Kojima confirms there will be more MGSV:TPP news at TGS 2014

During Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s conference earlier today, Hideo Kojima appeared on stage to talk about the PS4 projects that he’s working on. He discussed P.T., Silent Hills’ free playable teaser that has been downloaded over a million times. A video message by Guillermo del Toro was played, in which he praised Kojima’s storytelling qualities and the cinematic look, as well as true emotion and drama, he achieves in his games.

Kojima also gave a small update on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He confirmed that there will be more news on the game at Tokyo Game Show 2014, which takes place in two weeks, from September 18th to September 21st.


Stefanie Joosten, who plays Quiet in the game, tweeted the following:

“Wow, already September. Lots of things to look forward to this month. Can’t wait for Tokyo Game Show!”

Will we finally learn the game’s release date, as rumors suggest? Only a few weeks until we find out.

Source: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Conference, Gamerheadlines, Hideo Kojima’s Twitter (photo), Stefanie Joosten Twitter

  • kojimaworldorder

    Kojima better give us release date or we will storm inside the kojima production studios armed with with pitchforks and torches! 😛

    • Schmojima

      Pitchfork and torch are ready!!! >D
      We really need a goddamn release date, but I have a good feeling for TGS!

    • WhatTheJuicay

      Release date with MGO footage… beta announcement optional.

      • flying_fox

        If I had to bet, I would say: approximate release date for TPP (like, “Spring 2015”) + announcement of a separate release for MGO…

    • César H. Sandoval

      LOL they have ZEKE, I hope you have HF pitchforks at least XD

  • Ravenous

    Hoping for a new trailer of some sort, reveal of camo making a return to the series and ofcourse the release date 🙂

  • Janeo

    Well he did say he wouldn’t announce a release date until the game is finished but I really think we are due for one now or at least tell us what month we can expect it. They seem to be moving forward with silent hills so mgs5 would at least have to be in very late stages so let’s hope for a date

    • Justin Johnson

      i think its very close to completion

  • CrazyGuy207

    I read somewhere that he plans to give the release date at tgs and that it will be before the years end, and that the most recent footage shown was about 80% complete. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks if the rumors are true.

    • Wasn’t that from the alleged leak of the fired Q&A tester? Because that has been confirmed false.

      • CrazyGuy207

        I think it might have been. I hope the synopsis he leaked was false, but not the release date.

      • Bob Sacamano

        So the “leak” that appeared on /v/ the other day was officially debunked? Through Imaizumi again?

  • BigBoss_88

    If late 2014 or March 2015 times hold any truth, then I believe (and hope) that Kojima the God finally give something we super-fans have waited for a long time… the release date <(^O^<). And then the whole world goes nuclear! MGSV might be much more completed than I've thought for a while, so me thinks they release it quite soon and move on to Silent Hills.

    I predict we see a short 6th trailer or some gameplay demo with RD at the end :).

  • PrinceHeir

    Please be Excited!

    • mikeyyytexas

      WAIT! do you know something we don’t? i read this and thought… why would he ask us to be excited unless he didn’t already know something

      • That’s just the standard response Square gives when they have nothing concrete to say.

        • mikeyyytexas

          well thats just silly, can’t that say we have news for FF15 and KH3 finally?

  • BigBoss_88

    Konami revealed a new image of Norman Reedus’ character. Looks so cool and realistic :D.

    Also Guillermo Del Toro talking about P.T. and his collaboration with Hideo Kojima :). It was released last night during Sony’s Pre-TGS conference. I understand japanese, but unfortunately not enough to understand what they or Kojima mostly say in the website video link :(.

    Anyway, it’s nice that Kojima has been praised by Toro and to be working with him and Reedus on SH together :D, is gonna be pretty darn sweet! Here’s the short clip.

  • I’ll quit college once they release this game! Gonna spend the rest of my life playing MGO3 <3

    • WhatTheJuicay

      sad but true as my feelings.. I sorta dropped out of trade school for MGO2.. Yes I have regrets, but it was shamelessly the best year(s) of my life. I’m trying not to quit my job to play MGO3. I’m too “old” to take a year off from life.

      • Ya it was pretty much a joke. I’m not literally going to quit college and my job etc, but I’ll try to play as much as possible and beat that MG clan again! 🙂

        • WhatTheJuicay

          Yea what I said was a joke too… yeah..

  • Joseph

    I swear if he shows more Afghanistan gameplay…..

    • Alberto Sánchez

      Well, “Afghanistan is a big place” to show content of.

      • Joseph

        “How and where” he makes it, well that’s up to Kojima

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