A look back at the Metal Gear Solid 4 World Tour (2008)



When Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots released in the early summer of 2008, it had been over three years since a new installment had come out, and it had been three years since the game was announced in 2005. Excitement was huge: this was the first Metal Gear to come to the seventh generation of consoles, and on top of that the final episode in the saga, ending the story of Solid Snake.

To celebrate the long awaited launch, Konami organized a world tour by Hideo Kojima. He would meet fans around the globe and hand out autographs, in Asia, the US and Europe.

On June 7th of 2008, 5 days before the release of the game, this tour led Kojima to the city of Amsterdam, and we attended the event. Hard to believe seven years have passed since then. Here is a retrospective of that memorable day.

The signing session took place in the Media Markt Arena, a large electronics store just outside the city.

We arrived about forty minutes early, but to our surprise a long line had already formed. Now this is quite unusual here in the Netherlands, to see loads of people line up for a gaming event.


Three people were going to give out autographs: Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa, and Yumi Kikuchi, who has done the motion capture for several characters in the series as well as lending her voice (in the Japanese version) and appearance to Raging Raven, one of the bosses in MGS4. There was a small camera crew making recordings for the official video of the tour.

The Media Markt had temporarily converted a laptop booth into a desk for Kojima and the rest to sit behind. There were strict rules: you were not allowed to stop to take photographs during your turn, Kojima was not going to sign any ‘body parts’ or clothes, and one item per person only. This was to ensure as many people as possible had a chance to get their goodies signed. People brought a lot of different games – Metal Gear Games, Snatcher CD, and yes, if memory serves us right, even Penguin Adventure. Another fan brought the outer shell of his PS3. For those who did not bring something to sign, they were also distributing small MGS4 flyers.


We waited in line for 1,5 – 2 hours. The launch trailer was looping constantly on a big screen. As time went on it became uncertain whether we would be able to get the autograph. Time was running out. Literally five minutes before the signing session ended, it was finally our turn. We had a copy of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater signed and one of the MGS4 flyers. First you were led past Shinkawa, then Kojima, and lastly Kikuchi. They signed the goodies and shook hands.


Shortly after, the session closed. It was hard not to feel bad for the people who just missed their chance, and who had come all the way from the other side of the country. Kojima had gone on slightly longer than planned, but now they really had to leave.

Store management had been smart enough to stock up on Metal Gear games, almost all the installments were in stock, and when we left the building we saw many fans at the checkout with their hands full of Metal Gear games (we grabbed a sealed copy of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance). But of course the real score were the signed items, and the experience of having met Kojima in person.

MGS4-World-Tour-MGS3-Autograph MGS4-World-Tour-Flyer-Autograph

  • Golgari

    Congrats Nyx. Amazing autographs you got there. A true history.

  • Gatsu

    Oh gosh I wish I had been there ;O, nice pics and congratulations Nyx! So many years passed since then…wow time goes. In a blink of an eye it’ll be September 1 and we can experience one of the biggest masterpieces ever created.

    • Mini gear

      im blinking slower then a dead man then, this wait will hurt till summer break O~O

    • Joaquin Romero Victorica

      There is one more fact for The Graphics fanboys : Mgs 4 on ps3 was = 1080p 30fps (!) (!) in 2008!!!!!!!! freaking amazing !!!!

  • hunner

    My 3rd favorite mgs game. It’s a shame it gets a ton of hate now 🙁

    • There are still a lot of people who love it, fortunately.

    • uya333

      my second favorite one here!

      • hunner

        Nice, whats your favorite?

    • Golgari

      I see that hate only from people who are not really Metal Gear fans from the beginning and most of the hate is from the Metal Gear themed forums for some reason.

      MGS4 is amazing. It is a masterpiece. There is a solid fact to it: http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-3/metal-gear-solid-4-guns-of-the-patriots 82 GOTY reviews.

      and if someone disagree he should understand that the game’s graphics for it’s time were absolutely groundbreaking. Stealth gameplay to this day is unmatched with tons of gadgets and this is a game that tried to play with open world design a bit. Some of the levels (especially first act) design wise is already a classic. It had a concept with the motto, “No Place to Hide!” where two sides fought each other while Solid snake was on the neutral side at the time. No one did this to this day except for Kojima Productions because it is a hard concept in a stealth game. Game had incredible themes and overall it was fantastic. People also loved MGO despite some problems with the Konami stuff.

