Teaser video for game show lists special appearance by Hideo Kojima, just a placeholder?

We are in the exciting weeks leading up to E3 2015, gaming’s biggest trade show. Time for some rumors.

At NAB 2015 Rewind (a motion graphics conference), Brett Morris (technical director van Capacity, a design studio primarily focusing on motion design) gave a lecture called ‘How to Defeat a 3-Week Deadline with C4D and Octane’. He talked about a project they’ve been working on: “This project hasn’t been seen, it still hasn’t been released, but the client has given us the thumbs up to talk about it today.”

Now why is this relevant? Well, the video seems to be an intro for an (pre-)E3 show – at least, that would make the most sense given the deadline and the location. Also, when someone asked Morris on Twitter wether the video is for E3, he answered: “maybe… Maybe not…”

One of the first things you will notice is the text: ‘Special appearances: Hideo Kojima, Gabe Newell’.


Needless to say, this should be taken with a considerably large grain of salt. While the video is real, the names in the video could just be placeholders, and they could have just thrown in some big names from the gaming industry as examples. It would be somewhat unexpected for Kojima to be on any kind of stage at this year’s E3 given the situation with Konami, but it’s not impossible, since Konami said his media appearances would be ‘limited’, and a big show like E3 can generate a lot of hype. We’ll have to wait and see. To see the teaser video for yourself follow the first link in the source section below.

Source: NAB 2015 Rewind, via NeoGAF, Brett Morris Twitter

  • whatever happens on June 9th during IGN’s MGSV preview, will be the start of our E3 week madness… (and many fans like me also get to see jurassic4 as well) June’s second week is going to be insane

    • Azarul Nazim Abdullah
      • Braden Gunn

        Oh god, I’d forgotten about this, gotta love Doug Walker xD

    • Zetokei

      Oh my… – YES! Jurassic World <3

  • invader_skoodge

    If this is real and Kojima is going to show up at e3, I only have one thing to say:

  • Bożydar Mazur

    For a moment i dreamt about Hideo and Lord Gaben working at Half Life 3.
    Best porn dream of my life.

  • PrinceHeir

    Eh will see.

  • hunner

    Kojima and Gabe. Gaming gods

  • Chris Jackson

    This is no offense, but I often wonder if Gabe actually does anything anymore… I figure that the rest of Valve just releases sequels other than Half-Life and owns Steam. I guess I figure he’s like Bill Gates. He’s near the top (he actually didn’t want to be CEO as he got older), while everyone below does the work on the software.

    • Dr. Miles Manners

      Wonder that too. And I mean other than eating, of course.

    • Valve seems to be mainly focusing on Steam anyway, rather than developing games.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Of course, he is hard at work swimming through his pool of cash. Tough work.

  • Kojimatroll

    your killing me kojima

  • Hopefully it’s not a placeholder. I miss Kojima’s smile 🙁 I need him

    • Gatsu

      Me too :(…Kojimaaaaaaa we need you !

  • This is good, isn’t it…

    • Bożydar Mazur

      I cri everteim

  • Joakim Mogren

    The “current situation” is nothing else other than what Kojima exactly wanted sense IT IS THE LAST ONE…
    But, with a little bit of Kojima’s action flavor.

    If VIV V. Then V for what? Dawn of those who don’t exist?

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet


  • invader_skoodge

    OMG you guys. I couldn’t wait any longer and had to get Witcher 3. I was really scared because I thought my graphics card was not good enough to handle the game but it runs smoothly. I think those system requirements were a little exaggerated, the game is well optimized even for my 3 year old rig. Now the wait for Phantom Pain and Mad Max will be easy to handle.

    • Comadreja

      Stunningly beautiful game, and well optimized to boot. I was similarly terrified that my Radeon 6950 wouldn’t be able to deal with the whole thing, yet it can and at higher settings than I expected. The game looks generally lovely, but I think the work they’ve done on faces and especially their expressions is top-notch, up to the kind of work I miss from Japan. W3 and MGSV may well be the games to make me reevaluate my opinion on the open-world style of games.

