Metal Gear series has now sold over 39 million games

Total sales numbers for the Metal Gear series are now over 39 million games (39.100.000). The updated number appeared on Japanese website 4Gamer in an article on the Tokyo Game Show.

Row of MGS Games

The previous total reported by Konami was 38.6 million, back in May of this year. This means the franchise sold around half a million games during the summer (mainly consisting of Ground Zeroes in all likelihood).

Source: 4Gamer (thanks @Crimsondramon for confirming the translation)

  • Shalashaska Has Landed..

    For such a controversial release, MGSV: Ground Zeroes sure has been doing some serious ass kicking with sales towards the Metal Gear franchise. =)

    • No Place For Hayter

      Well it is a Metal Gear Solid game, no wait ummmmm, it is Metal Gear Solid so it is bound to sell well, just look at how much time and money Konami gives Kojima for the series.

      • Shalashaska Has Landed..

        There’s no doubt MGS is triple A quality, destined to sell well. However, you would think a prologue that had so much vocal negativity due to price / campaign length (perceived as game length by the more vocal ones) weeks, maybe months, before its release, to the point that there was *still* heat when Konami got cornered to drop the next gen physical versions by 10 – wouldn’t have made such an impact with sales to the series. Plus, Ground Zeroes was definitely created only for invested fans of the series. I personally wouldn’t recommend it to casuals without TPP.

        PS: I’m still in lust with Ground Zeroes. Been in lust with it since Day 1. It’s at 100%, and yet I still can’t stop playing it. It’s like a drug or something, I don’t know. In fact, I’m about to go another round in a few minutes. I fear for my life when TPP is released.

        • Janeo

          I’m the same as you, I don’t play it as much anymore but sometimes I just feel like going through it so I will just play through the GZ mission or mess around on the side missions. I don’t know how long I have played has to be over 50 hours but I still haven’t got 100% I can’t s rank that kojima mission

          • Shalashaska Has Landed..

            I can’t confirm it, but from what I remember, the kill count was forgiven (I still don’t do any kills though). I think it was a 2 kill count during one of my playthroughs, so I would suggest only limiting your kills to either 1 or 2. Preferably with the drivers if you have a hard time matching your trajectory to tranq them, and beat it as fast as you can. I’ve S-Ranked that mission so many times, that I’ve become the opposite. It’s difficult for me to NOT S-Rank it lol.

          • Invader_skoodge

            I S-Ranked the rescue mission my first time, so I was surprised I didn’t get the “what took you so long?” line I saw online. I got the “That was perfect” line. The game forgives a couple of kills. The most important thing is the part when you’re on the ground. You gotta destroy the tanks fast and make sure there’s nobody around the explosion. If you do that part fast, you can get the S-Rank.

          • Maik O’Bannon

            To S-rank that mission is a pain in the Phantom Fiddle!!!!

          • Maik O’Bannon

            *getting S- rank

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah, I wonder how many were fans, and how many were people who had no knowledge of the game until release, gotta be a lot of fans, can’t wait to see the sales of TPP.

          I fear for all our lives…… and our wallets when TPP is released

        • ObsessedGeorge

          Yeah, l’m with you. Despite what Kojima said, that GZ is for newcomers as well, so that they can learn the concept and not be thrown directly into the huge world of TPP. I don’t believe that. GZ in my eyes is only for the hardcore, most loyal fans. Why is that? Well, you can’t bring newcomers to the series with a 30$ glorified demo. The ones that are gonna buy it no matter what the reviews say, are the loyal fans. GZ is a fan service.

          Since March l have played GZ tirelessly and right now on 100% l have 34 hours on Normal, and 52 hours on Hard difficulty.
          I’m still playing it to master the Hard difficulty, but damn the AI is amazing. They get me every time! Aaah! CONTAAAAACT!! 😀

    • Eugene Voldo

      >MGSV: Ground Zeroes sure has been doing some sincere ass kicking with sales towards the Metal Gear franchise.

      Actually it’s doing pretty awful. Especially in US – only 350K has been sold across all 4 platforms in United States since GZ launch. And you need to remember that US are historically the strongest region for MGS series.

      I can easily explain how Konami ballooned up sales of MGS series from 33 million (April 2013) to 39 million (September 2014).

      Here we go:
      33 million is our start point.

      In FY2014 MG games sold 3.37 million.

      In Q1 FY2015 – only 0.57 million.

      Some basic math: 3.37+0.57 = 3.94 million.

      Something doesn’t add up… Nope, it’s not digital sales since there are counted up in Konami’s financial reports. Two lost million comes from so-called «PSN+ free games» promotion.

      So in reality it’s not all rosy in MG land. But I sure hope that PP will revive interest in MG series.

      Sorry for my rusty English.

  • LukesAlike

    Awesome, indeed!

  • BigBoss_88

    Amazing amount and I’m proud to be amongst those numbers.
    The number will surely increase a LOT with TPP release, also GZ has done extremely well for a prologue.

