Here is an off screen image of the MGSV: The Phantom Pain TGS video, and some details on the event

The Tokyo Game Show begins next week, and Kojima Productions will be there to present Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Silent Hills. Kojima posted a photo taken directly from his monitor, displaying the scene they will be showing during the event. It’s not much, but still.


Kojima Productions also detailed their plans for the four days of the show. These are the four stage events, with their dates and attendees (translation by DualShockers):

  • ‘Vocation’ – 18/19/20/21, with Dante Carver.
  • ‘Voyager’ – 20/21, with Kenji Yano.
  • ‘Vehement’ – 20, with Akio Otsuka, Satoshi Mikami, Stefanie Joosten.
  • ‘Virtue’ – 21, with Akio Otsuka, Satoshi Mikami, Stefanie Joosten, Kenji Yano and Tomokazu Sugita.

Another interesting tweet by Kojima promises some new details on the game tomorrow:

At Kojima Station tomorrow, we will show a bit of MGSV info prior to TGS. Stay tuned!

Don’t expect too much, since they will save the best for TGS, but exciting nonetheless.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, DualShockers

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