      So yeah, MGS4 was amazing.

      • Kol Leqejza

        it’s my favourite game of ALL TIME! dem feels! 🙂

        • solideater

          MGS3 has the best story for me. But MGS4 has a special place in my heart as it shows the struggle of Snake as he knows he is dying and before that he have to get rid of his arch nemesis and complete the mission. There are people in real life who has gone through same experience and I’m fortunate enough to meet those persons. Oh By the Way My First Post on the Site 🙂

          • Gatsu

            It can be difficult to choose the most favorite game of the saga, when they are all amazing :).

            Also welcome to MGI, it seems our Diamond Dogs army keeps getting bigger every day. Hope you enjoy chatting with us :D.

          • ddmaster

            I agree, I’ve been asked which is my favorite and everytime I give the same answer: I love em all.

          • No Place For Hayter

            To bad more people don’t enjoy the MGS series, it has this idea around it that is is really complex and only the fans get it and it is to silly or over the top dumb, while it is none of these things, anybody can pick up any MGS and enjoy it greatly, even MGS4, granted MGS4 relies heavily on the past games it can still be greatly enjoyed if you haven’t played them, but you would be missing out on a lot though. It is unfortunate that MGS has a reputation of being hard to get into when it really isn’t, it is easy to get into but hard to completely understand and master.

          • No Place For Hayter

            No matter what I say about MGS4 every time I load up that main menu everything melts away, probably the best main menu in any game ever.

            Oh and welcome, new faces (har har) are always welcome 🙂

      • Venom_Sina

        “So yeah, MGS4 was amazing.”
        No,MGS4 IS amazing.

      • nyx

        As a long term fan of MGS I wouldn’t exactly say that I hate MGS4, but I wasn’t happy with it either. I didn’t like certain elements like vehicle shooting sequences, some plot twists/inconsistencies, psyche meter etc. The concept of Snake being neutral would implicate, that you can join either side of conflict, which was not possible. With that being said I still loved some scenes and ideas, but personally consider MGS4 a big step back from MGS3. Nevertheless, to each his own… 🙂

        • Vegas

          Every metal gear game reflects its time in some way. In an era that psychological care is important, the Psyche bar makes a lot of sense. Furthermore, Snake is one of the only soldiers in the battlefield outside the control of SOP so he is more stressed than others. And the game explains that you can’t join the PMCs because they are controlled by nanomachines, so they understand Snake as a threat no matter what. It still makes him neutral, so its not wrong.

          • nyx

            Yes, with this era reflection in mind, I agree, that psyche meter is a good idea in general, however Snake was created to be a perfect soldier (reflexes, senses, IQ, proverbial “killer instinct” …) and is a hardened combat veteran. Thats why I didn’t like his sudden psychological vulnerability. As far as neutrality goes, I just dont see neutrality in situation when one side is hardwired as your enemy and attacks you on sight regardless of your actions. But anyway it’s just matter of one’s conception of term “neutrality”.

          • Vegas

            I understand but its neutral for Snake, not the PMCs. Snake can choose who he wants to kill. As Otacon said “neither side is your enemy”. As for the psyche bar, Snake never was the perfect soldier, he was just an imperfect copy of Big Boss. He always had emotions within him, but Big Boss himself had a good emotional control. Besides, he is getting old and tired of the battlefield, and was sent on a mission he didn’t believed it was just.

          • nyx

            Well, you can choose who you want to kill, but if one side (PMC’s) is always hostile, it kind of doesn’t make sense to attack rebels and have two enemies instead of one – what kind of choice is that? The psyche bar thing – fair enough, your arguments are valid, moreover if I remember correctly, Snake had problems with drinking before MGS1 which would indicate that under tremendous pressure his psyche can work against him.

