually remember seeing her in NCIS episode recently :P. I wonder who she will be voicing :). Assuming it’s a character from past games, well the list can’t be really big…but I won’t go guessing anything yet ;D.

  • Golgari

    Just go to her site Right now. HOTNESS I…

    • The guy who drowned quiet

      you know shes married and had a baby with a martial artist.

      • Golgari

        I know that she has a baby (Watched a video where she is with her baby and Colonel). 😀 I’m just fooling around.

        • The guy who drowned quiet

          her husband is the martial artist she banged(im sure she banged him).
          I gave this reply to the omg hotness I wanna bang you form mgs awesome because I hate adultery.
          NOTE: the asshole hairy guy is not her husband its the man with muscles a gun for self defense lesson and awesome tattoos.

  • Yaro

    She plays the real main character of the game

    • The guy who drowned quiet


      • Yaro

        I’m just kidding 😉

  • CrazyGuy207

    Black ops 2, was she Misty from zombies?

  • Invader_skoodge

    That’s a classy picture you chose for this article. I went to her webpage and I have a few favorites of my own.


  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    should be sniper wolf

    • Jason Mounce

      I was thinking “Young Sniperwolf” myself.

  • César H. Sandoval


  • Mr. RHC

    “I need Buckets, 61!!!!!111!!”

  • PrinceHeir

    Also Hideo Kojima’s B-day today!! August 24, 1963!!

    How the hell did i missed it??? Just woke up around 4PM today and it’s already 7:48PM!! Day is almost over!

    Been playing Corpse Party Blood Covered and Discipline Record of Crusade all day yesterday.

    No special post Nyxus?? 😛

    Once again お誕生日おめでとうございます!

  • Venom Snake

    Decoy Octopus the..(No, is not the Snake Theory)

    If someone is Decoy Octopus that is the Phantom Pain “Ocelot”

    Why? Is Troy Baker, the guy can record a conversation between Batman and Joker just by himself and a Microphone, so considering how MGSV is approaching his Characters more realistic, Decoy Octopus should be played by 1 Actor ONLY who can sound and look like any 10 Male Characters from Metal Gear, and Troy Baker or Nolan North are The Only 2 Guys that would make a “Phantom Pain Character Realism” Decoy Octopus!

    I’m not saying Decoy Octopus is in MGSV, i’m just saying that the only way Decoy Octopus could be in MGSV, in the way the Characters are now, is if he’ll be played by either Troy Baker or Nolan North, and we already have Troy Baker as an Ocelot that looks and sounds different compared to any Ocelot from Past Games, so……………?

  • BigBoss_88

    Read if you dare, but I warn you it might contain some heavy spoilers ;O …

    Ex-Konami guy leaked stuff about plot and characters etc in Q&A, fake or not I dunno. But damn I don’t know what else to say than, that was some really interesting reading. If true, this answers some questions I had, TPP will include some really tough scenes to watch, cool plot twists and it will indeed be a masterpiece.

    I don’t usually read these kind of “leaks” if happen to be true, especially when about MGS…so not sure why I read that. OMG why did I, well too late to go back now 🙁 lol.
    One thing he say it release this year and we get officially informed at TGS, but it is something many of us expect anyway.

    • PrinceHeir

      I’m tempted to read this, but i really should just wait for the game and come back after a year to see if this is true or not.

      Thanks for the share though, will back this up.

      • BigBoss_88

        Yes that’s a good idea 😉 ! I’ll hate myself for reading that if it is true :P. That guy did write some stuff, which are the kind of things Kojima might add into his game in my opinion.

        Also np, just found out about it in other website, so I thought if someone else want to check it out too. I guess I read it, because I want to play the game sooo bad after GZ and to see the story etc ;(… He didn’t say anything about the ending though, which is good lol.

    • It could very well be fake since the guy’s proof consists of a few pieces of paper anyone could print out, and a keychain you can buy for 10 dollars online.

      • BigBoss_88

        Yeah, I sure hope it is ;). I hear there have been other clever fake leakers before too. I’ve been able to resist reading all kind of leaks before etc, but the wait for TPP is just too long ;D…so couldn’t this time. I mean I still watch the trailers almost every day lol and been over a year since I started :P. Really want the game.

        • Understandable. If it is real though, it’s kind of unprofessional of that employee to post it.

          But there are other indications that it’s not real. He’s saying there is no real Metal Gear Online, but comments made by Kojima Productions suggest otherwise. Also, the release date seems a bit unlikely. Still, hard to say if this is real or not but since this is the internet there’s a good chance it’s just an elaborate fake.

