Here are the minimum and recommended specifications for MGSV: Ground Zeroes on PC

The minimum and recommended specifications to play the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes have been announced through the game’s Steam page. You can see them below:

Minimum Specifications:

OS: Windows Vista 64-Bit or later
Processor: Core i5 SandyBridge 4Core (4 Thread) 2.7GHz or above
Memory: 4 GB RAM or above
Graphics: GeForce GTX 650 or above
DirectX: Version 11 or above

Recommended Specifications:

OS: Windows Vista 64-Bit or later
Processor: Core i5 SandyBridge 4Core (4 Thread) 2.7GHz or above
Memory: 8 GB RAM or above
Graphics: GeForce GTX 760 or above
DirectX: Version 11 or above

And here is the full text by Robert Allen Peeler, so once again, time to look for those hidden Metal Gear references!

This is where it gets interesting! 

I have some new information for you all! It might seem familiar (those “spies” reported well) but believe me its brand new. I’m back to give all of you the official specs for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PC. 

We have both the minimum and recommended specs to play the game, and while there’s a good chance your rig can pull off a variety of in-game settings with a different piece of hardware than what’s listed below, we hope this gives you a good idea of what you’ll need to see the Fox Engine in action on your home computer.

[See specs above]

Well there you have it, in just a moment I’ll put this up on the main purchase page for easy reference. Hopefully most of you are already prepared. You might find upgrading PCs is just one of those things that gets easier the more you do it. 

More important however is that you guys are getting your feedback in! The team has been very helpful and worked to get you clear answers to all your questions. We’re only a few weeks away from the release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on Steam, but I’ll be sure to keep up with you for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and beyond! 

You want to finish your missions in game and get those PC achievements, don’t you? 


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is set for release on Steam on December 18th of this year.


Source: Steam

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    FIDDLES AT 4K !!!

  • gerber

    Minimum memory: 4GB and yet ps3 works with only 256 MB RAM. I know it’s different architecture, but still mind blowing

    • MrVux007

      Cuz developing games on consoles is way different then on PC-s…. consoles are less HW dependent then PC 🙂 * also modern dev tolls made thigns A LOT easier *

    • Vulcanproject

      Probably because the PS3 version will be less than 1280 x 720 and below even the minimum settings on the PC version. Memory however is not the be all and end all of a game effectively designed for last gen anyway and just ported.

      PC will probably exceed the settings and definitely resolutions of the latest generation consoles which is more logically the version it’ll have, and they have 8GB of memory.

      Assuming you have 4GB of system memory and a 2GB GTX760 you’ll still probably get better settings than the latest consoles which have more memory….

      • actually the PS3/X260 version where 5X0p upscaled to 720p both used DirectX9 or something, now since the PC version takes the source code from the current gen consoles it forces DirectX11 (screwing people with laptops and old hardware and me who wanted to use the 3dxripper 4 3d models)

        • Vulcanproject

          Sony’s past few consoles use their own API other than DirectX. As for forcing people to use DX11, pretty much anyone that has bought graphics hardware in the past 4 years has DX11 support. It’s not exactly a brand new spec.

          The new consoles mean that a reasonably modern machine is going to be required.

    • Kumomeme

      its obviously not like direct port from ps3

    • C10

      Windows uses lots of ram.

  • Invader_skoodge

    Not even one mention of AMD support. I guess I’ll never know if I’ll be running into problems with the game not knowing if the drivers are supported. I just don’t want any funky stuff like Far Cry 4. I wonder we’ll have console commands a-la Bethesda that free-cam would be awesome in Camp Omega.

    • they said that any equivalent shall do, but Nvidia gave KONAMI lots of $$$$$ just to keep them from mentioning the competition (look at all those nVidia logos everywhere on the last kojistation!)

      talking about kojistation they showed up the differences betwen ps4 and PC and you can see a lot more of lights (the base doesn’t look as deserted) hope the impoved lighting can bring back MGS2 shadow based gameplay

      • Invader_skoodge

        Yeah, that would be a cool feature to bring back. And yes I saw all those Nvidia logos and figured that must have been a fat check they gave Kojima. I just don’t want to do any extra BS like with Dragon Age Origin where it wouldn’t work unless I had Physx installed.

  • C10

    The pc version looks really good

    • MichaelPayneV

      As i predicted, PS4 Vers+PAX 2012 Lighting=PC Version

  • Mini gear

    If Kojima reveals TPP. Release date at (vga or vgx?) I think I’ll cry in joy by now

    • Big_Boss88

      Me too ;), but I learned at Gamescom few months back not to get my hopes up too much for release date or might be disappointed xD. I was foolishly hoping for a 2014 release date at that time lol T_T…

      Anyway, I’m very excited for VGX to find out what Kojima-sensei will show us in the last game event of the year :D.

      • MichaelPayneV

        There is not VGX this year, instead is something called “The Game Awards 2014”

  • Big_Boss88

    Hmm I think it’s all good for my PC, except slightly lacking with graphics card for recommended specs. But should be able to play with a great experience enough :D.

  • PrinceHeir

    I need buy a new PC soon. But i may have to wait till 2016 tbh.

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