Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain getting ‘Happy Kuji’ lottery items in Japan

Konami has teamed up with Happy Kuji to release a line of exclusive items related to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Happy Kuji sells lottery tickets that give you corresponding prizes. What these prizes will be exactly will be revealed at a later date, but figurines are often among the Happy Kuji items.




Starting September, the tickets will be sold at FamilyMart, GEO, Furuhonshijo, Hobby Zone, Sanyodo, Yodobashi Camera, BIC Camera, among other stores, for ¥741 (around $7) each.

Source: MGSV Official Site, JunkerHQ, DualShockers

  • gerber

    After years on the hype train, my hype died few months ago, but recently it came back with full force! (In Gray Fox’s voice: that’s it, I remember! That hype!” “Moar, MOAR!”).

    I have an off-topic question, but I have been talking with a friend about MGS3, and I can’t remember. (MGS3 SPOILER) Where did EVA get the fake Legacy? Did The Boss give it to her after they left together before Volgin Boss battle?

  • vic boss

    Does anyone know of any other song confirmed to be in TPP besides kids in America and the man who sold the world?

    • Braden Gunn

      I’d be very surprised if Diamond Dogs by David Bowie isn’t featured in tha game, and I’d take a guess and say Snake Eater,Calling to the Night, Heaven’s Divide, Sins of the Father, Here’s to You, and Nuclear will be featured 🙂

      • JoJo

        I’d also imagine any of the songs you got during GZ like Beyond The Bounds and Theme of Tara, etc.

        • Kol Leqejza

          that would be a very nice tweak! the reason why i am going to play it on the ps3 is, because u can import music. for GZ i have a playlist containing from the years 65-75 & for TPP 75-84.

          my hype died since that day of the kojima/konami fiasko, but i’m going to play it nevertheless.

          • gerber

            I am going to play on ps3 and the feature is cool, but is it really THE reason? I mean, ps3 version is not even going to be smooth 30fps and with weak drawing distance.

            BTW what about music import for PC version?

          • Kol Leqejza

            the ps4 has no games on it. i am not going to buy me one just for one game, even if it is for the GRU. i meant MGS.

          • gerber

            yeah I feel the same, the only games that could be interesting for me in the future are Gran Turismo 7 and Silent Hills which sadly got cancelled (I was really excited about this, Kojima doing Silent Hill was my dream for years).

            One part of me would like to buy the game instantly, but first I would like to see how it actually looks on the good old ps3. I really hope they do a comparison video like they did with Ground Zeroes!

          • Gatsu

            Oh maaan I would love PS4 to have the same kind of Mp3 compatibility. I mean on PS4 I can play songs by using USB, but it’s not the same. I used to drag lots of songs to my PS3 for easy playing. Well anyway, I’m sure TPP got a lot of songs so won’t run empty with them :). After playing it through I maybe then add my own ones.

      • Mini gear

        Flying a heli with nuclear while firing rockets at people chasing us

      • Will

        I guess Garbage – “Not Your Kind of People”, will be featured too.

        • Braden Gunn

          Should think so,it fits in with the games story and was used for promotional material for the game so I’d be surprised it doesn’t make some sort of appearance throughout the game

    • Gatsu

      Don’t know yet, but I was surprised Kids in America is in it, so I’m sure now that many awesome songs will be in TPP :). Can’t wait!!!

      Maybe we’ll hear this too :D… Or at least when Big Boss visit that gym in my Mother Base.

      • gerber

        I need this for some epic action:

  • CR7HarisSnake

    Im living in the wrong country.

    • Yeah, Japan gets the most MGS stuff by far (Premium Packages, special edition consoles, etc).

    • Fernando Benítez

      No you’re not. Go to Japan for a week. You’ll come crawlng back to your place.

      • Amrit

        Ha, I’m curious as to why. Totally clueless about the country outside of the basics.

        • Tyler Mitchell

          I disagree. I loved living there for a few months. That’s why I’m going back for at least six months next year for school with the intention of getting a job afterwards.

          • Fernando Benítez

            Of course, if you like to live in a place of absolute control an order, you’d like it. I mean…there’s people like that, and I don’t judge. But most of us are not, and we really believe that Japan is not for us. For me, it’s hell.

      • Tong Ninja

        I heard Japan is a great place for a holiday. 🙂
        But living there, might take a lot of adjustments because of their conservative culture, mannerisms and social hierarchy.
        Also LONGER working hours! haha

  • Javier

    I know this new its another thing but Im wondering how many dlcs will the game have. They are going to suck every cent of our pockets.

    • I’ve been wondering about this too. Would suck if Konami went all EA on us. Wouldn’t be surprised, though…

  • kirtanloorii

    I know I am an MGS nut when:
    I get a letter from my apartment stating that they will be doing an annual inspection.
    And I think to myself “the inspection is a smoke screen.”
    I need to take a vacation! lol

    • Tong Ninja

      Maybe you should warn the other people that live in the apartment as well…. haha

      • kirtanloorii

        I just hope they don’t play me like a fiddle.