    • MrVux007

      Yep,CDProjekt Red trully outdone themselves with this one….also a special recognition should go to their programmers who worked on the consoles version….dayum i barely see any difference,rly nice job! Hopefully other developers will continue the work like they do ! 🙂

  • MrVux007

    ahhh Arkham knight,MGSV and especially Uncharted 4 (and other games :D) on E3,are the most awaited games right now ! 😀

    • Tong Ninja

      Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Persona 5, etc… haha
      Too bad Silent Hills won’t be there!

  • Golgari

    Gabe Newell x Hideo Kojima. Best Pr0n ever!

    I hope it’s not a placeholder.

    • Keep in mind that even if they’re not placeholders, the fact that they are listed here together doesn’t mean they are working together, just that they are both there as ‘special appearances’.

      • Golgari

        Yeah. You are right. I just think about Hideo Kojima’s future. I don’t know if he is going to leave Konami or not but Valve is very good when it comes to creativity freedom. Hideo Kojima is talented enough to be there if things will go nasty.

        • Yeah, but he would probably want to stay in Japan. He wants to show everyone that Japanese game design isn’t dead. Not to mention he has his family there.

    • I hope it’s nothing related to a possible “pay for MGonline” in Steam. Gabe is doing wrong things lately with Steam users rights. Or there will be blood.

      I will cross my fingers…

  • kirtanloorii

    Anyone remember the good old days? “OMG! We are finally gonna get a release date!” Good times, good times.

    • Gatsu

      Sure I do ;D, who could ever forget those days! To honor the good old times, @Nyxus when is the RELEASE DATE for your next news ;)?…

    • No Place For Hayter

      Alright more helicopter pictures, BUT WHEN ARE WE GETTING A RELEASE DATE KOJIMA? we are dying here, help.

      ^ like that, lol.

    • CodeBox

      Good Times Indeed.
      Its funny how something so torturous at the time, ends up being such a great memory that you sort of want to experience it all over again.

  • Braden Gunn

    If there’s any moment where Half Life 3 is announced, it has to be this: A Hideo Kojima game Half Lives, staring Matthew McConaughey as Gordan Freeman.

  • Braden Gunn

    Just out of interest if you could see Hideo Kojima team up with any other Game designer, or filmmaker like be was supposed to Guillermo Del Toro, who would it be?

    Personally I’d like to see Kojima work with Christopher Nolan on an Inception game, as I’d be interested in seeing what Kojima would be able to do with the laws of the dream world.

    • Jake Barnes

      Imagine, if you will, what could have been if Stanley Kubrick was still alive and he collaborated with Kojima?

      • Braden Gunn

        That would have been pretty amazing xD

  • Gatsu

    Can’t wait for E3 and really want to see Kojima-san there ;), as we all do! It was always exciting when he step on the stages to discuss/show TPP.
    Only a few weeks more for the show to start and soon also half way through TPP waiting. Time sure flies fast :), and this will help me with the last months–>

    Ooooh yeah <3!

    @invader_skoodge:disqus glad to hear it runs well for you :D. I didn't have the balls to buy it for PC lol, because of the recuirements. Although I might've been able to run it quite well now after what you said, oh well PS4 physical is comfortable for me :).

    • You haven’t voted yet? 😛

      • Gatsu

        What :O?! I’m quite sure I did xD, there must be some mistake lol … Sry for the confusion Boss ;D.
        It dont show me the results for some reason until I press View Results. So it always appear like that :P.

        • Oh, that’s weird. And yeah, you had voted already, and regretted your choice afterwards. 😛

          • Gatsu

            Nah it’s okey, The Boss deserved my vote :).

          • Definitely a good choice!

    • invader_skoodge

      Oh High Five ( ^o^)/( ^_^ ) Congrats on getting the game. Trust me, I was so scared that my PC was not going to handle the game, I was almost in tears when the game was downloading. But it runs pretty good and at 1080p so that’s why I think they exaggerated a little with the requirements. I spent an hour with the game and I can tell this will keep me sane until September. That is if I don’t go insane June 9th when the embargo is lifted.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Please be Half-Life 3. Please please please please please please…….

    • No Place For Hayter

      Now that would be interesting, but if it was true how involved could Kojima be considering how long Valve has been working on HL3? but suddenly you have me interested, I hope anything is true if it has Kojim’s name on it, well maybe never a Xbox1 exclusive since I don’t have an Xbox1. We really need some more news about Kojimas on-going career, it can’t end after metal gear.

