Hideo Kojima prepares for Taipei Game Show 2015

On January 28 the Taipei Game Show 2015 has officially kicked off.

This year the show consists of 1471 booths from 195 companies, making it the largest so far. As we know, Kojima will be attending to present MGSV: The Phantom Pain on January 31st. Unfortunately, there won’t be a live stream available.

In preparation of the event, Kojima has been signing TPP flyers and other promotional items to hand out on the show floor.


And a photo of the SCE booth at Taipei Game Show:


Here are some more pictures of Taipei Game Show, to give you an idea of what he show floor looks like (from GNN Gamer via 2P).




Kojima is still busy checking the game as well, and he posted this picture.


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ken Imaizumi TwitterGNN Gamer2P

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