    • Bartolomeo OP Snake Eater

      I know I am MGS nut when all I can think about is a two week vacation with TPP. I have NOT stopped reading reviews.

      You guys know the comment ban ends next **Tuesday June 9 right? We will get in depth previews the week before E3!!!!

    • Gatsu

      Haha, that’s awesome ;). Is the inspection related to nukes?

      • Mini gear

        Nope [shoves zeke in kitty pool]

        • Gatsu

          XD lol

      • kirtanloorii

        With all the searching for MGS news, my computer might just explode. I have seen the Nuclear trailer maybe 50 times. So, uh… Yeah. Nukes.

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    3 months from today I’ll be sitting down, controller in hand, with Metal Gear Solid V in my PS4. Is it really so close now?

    • No Place For Hayter

      Oh so close yet so far away. In the grand scheme of things though we are closer 🙂

      • PsychoMantis18

        WE’LL MAKE IT!….
        It’s not far….
        It’s not too far..

    • I wonder in 3 month we get to see more fiddle lines from Kaz.

      • Gatsu

        Indeed, GZ fiddling was just the beginning of his orchestra.

        • Will Hough

          They played us like a damn symphony!

    • Romain Robin

      3 month is really close. I’ve been checking the news, insiders and forums everyday since the first announcement of MGSV (back in the MobyDick / Phantom Pain ruse). I’ve watched countless trailers and fan-made videos, imagined so many plot twists and what could happen to Big Boss.
      Now we are 3 little months from the day we will play the game. This is just amazing. I’m so ready for this masterpiece

      • ObsessedGeorge

        I’m following the news since Project Ogre. 😉

    • Gatsu

      It’s amazing to think we get to play it soon… Then I can finally stop watching the trailers every day, when TPP CE arrive to my home September 1 ;D.

  • PrinceHeir


  • Kol Leqejza

    i want a bionic, prosthetic arm!

    • Zlatan

      i want a bionic cock!

      • Kol Leqejza

        ask bruce jenner.

      • No Place For Hayter

        Are you sure about that? please no details, lol.

  • “Mom where’s my movies I’m hungry!!!”

    • Gatsu

      Chibi Kojima :).

  • Gatsu

    I want these tickets too 🙁 …

  • Gatsu

    Oh my god YES :D! This better be Fallout 4…or I go nuclear.

    E3 is going to be so exciting :).

    • Mr.Pony

      Dark Souls 3 to be announced at E3, according to an unconfirmed rumour.

      Praise the sun y’all!!

      • Mini gear

        sunbros unite! i hope our group gets a represeative like ds1, in ds2 we got a brocken statue and we wernt mentioned anywhere

      • Gatsu

        Hell yeah! I just read the news too :D, I soooo hope it’s true omg O_O!

        Praise the sun o/

      • solidsnack

        oh shit i really hope this is true i still gotta try out SoTFS

    • Mr.Pony
      • Gatsu

        Ohhh them memories T__T, remember listening this while blowing mutants and maniacs into pieces…good stuff.

        Three Dog voice actor wasn’t bullshitting when he was kinda teasing a new Fallout 1-2 years ago in a tweet, if I remember right. Best radio channel ever :).

    • Just saw this. Pretty sure it’s legit. *crosses fingers*

    • thetrooper1989

      It’s finally happening :’) . Fallout 3 was the first game I got for last gen and my first open world rpg ever…man I still get goosebumps reminiscing about the wonder and awe of the beautifully canvas.I shit a brick during my first encounter with a Deathclaw.

  • Gatsu
    Nice, can have options besides twitch stream. Geoff rocks ;), this is gonna be one of the best E3 for sure as he said… Thanks to TPP 😉 and well few other games.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Of course it’s gonna be the best E3! I’m certain we’ll see TPP and l hope for The Last Guardian to be shown!

    • gerber

      If the new MGS trailer is going to be even half good as the previous ones, oh my god, can’t wait. BTW idea of watching this live reminded me of watching the Christmas Kojima Station stream. 3 hours of unwrapping gifts and talking in Japanese, to finally reveal the big announcement – the chicken cap 😀 best Christmas ever!

    • CodeBox

      Thank You so much for the Link! (I hate Twitch)
      I CAN’T WAIT FOR E3!
      MGSV and Uncharted 4!
      Can’t wait to see another amazing trailer from Kojima (I don’t know how he is going to top the Nuclear trailer, but I have no doubt he will blow our minds again)!
      And I really hope to see Elena and Sully (hoping for Chloe and Charlie too, but I think that is asking to much for one trailer) in the new Uncharted 4 trailer!
      I can’t imagine how amazing that game is going to look!
      Good memories with Uncharted.

  • Bartolomeo OP Snake Eater

    Three months baby












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