    • Sean W. Fure

      Me too! I bought in such order: MGS1, MGS2, MGS3, 4, 5, but I haven’t played PW yet. Going to buy that off PSN for PS3 Monday. I’ve read mostly PW is one of the best in the series.

      • No Place For Hayter

        Yep PW is awesome, easily my second favorite in the series.

        • Le Guy who drowned quiet

          not mine.but humor was somewhat better than mgs2.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Each to his own 🙂

            Now lets all learn to fly like a bird, our teacher Big Boss, first step get inside a building.

      • Covert Gamer

        +1 for Peace Walker. In case you were on the fence about it, don’t hesitate, it’s a great game.

      • BigBoss_88

        I agree with the others, PW is in my top 3 if gotta choose. Although some dislike the limited gameplay mechanics in it, imo the game is just so awesome… MB building, characters and the story too 😀 etc.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      ditto-proud to be a gamer in general

  • im a dot

    I just realized I played the entire metal series in the wrong order

  • PrinceHeir

    Man you would think since this game came out in the late 1980s along with Final Fantasy. The series would have at least be around 60-70 million.

    Then again other companies like Falcolm who is just if not more longer than Square Enix, i’m not sure if they have a series who has sold around this numbers despite being one of the original video game JPN companies for the longest time.

    Congrats again to Kojima Productions! Without MGS Konami would have stuck making pachinko game slots along with SNK years ago.

  • JD-v01

    Amazing series!

  • Venom Snake

    I was expecting a bigger number, for an over 25 years old Series is a Small Number, GTA V one Game Only Sold over 35 Millions of Copies in just 1 Year, and The Entire Metal Gear Series has Sold 39 Millions in 25 Years, not that much.

    Hopefully MGSV on his Own will sell in 1 year more then it did in over 25 years, over 40 millions i hope!

    • BigBoss_88

      But GTAV is a different kind of game, it just shows how many people like to play Rockstars open world games instead of stealth games. I don’t think you should really compare the two because of the series and gameplay’s differences.

      Not to forget MGS4 was exclusive and the MGS games continuous storyline between the games, meaning some don’t buy the games because they either can’t or don’t want to buy all to understand the story. While in games like GTA or Final Fantasy, the stories aren’t really linked between games and GTA is released in all consoles and PC I think.

      Imo the number is amazing, considering it’s japanese stealth genre.

      • Venom Snake

        I’m just saying that the Sales numbers would have been bigger if all the Metal gear Games were on all PS, Xbox and PC from Release, thus what i’m basically saying is that Metal Gear has suffered and is still suffering from having a Canon Game as Sony exclusive, more Exactly MGS4 which will make a lot of Xbox and PC Players pas on MGSV since they have no way to play the Previews MGS Game…unless Hideo decides to make a “Metal Gear Collection” and bring it to PS4, X1 and PC!

        • BigBoss_88

          True, but lets hope everyone get to experience them in the future :), perhaps on all consoles too ! I wonder how the 2014 collection will be like ^^.

          • Venom Snake

            Well, since is called “Metal Gear Collection 2014” and not “Metal Gear Solid Collection 2014” i’m pretty sure it Includes all the Metal Gear Games for PS4, X1 and PC, including a PS4 and X1 port of Rising Revengeance.

            Kinda like Hideo response to “The Master Chief Collection”, but for all the Platforms, other wise as a PS4 exclusive it would make no sense, not when Metal Gear is back on his Multiplatform Format!

      • Cobra

        I’d say you’re quite right. Despite Metal Gear having an extremely rabid cult fanbase and selling a very healthy number of units for a series that on the surface, is quite quirky and strange (Very Japanese, as you say); it’s still a relatively niche series compared to some of the big guns in the industry. A franchise that somewhat erratically jumps between ’80s action movie worship (With a heavy dose of David Lynch influence for good measure), low-brow toilet humour and monologues about serious topics such as racism, the nature of morality in war, the relativity of our political opponents, human memetics etc. etc. just doesn’t really have the mainstream (I hate using this term though tbh, it always strikes me as having a kinda snobby ring to it) appeal to shift the sheer amount of units as a Grand Theft Auto or a Call of Duty.

        Also, retrospectively, another thing that’s probably hurt the series in terms of commercialism is its reputation for its long, convoluted cut-scenes (Though thankfully Kojima and co. are reigning this in somewhat) and its very, very self-contained universe. I know it’s really just anecdotal evidence, so take it for what you will, but I’ve tried to get a few of my friends into the series over the years, but have had very little success, most of them either citing its reputation for 45 minute endings, radio calls that seemingly never end and whatnot, or the old “I don’t want to play a game from the dark ages just so I can understand what’s going on in this new one”, so I have a feeling I’m not the only one.

    • Alberto Sánchez

      Metal Gear is a hardcore franchise, GTA is a casual franchise. That’s the key.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    So @Nyxus do you think that the rumor about Kojima revealing the release date will end up being true?

  • Jimmy Dean

    Any body know the sales specifically for all the games?

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