Behold Kojima’s custom made Metal Gear Solid V glasses

Hideo Kojima always walks around wearing distinct and prominent glasses. In Ground Zeroes, they were even featured in the game when Snake is given the glasses during the briefing for the mission in which he has to rescue Kojima. For The Game Awards, Kojima asked his brand J.F. Rey to create a set of unique, custom made Metal Gear Solid V glasses, bearing the title of the game. You can see the result on the pictures below.


“For TGA, I asked J.F.REY to make special one in the world. Wired white one today with METAL GEAR SOLID V engrave.”


“J.E.REY had custom-made for MGSV frame. I wore white one for TGA. They kindly designed w/ image of goggle.”

So, how’s that for a collector’s item?

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter (12)

  • Big_Boss88

    Can I have those too!?

  • vic boss

    A little bit off topic, but I thought i’d share this with you guys. I thinks it’s one of the best tributes to mgs3 I’ve ever seen. Even now 10 years later, that game is still fun. I passed it like 30 times now and I never get bored of it. Metal Gear Solid 3 Way to Fall:

    • Big_Boss88

      Yea agree. It’s honestly one of the best games ever, if not the best and a fantastic video too :D.

      Way To Fall is my favorite ending theme of the saga and any games actually, hearing it after that emotional The Boss battle and cutscene was just epic.

      Watching this makes me want to play it again :D, thanks for sharing!

    • LukesAlike

      That’s pretty sweet!

  • PrinceHeir
  • Aaron

    very very cool

  • Also very much off topic, but I always loved the font used in the MGS V title, would anyone know the name of it? I would love to use it for my channel since I plan to do the whole Metal gear series, show it the respect it deserves with all the fun moments and flavor text that most people do not get to read. I always found that to be the best part of the games, especially in Peace Walker were the tapes made me fall in love with the staff and then break my heart in Ground Zeroes.. Do respond, feel free to subscribe and like if you would like to see this in a series (with commentary) I already started with Snake Eater.

    • Drew

      Gotham from Hoefler & Co. They changed it from Helvetica UltraCompressed featured on MGS2–4, and whatever ridiculousness they did for Metal Gear Solid 1.

      Also, sorry old post!

  • (•_•)
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    what took you so rong?

  • Jason Mounce

    So….where do I buy one?…

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