          • Vegas

            Getting the rebels on your side requires killing (or tranq. i think) PMCs. If you don’t want or can’t do it depending on the kind of playthrough you are doing, you’ll have to deal with both sides. Sometimes I just like to sneak by everyone, but sometimes i like the rebels on my side. If you think about it, most choices that games give to you are useless. Wouldn’t be easier to just kill everyone in Ground Zeroes? I did it a hundred times, makes everything easier – not easy, but easier. Instead, I like to sneak pass everyone. Why? Because its friggin’ awesome. Thats why MGS4 have this kinda choices xD

          • nyx

            Yes, a lot of choices in games are inconsequential. Choice you have mentioned just wasnt’t the one I was expecting, when first info leaked – that is, that you can choose either side of conflict and the game will react accordingly. Anyway, maybe I am just nitpicking because MGS4 as a whole didn’t stand up to my expectations and I didn’t have fun plaing it…

      • No Place For Hayter

        Not only does Kojima make truly amazing games but he really cares about pushing things further so every MGS has been ground breaking in terms of ideas and graphics.

    • Kol Leqejza

      it’s my favourite. 🙂 but MGS 3 is the best game of the series. but i am most certain that there will be a switch on september 1st. 2015

    • No Place For Hayter

      I absolutely love the game, truly amazing. BUT what I don’t like is the way the story butchered everything in an attempt to finish the saga and tie off all loose ends, IMHO.

      • hunner

        agree. What they did with johnny and meryl was horrible. Still love the game tho

      • Vegas

        I disagree. The story fits so well to me. Well tell me, why do you think that? Besides the Meryl/Johnny stuff, that was messed up. They should keep Johnny as akiba, it was a comic relief that went too far. Like Sanji’s nasal bleeding, if you watch One Piece.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah the Meryl Johnny, stuff, make me cringe, lol. But aside from it it was primarily little story things that are of no problem in the game itself but when you connect it with the other games it becomes a problem, Kojima can make incredible stories, which MGS4 is but Kojima sometimes sacrifices consistency for the message or theme he is trying to present in the game, the problem this creates with MGS4 is that MGS4 tries to be the end all for snake and thus bring up and tries to explain everything and connect everything with past games when it doesn’t really work.

          So as far as details goes I’m just going to throw them off the top of my head, as I don’t really feel like trying to find fault with MGS4 as it would serve no greater purpose then to either waste my time or further help me think what I already think. So lets dive right in,

          Aside from the Meryl Johnny thing,

          There was Vamp whom the game tries to explain but fails miserably as for some reason it forgets what he pulled in MGS2, healing nanomachines do not allow you to run up walls etc.

          There was the end game hallway scene, which is broken because Snake does not need to go into the hallway, he does need to escort the MKII to the hallway but he himself does not need to go through it, and even in the game he serves no purpose when he gets inside the room, you might want to think that he protects the MKII in the room, but you can watch the cutscene again and the only thing Snake does is stop the first like 3 of them, the rest of the hundreds that roll into the room overwhelm Snake, making his presence there unnecessary.

          While I do love the gameplay and the cutscenes the ratio in the game was broken, if you skipped everything in the game the game itself is quite small compared to what we are used to in a MGS game, one requirement for the Big Boss emblem is beating the game in under 5 hours, and if you skip all the cutscenes in the game you don’t even have to try and speed anything as you finish it in under 5 hours anyway as long as you won’t wonder around for an hour looking for hidden goods. I know the time thing is kind of subjective but I figured it was worth mentioning as I it is the only MGS game I would consider short as gameplay goes.

          MGS4 is also the game that retconned a whole bunch of things which were clearly not apart of the rest of the games. For one thing we get rapid aging Snake, which is simply some retcon pulled so you can play as an old battered Snake for dem feels without any good reason, they simply wanted that old soldier story, in the older games the rapid aging did not exist. Another thing which nobody really thinks about because it have become a core part of the MGS lore is whom the patriots really were, I always found it cheap that the patriots which Kojima left an unknown in MGS2, turn out to be the entire cast of MGS3, “what a twist!” it always seemed like a convenient filler point for me, to just fill the patriots with the cast of MGS3 instead of it actually being other people, the reason it always felt like a get out of jail free card for me was because it does not entirely make sense, the relationship between The Boss and Zero was made in MGS4 to support the ideas it was creating but the idea that the crew of MGS3 was the patriots was retconned into existence by MGS4 and thus MGS3 does not support it very well.

          Another thing was (and this one really isn’t important) was that the battered REX was able to win against a complete RAY, the RAY’s were designed as anti-metal gears and they were far more agile and advanced, it makes no sense that you could beat RAY while riding a beaten REX.