  • Gatsu

    With director Shinya Tsukamoto.
    ” <3

    Those who don't know, Shinya is a famous Japanese movie director/actor, who has made many movies. Also acted in movies like Ichi the Killer I think, which is pretty crazy.

    He also provided the Japanese voice for Vamp in MGS4 :)…that I didn't know :C (checked from wiki/imdb :P) but for MGS2 it was a different actor? I'd love to play through all MGS with Japanese VA too, can't wait to do it for TPP after English VA.

    Notice Kojima's usual "mixing" keyboard behind him, the one he always used to post before trailers. Something must be going on :O… Anyway, I'm off to play TW3 cya later folks :).

    • Tong Ninja

      Maybe Shinya is helping Kojima make a new MGSV trailer for E3? haha 😀 😀

    • invader_skoodge

      これ 映画コーナーかな??? 帰った?? I hope so I miss Kojima talking so passionately about movies.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Nice shirt Kojima 🙂

      • stocchinet .


    • PrinceHeir

      Ichi the Killer is one of the most brutal movies i’ve ever seen 🙂

      Takashi Miike is the director. Shnya is one of the characters who appears in the movie all buff up(he’s also a director though)

      It’s a shame the movie has gore, tons of sex and actual nudity, yet games can’t have that in Japan :

      And yes, he actually replace Vamp’s MGS2 Ryōtarō Okiayu which i don’t know why since he’s a highly prolific seiyuu(you probably know him as Lee/Violet from Tekken Series).

      Can’t wait for the new trailer, It’ll be my last for sure till i await for the actual game.

    • asdasdfd

      If you really like movies, watch Tetsuo Ironman directed by Shinya Tsukamoto, that movie is awesome.

  • I want to say that this is the best place to share ideas, theories, laughs, pictures and even offtopics with the MGS community.

    I already got burnt twice from two different forums about Metal Gear Saga.
    However, this is a nice and chilling place. So i’m happy to be here.

    So have a nice day 🙂

    • Tong Ninja

      Get off this forum before I feed you to the Patriots!!!!! Look what happened to Kojima ….
      JOKES! Please don’t cry XD
      Everyone here loves you <3 <3 haha

      • Lol.
        I won’t cry, i swear (with Jonnhy voice) 😀

        Love back to you all too 🙂

    • invader_skoodge

      Yup, this is my favorite MGS community. I think everyone here truly loves Metal Gear and like true metal gear fans we’re all a little crazy and post pretty random things. LOL I need scissors 61

      • But also, it’s a positive community. I mean, you could have a different opinion than me about theories, but that doesn’t mean you are going to be rude, or pressing negative buttons all over, etc.
        There is something that put all of us together, Metel Gear Solid.

        It’s like the most positive place to talk about MGS without get in a stupid fight due the actitude of others. I value that. And i hope this will be this way forever.

        Have a nice day 🙂

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah exactly, you can have the most outrageous ideas which most won’t agree with but they can still be thrown about in here and discussed, they won’t be squashed and rude, we are all people here and we treat each other like people. I really like it because normally you get the “I’m behind a computer screen talking to people who I can’t see or care about so my opinion is solid fact and every body is stupid and are not real people” syndrome.

          • Alberto Sánchez

            Not a really accurate name for that syndrome of yours.

          • No Place For Hayter

            I kinda just throw up on my comment and put it in quotes, lol.

          • Edward Wokhands

            I do that a lot. Vomit in quotes is no longer vomit. It’s a quote.

        • Edward Wokhands

          I don’t want to sound profound or pretentious (too late?) but I think a certain kind of person *really* understands MGS, it’s story and all the implied philosophies and symbolism behind them. Most of those people end up here which is why we all get on so well and why there’s basically zero hostility. I love this site.

    • No Place For Hayter

      And we are glad to have you 🙂

      I completely agree, this is the only place on the internet you will find me, this is the only community that I have seen that is this awesome, lol.

  • I see.

  • PrinceHeir

    Didn’t know the polls were up there :O

    Hard to choose between The Boss and Liquid Snake. But i’ll go with Liquid Snake since i really love the fight, and Cam Clarke’s voice is just amazing!!

    • Edward Wokhands

      The End!

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