          • BigBoss_88

            I agree, pretty unprofessional to do something like that if real, to kind of backstab Konami. Also about the release date, in my opinion early 2015 seems more reasonable. But who knows if some of it is true, I really hope not because don’t want to spoil my most anticipated upcoming game.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            the release date appears to be true

    • No Place For Hayter

      Hmmmmmm, ahhhhhh, uhhhhhhhh, hmmmmmmmmmm, my conclusion is. That it is completely fake, it is not as obvious as the last “leak”ed plot, it has a lot in it that could be right and true, but it doesn’t feel or read right, it is off for me, I would mention some things but I don’t wont to post anything for people who have not read it, one thing I can mention is how he uses a guise of having only gotten his hands on parts of it and them being broken and half finished with audio and dialogue, while this would be true for a company person it also holds as a convenient way of delivering false half baked spoilers and plot details without having to make it perfect so it can’t be analyzed to the point of it guaranteed being fake, and the Q&A about “Those Who Don’t Exist” is way off, and the Q&A about Code Talker is way off as well, even if the story is true I don’t feel like it told me much.

      P.S. It is impossible for me not to read things like this, lol.

      • BigBoss_88

        I was thinking about this dude’s story after a good night’s sleep and there are few things about it, that makes me believe it’s fake too. Of course what you and Nyxus wrote, also not getting into much details myself here, but one is about what he said of the coma. Some of it might be true though, who knows.
        But anyway, we’ll see what happens when the game releases :D. There are so many crazy theories flying around, that I’ll probably forget this guy ever even wrote this stuff lol.

        P.S. was the last leaked “plot” good ;D ? I was able to avoid reading it ;).

        • No Place For Hayter

          No, the last leaked “plot” was fan fiction bad, it was well written in the way it properly interpreted everything we have see so far, but it missed somethings (cough cough, code talker) and the biggest mistake is when it starts talking about Big Boss killing his own people, which is obviously taken from the end of the 2014 E3 trailer, but in the trailer the diamond dog guards are being mentally messed with (obvious for about a thousand reasons, but I don’t need to list them) and the guy who wrote the “plot” thought that it was all willing and on purpose to the point on being vague about a whole bunch but being specific to the point of giving the scene details of when Big Boss kills these guys who supposedly have full control of themselves, it was dumb and was clearly a large misunderstanding on the persons part who wrote it, that was the biggest hole to me in his entire “plot”.

          Lol, during the first “plot” leak I was like nahhhh not gonna read…… but for some reason I caved in and was surprised that I found it fairly obviously a fake. I’m glad you have more self control than me, lol, I couldn’t resist.


          It reads like fan fiction, I was blown away at how bad it was with the story, ok get this, the reason Big Boss is evil and Kaz leaves him is because Big Boss believes that the only way to fight Zero is to nuke the planet and reduce the earths population to the point that Zero can’t do what he wants, honestly that is the most indirect retarded way of dealing with Zero EVER, after reading that plot point it was pretty clear that it was fake, lol.

          • BigBoss_88

            Haha ;D, that is one awesome plot lol, should maybe read it myself for fun :3. By the way, I just remembered something. In the E3 gameplay demo, when Ocelot and Big Boss arrive in Afghanistan, I think Ocelot said: “9 years on ice, put those years behind you and return as Big Boss”.

            9 years on ice, ice=coma I guess, so this alone in a way destroys this new leaker’s ridiculous 9 year plot. So thanks Ocelot :D, now I can rest my mind lol :).
            Unless if I understand wrong what Ocelot is saying…

          • No Place For Hayter

            OMG maybe Ocelot is in on it with Skull Face and doesn’t want Big Boss to remember…….. lol. just kidding. Each “leak” has it least one huge plot point that is really stupid, I already mentioned the one for the first leak, and you mentioned the stupid point in this “leak”, lol. So, thanks Ocelot, lol.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            the missile hijacking in 2nd leak might easily be true but even bb is burnt as we see in the trailer.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah, that part of the “leak” cannot be called into question simply because we don’t have enough information, and what we can consider possible so can someone writing a fake plot, it would be easy to see the scene of destruction in the E3 2014 trailer and make up a plot point about it without mentioning which scene it is to give it more credit because we added a piece of the puzzle, but yes it is one of the better parts about the leaked “plot” even if it is made from the destruction scene in the E3 2014 trailer.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet


          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            I saw a solution for isis.Bb should hijack a missile launcher on raqqa.those assholes beheaded Christian children and killed yazidi children brutally and exhibited them.

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        code talker way off?

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah the Q&A about him.


          Code Talker is Indian, and The Boss is not even remotely Indian, also the E3 2013 trailer introduces all the characters with fitting sentences, why would The Boss’s father who stole a third of the Philosophers Legacy be described as “A Wise Man Denied His Homeland” and why is he called “Code Talker” and why does he show up and such an important character just to die and than you recruit his body guard? who sells you weapons? this is diamond dogs they have R&D buying anything war related is just stupid when they make it and develop it themselves, it would also be weird and in my opinion stupid to have a merchant wondering around mother base. The answers this “leak” gives about Code Talker just don’t fit in any way, and are simply strange, those are most of the reasons I think it is waaaaay off.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            what if CT married a sexy blonde.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Lucky dude………

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      I read it yesterday. it was posted by someone else.

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