          There is also the plan of Liquid Ocelots to use the rail gun from REX in shadow moses. I never really liked this (this is kind of a personal thing) but his plan seems flimsy at best to simply bring back shadow moses into the story again, I mean why could he not make a new one? among other questions which seem like a better idea than going back to salvage an ancient piece of equipment, I mean its not like rail-guns suddenly become lost technology after the shadow moses incident, this whole thing hinges on a better understanding of the MGS4 story which I have forgotten the details of so I can’t complain about this to much unless I actually go and find more out.

          Even though a lot of the stuff from past games made sense when they showed up I found it to be too much, it’s like the game couldn’t decide if it was telling its own story or if it was tying up the story of the rest of the games, I’m pretty sure this identity crises comes from Kojima having to make a direct story finishing sequel to a game/series in which he did not plan or want to. Like I said some stuff from old games made sense, but others were simply to excessive and pulled away from MGS4 ability to tell its own story.

          This point is entirely personal and is not a point against or for the story or its quality. I did not like the fact that they turned Raiden into a cyborg ninja, I mean seriously? a cyborg ninja? Raiden represented a whole lot of things in MGS2 none of which was a bad-ass hero ninja freak, I do kind of see the turn around theme wise though because in MGS2 you played as Raiden but you wanted to play as Snake but in MGS4 you played as old frail Snake but you wanted to play as Raiden, but the problem here is how Raiden got there in the first place and I personally did not want to play as the freaky Ninja and wanted to play as Snake, so playing Raiden up felt really over done to me.

          MGS4 also added a few retcons in because of the past revealed by MGS3, such as Snake suddenly being an expert at CQC when in MGS1 &2 it didn’t exist.

          Not just Johnny or Meryl while I’m at it lets throw out the entire RAT patrol while I’m at it.

          And while I could play the game again and nit-pick a whole bunch odd ideas and events and characters, I think my thoughts are best summed up as the identity crises I mentioned which really hurts the game, as a stand alone game MGS4 is amazing game lacking a little in content (oh and also that whole mission where you follow that guy through the city, biggest most annoying waste of time ever, another problem is a lot of the game looses it appeal after playing it once the game can only invoke an emotional response before it becomes routine, and when the emotional response is gone a lot of the story comes off as fluff, and honestly who wants to spend a good 40 or so minutes chasing the guy in the city again on another play through after the first time, it’s a chore) but when you try to place it as the finisher to the MGS saga, and the game to answer all questions, problems crop up left and right, this would not be a problem though if the game set up clearly where it stood instead of trying to being two contradicting ideas at the same time, if the game set out to be its own instead of trying to tie up everything in every MGS game it would have been much better, it would not have to retcon to explain anything, it would not have to bring everything from every past game, only what it needed. I personally allows say “MGS4 is a great game, but a bad MGS game” and while it is a great MGS game, when it is forced into the role of tying everything up and being the last game in the story it just doesn’t work for me.

          This post turned out a lot larger than I intended it to be, lol, sorry about that, some of it is also redundant but that should be fine. Though I will end by saying that just what I think about MGS4, and I’m not trying to convince everyone of every little thing I disliked or any problems I found. And while I realize some of my points can be contested by talked about or for some like the personal ones those can be simply swept aside as being personal or wrong, I’m sure how much I want to discus these points, if I really wanted to get into a discussion about the game I would have to play it again, lol, and this single reply was kind of large for me so I don’t even want to think about how large things would get if I decided to have a back and forth, so if you do reply and go nuts into my already to huge response I don’t think I get get into a back and forth, I do realize though I kind of digging my own grave by having such a large response to begin with that is just asking for detailed and long discussion over, (crap I’m probably going to get a huge discussion response), so um just hold back a little on the flood gates as I’m kind of rusty on my MGS4 lore and story, lol.

          This is so large and kind of random that I feel bad posting it and asking for only a little response if given one, so forgive me if any of it is hypercritical or comes off as rude in anyway.

          • hunner

            Solid Snakes fast aging only happens when he is past his prime which is why it didn’t happen in mgs 1 and 2. And as for the microwave scene i don’t think they had any idea what was in that room and you could also say snake distracted the scarabs. The ray vs rex fight is pretty much like every other mgs boss fight, snake is always outmatched yet somehow finds a way to win. And this video answers why snake uses cqc in mgs 4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcRFsH3IsHY

            EDIT: Just read the last paragraph of your comment and realised this comment is pointless lol

          • Altair73037

            Sorry to be, “that guy” but I am gonna try to answer all of these as best as I remember (not trying to justify the game, most of these are retcons but at least they are explained mostly in codec calls)

          • No Place For Hayter

            Uh oh, lol. Don’t worry to much about being “that guy” I dug my own grave hahahaha.

