More on Konami’s business plans: clear divide between management and creative roles

Website has provided some more details on Konami’s future business plans, as explained by their new representative director Hideki Hayakawa.

Recently I hear the phrase ‘mobile first’ a lot, but for our company, ‘mobile first’ doesn’t mean just doing mobile. Rather, it means that we will combine the use of mobile, the platform which is closest to our customers, with consoles, arcade games and card games, construct a portfolio, expand the styles of play and our customer base.

I’m going to clearly divide management and creative roles. Up until now, creative roles have been very broad, covering even the management of the organisation. I think that really focusing deeply on one project is a strong approach, but if an entirely different trend emerges then you’re left unable to leverage those skills or cope with it.

As head of Kojima Productions, Kojima was in charge of the creative side and the business side at the same time. However, it seems that with Konami’s restructuring there will be a new type of strategy that leaves no room for such a autonomous studio within Konami. This could explain why Kojima Productions has been disbanded.

The policy of expanding our IP beyond games is one such thing; moving from home consoles to mobiles is the same. In the new system, people in management will be able to decide how best to exploit all our resources, and thoroughly create a strategy. Then they can execute that alongside the creative people. That’s how we’re going to do things from now on.

It remains to be seen if Konami will be the right place for Kojima with these changes. This could also explain the rumored fallout between him and the company, but for now that remains speculation.


Source: Nikkei Trendy, via

  • Mats

    It will be interesting to hear from Kojima about what really happened.

    • Zlatan

      we’ll have to wait for december to get his answer. and it’s better that way, otherwise if he would say something now, konami maybe cuts parts out of TPP. who knows, it’s konami, they are stupid enough to cut in their own flesh. so patience until december and then.. fury?

      • I think EA doesn’t feel lonely anymore…

    • No Place For Hayter

      From what we have seen and heard my best guess would be Kojima is leaving because Konami is changing so he can’t do what he wants or needs to any more and they are killing his studio and staff or Kojima is getting killed along with his studio and staff. But yeah I would love more than just a best guess.

    • Jak

      Based on how different the Japanese corporate world is, Id be highly surprised if Kojima is ever overly candid about this.
      I bet in the new year (if he does in fact choose not to renew his contract with Konami…) he may be a bit more open, but I suspect they’ve muzzled him until after TPPs launch window.

  • korruption

    Yup I’d say he looks adequately pissed in that photo. Nice going, Konami…

  • kirtanloorii

    Goodbye Fox Engine…

    • No Place For Hayter

      I’m happy and glad we are still getting TPP, but it ticks me off to no end that Konami goes and messes up everything just when they have the perfect chance to fix things, and then they destroy Silent Hills and the ground breaking stunning FOX engine is just going to be forgotten.

    • Frank Jaeger

      So, does Fox Engine in the hands of Konami or Kojima right now?

      • Fox Engine is owned by Konami.

        • Mini gear

          2016- konami gives fox engine to ubisoft, or it just dissapers

          • decoyF0XX

            2018- Ubisoft has already made 4 Assassin’s Creed games with the Fox Engine, 5 of them are broken at launch.

  • No Place For Hayter

    Great Idea, let the greedy retarded business men destroy creative good ideas, becuase frick letting the creative people have any control over what they are making, no wonder Kojima got the boot.

    This whole thing is funny because I would never even consider using the words “Konami” and “Future” in the same sentence.

    • Raymondius

      Mobile is future, boy! Casuals are the true saviors of this glorious industry, you peasants with your ‘indie’ iedas and your ‘creative’ people just don’t know it yet.


        Konami.. *growl*
        Movies weren’t disapearing, just because TV Shows and Series’ came up at some point. Well crafted Cars weren’t dissapearing, just because motor bikes came up.
        And “real” ganes on pc’s abd consoles weren’t disapearing, just because the Gameboy was coming out.
        Mobile is just another medium, it’s never going to replace anything. I can garantee you that true AAA+ games are not going to dissapear. It’ll just branche out into different directions. Just like art. Just because there’s digital art now, which in my opinion is a lot easier, there will always be “paper/hand drawn” art.
        Companis like Konami are just to greedy and take the easy route. Than again, that doesn’t mean that creativity and quality games which are time consuming are going extinkt.
        People like mobile stuff, yeah. But they also like to sit back some tine, and watch a good movie, or play a non mobile quality game.
        Btw. Sorry for bad english. 🙂 Greetings

        • He was being sarcastic. 😉


            Oh, shoot, okay thanks for letting me know. That’s the problem when not speaking a language really fluently.
            Sorry than. Even though I think my post still makes a point.

          • Yeah, don’t worry.

          • Ricardo Oe

            Why you delete the coments?;we want to read…

          • He probably deleted them himself.

          • Raymondius
    • Ninja_Se7eN

      I can’t agree with you, I’ve no problem with sentences like “Konami has no Future” :P.

  • Screw Konami and tell me if you think we have seen this woman already

    • Mr.Pony

      The Boss according with theories

      • Hmm she definitely is dead. I was thinking more of Amanda from Peace Walker

        • Mr.Pony

          As far as we know it it may be one of Big Boss hallucinations during his awakening from the coma just like the man in bandages whose voice is the same of Big Boss

    • Nekkedsnake

      watch it be Raikov, hahaha

      • PsychoMantis18

        Definitely the best character in the whole MG saga. You little sodomite-ee you

    • Silverius

      Isn’t that woman the one Big Boss asks for “What happened to the woman?” to Ishmael as soon as the cut-scene starts? To what Ishmael responds: “The woman, i; we gave her a light, she took the short way down” notice how he was looking down the window before, i guess she went through it lol.

      • Maybe it’s Quiet? Ocelot(?) said that she saved Big Boss once so maybe Ishmael is reffering to her or perhaps another woman

  • PrinceHeir

    Kojima will probably revealed what happened maybe 3-5 years from now when he’s no longer associated with Konami for quite awhile.

    Won’t be surprised if Konami wanted to screw him over all these years and it finally happened now.

  • invader_skoodge

    I think I know what Kojima thinks about Konami’s business plans.

  • cardboardbox engineer

    we are gonna get the game we want anyway, what i’m worried about is Foxengine, it really is capable of achieving great heights, what will happen to it with this shifting of focus could be damaging…

  • mcroix

    When Heavens Divide

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