            But yeah I don’t like the retcons but at least most of them were done well and they had excuses ready in case people had questions. Only a few retcon are actually broken, like vamp.

            Oh and Hello 🙂 I feel worried since you created that account to respond, lol.

          • Well let’s just begin by saying, you are right that Kojima does allow inconsistencies and retcons in order to tell the story he wants. That’s just what he does, and he already confirmed he has done the same thing for MGSV. In fact, if you look at the other Metal Gear games that way you looked at MGS4, you will probably find similar complaints. For example, the way Snake loses his eye was retconned for the sake of it happening in that game, and in MGS2, Liquid’s entire death was retconned in a way, as he ‘lives on through this arm’. You could also say that’s a cheap plot mechanic, but the point is that Kojima uses these things to tell the story he wants, without having to be held back.

            MGS4 is a game that deserves to be played multiple times because only then you discover how clever many of the scenes and the script are, with some notable examples being the (true) ending, EVA’s speech in the church and the first briefing with the Colonel. That’s why it’s a shame so many people only played it once before making up their mind. Of course, as you said, the emotional impact is the biggest the first time you play it, but that also means you can focus on these other things on subsequent playthroughs.

            As for The Patriots being the cast of MGS3, yeah, some will like and some will dislike it, but despite the fact that they only came up with this in MGS4 (although it was revealed in PO already, partially), it’s surprising how much sense it makes in the story. The Boss’ wish was a world without borders, and The Patriots is how Zero brought this into practice. Of course, The Patriots as they are in MGS4 are already far from what he had envisioned, and are now being steered by AIs.

            As for Raiden being a ‘bad ass ninja’, yes he was, but there is another layer to it. He is physically very strong, but emotionally weaker than ever, completely dependent on Snake to give him guidance. This contrast makes him an interesting character.

            Now, about Snake not having to go into the Microwave Hallway, you hear this one quite a lot, but in the end, it wouldn’t make sense for Snake not to go. MGS4 made it clear that he completely disregarded his own health and didn’t care about his life anymore. He is going to die soon anyway. Now, this is their one chance to stop Liquid ‘from enslaving the planet’. Do you really think Snake would say ‘nah, MKIII can do it on its own’? He felt he had to make amends for his mistake, to fix the world for future generations. Letting Liquid take control of The Patriots would ruin the world, in his eyes. Besides, it’s pretty clear the MKIII wouldn’t have survived the Dwarf Gekko attack on its own. Even if not all of them attack Snake, he is just enough of a distraction for them to keep them off MKIII, barely long enough for Otacon to hack into the system. What would have happened if Snake wouldn’t have been there? It’s pretty clear they would have destroyed MKIII and that would have been the end of it, their last chance to save the world wasted. Snake was not going to let that happen, even if he had to crawl through a microwave hallway.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Ok, yeah you got me, lol. For the likes who the patriots were etc, these were not simply thrown out there with no good reason, there were made specifically for the game but they were done well enough that they fit the rest of the story, I mean no one questions the choice of who the patriots were because it worked so well despite being an odd choice at first.

            Yeah for the microwave hallway, I always simply thought of the end result, but like you said if we account who Snake is and other points from the story before they go into the hallway it makes more sense, though it still always sucks to not serve a huge purpose when you actually go through it.

          • Vegas

            Wow. Didn’t expect that much xD But loved how you really thought about this with a critic mind. I agree with somethings but disagree with most. Since I don’t want to waste your time (and this WILL be a long answer too), you can just don’t read it. I wouldn’t mind.
            I will answer you in the same order. And I won’t make further research too so if any information is wrong, forgive me.

            Ok so the nanomachines inside Vamp are a complete different set from the other soldiers, he was an experiment just as Frank Hunter and Raiden. They all had the same kind of “superpowers” so I don’t see any inconsistence there since Frank is shown doing awesome things even in MGS1 and I presume he was already set with biochermicals that resembles the nanomachines. If not, Vamp is at least the first try as Naomi said she created that specific monster. I know its phisically impossible to run through water and walls but Metal Gear never was realistic in the first place. Remember Fortune’s last luck? There was no explanation to that either and it was MGS2. And I’m not even bringing up Psycho Mantis hehe.

            The hallway scene. That’s a common complain. You see, think about Snake and Otacon in the same situation. They had no idea what they would find in the next room and Snake did not know in what condition he would get out of there so it was worth going trough the suffering since that was their only chance. They could NOT fuck this up. And if Snake wasn’t there, the bots would attack Mk II instead of him. He was a decoy in the end.

            I agree with the gameplay time. Nothing to say there.

            Snake’s aging is not something so simple so there is no way they could just throw this inside the lore. First, there is Solidus Snake who is clearly not old as he seems to be. Correct me if i’m wrong but there is no other explanation to him aside rapid aging. And the terminator genes in a cloned soldier would make perfect sence, Naomi explained it by details and it makes the story dramatic because we are lead to believe that FoxDie is making its move, but actually its just Snake’s fate. Naomi told him in MGS1 to make his own fate no matter what his genes tell him. But he was forever locked up to his genes and that was something that he had to accept, and he did. He keep going forward even after knowing that he would die. Do you see there the resemblence with The Boss’ will? Solid Snake, not Zero or Big Boss, was the one that followed The Boss’ path better, even not knowing. He was, indeed, a true patriot. Not for the country, not for politicians. But for the times, for the world and for the people he cared about. He, as The Boss, carried the burden all alone. So even if it is something new for Kojima, it was well planned IMHO.
            MGS3 cast being The Patriots is also not something that goes unplanned. Since MGS3 there were hints that they were The Patriots. The question that Snake should give to ADAM (that he ended up asking to EVA) was “Who are the Patriots?”. And the answer was none other than “La-li-lu-le-lo”. That was almost a confirmation by itself. Other than that, Para-Medic and Sigint says a lot about their dreams about the future and how they would one day change their respective areas. Zero was the one that gave them a chance when none other would, and that made them respect him. Zero also showed great respect by The Boss and mentioned that they were friends in the WWII. This wouldn’t be put there without a reason. For me, it was clearly the preparation to the big picture and one of the most awesome aspects of the Metal Gear lore. Oh and if you think that they are lame choices for The Patriots, remember that they were all very ambicious and most of what we know about The Patriots accomplishments its post-AI (SOP System, S3 Plan and War Economy) so there is not really too much to relate.

            It was never clear who won the fight between REX and RAY. Snake was very beaten up, but Liquid was just faking it. I know in actual gameplay the player “won” but its not uncommon that depleting the health bar of a boss does not mean his actual death. I lack of examples, sorry.

            You may not like my explanation about Liquid’s plan but i’m almost certain of it. After getting control of the Guns of the Patriots, Liquid was confident. He was always the kinda guy that dramatizes everything and wants a big show. REX’s Rail Gun was special and to him could not be replaced. Oh and it was also out of the SOP system because it was way before its implementation so it was actually easier to fetch it than to take out the IDs of every piece needed to produce another one. Hell, he may even not have the plans for it. Its not like Lego that you see it once and can produce it again. It would take too long. Besides… he never really intended to kill Snake, he liked the emotion of battle. Remember in MGS1 when they fought on REX? He could kill him and get away, but he chose to have a 1×1 match with Snake. He only wanted to beat his brother, the one that was said to be “the dominant”, “father’s favorite”. If you don’t buy my theory, I have another. We know for a fact that MGS4’s Liquid was nothing more than Ocelot inducing himself to believe he was Liquid so he can trick the system. If he could have a certain level of control with this technique, his (maybe) flawed plan could be a way to make it easier for Snake.

            Raiden’s ninja transformation (for me) was a symbolic act. First, to redeem the character from a pussy to a badass. Not in any way to put a shadow above Snake, since he was still a dramatic bitch. Second, it was stated by Rose that Raiden got his memory back some months after the end of MGS2 and it was driving him crazy. Afraid of hurting (psychologically) Rose, he left to do what he does best: fight. He thought that he was like Snake, a soldier that only knows the battlefield and couldn’t live a normal life. But in the end he was just confused and Snake showed him that he was light, not darkness. He could have a family, a life, wich Snake could never. Snake did not want Raiden to have the same destiny that he was chained. That was the message behind Raiden’s transformation: you can change your nature, you can be born in the darkness but become light. It was also a way to make Snake’s personality even deeper as he was willing to take the place of the super awesome robotic badass using his old body because he knew Raiden could be better than that. But hey, thats just a theory. A METAL GEAR THEORY!

            Snake’s sudden CQC knowledge was explained by himself as he stated that he never used CQC because it was a “traitor’s technique”. Now that CQC is wide open and every soldier can use it, Snake’s body acted naturally in response of someone using CQC, even if its a cheap copy of the original (his words). But i think it goes beyond that. Snake salutes BB’s grave in the beggining and in the end of the game. I think that he was starting to understand what drove Big Boss and why he did what he did. Hence his sudden respect for his master. After all, they spent a lot of time together, something that could not be erased. Its the exact same story as The Boss and Naked Snake. He didn’t understand her betrayal, but he respected her so much that their relationship surpassed the politics.

            I agree that Act 3 was particullary bad, but not for its content. The problem was that it was the ONLY content in the whole Act. Again, the short game problem. But i actually liked the tailing sequence. Never in a game I could enjoy such a realistic way to tail someone in an urban enviroment and there is actually a lot of ways to do it and the guy can take some different paths. Its hard to please everybody so I understand that you find it boring, but I don’t think of it as a flaw. The lack of content is to blame.

            Well as for me, I don’t like to say that one MGS is better than another since they are so different. I would say MGS3 is better than all and PW is the least awesome, but MGS4, 2 and 1 were equally awesome for me. As you can see, i like MGS4 story a lot and if i made you change your mind you may start to like it too. As for gameplay, it was one of the best stealth games – no, the best aside for TPP. There is chasing, traps, ambush, a lot of sneak, awesome camouflage, awesome perspectives of war (soldiers dying in front of you and sometimes you can’t do anything about it) and war stealth itself. The weapons were well design and the customization was nice. It has a lot of secrets and easter eggs and my only complain is the lack of Codec conversations. But the fatal flaw is the big cutscenes that sometimes becomes boring and the lack of gameplay time. The problem is not the game, just the adjust of time. Thats all, folks!

          • No Place For Hayter

            A well thought out large reply, I thought I wasn’t ready for one lol, but I guess I was. You make a lot of good points, some of which get rid of the problem, like the microwave hallway, even though the outcome sucks as being “woo hoo you got through but for no purpose” it still makes sense as to why Snake was sent through in the first place. As far as the boss health bar depletion not actually being the death if the boss, you don’t need any examples for that, lol, just name any RPG on the face of the earth, lol.

            A lot of my complaints don’t really seem like much as the game explains itself and is solid (no pun intended, lol), but because the game tries to be the last in line and tie everything together it gets heavily scrutinized by me in many ways I normally wouldn’t pick at it, like when something doesn’t line up or when something is retconned (even if it is done well and makes sense it is still retconned into the past games like it was always there, but it wasn’t when those games were made). I’m willing to let all sorts of retcons or mistakes in the overall lore fly by without worry as long as the game itself is one connecting masterpiece, because that is the way Kojima works, but when Kojima does this in MGS4 it is much more noticeable and actually gets put into my mind as a problem, because the game tries to answer all of the questions from the entire franchise while retconning or making mistakes when it is connected to the past games. So a lot of my complaints or problems are probably superficial and can be explained by the in game ideas and circumstances, the complaints and problems I have stem from the connections between the games and not so much alone with MGS4, for example the problem I had with the microwave hallway had no connection to past games so despite the end result being kind of disappointing it still makes sense and turns to be my misunderstanding because I know whats at the end of the hallway, lol, but for connections with past games like Vamp (I really like the Vamp example don’t I? sorry about the abuse, lol) it doesn’t work because in MGS2 he does all sorts of things he can’t in MGS4 because in MGS2 they didn’t have to carefully explain what he abilities are and how he got them or how he uses them, and so he shows up in MGS4 where they feel they have to explain everything and so they explain his powers and what they are and he doesn’t break this in MGS4, but the problem is that explanation only works in MGS4 but does not explain how he did what he did in MGS2, so again as a self explained unit MGS4 makes sense but if you connect the two games it doesn’t. Of course MGS4 does a really good job of connecting and creating reason so they aren’t many examples which have blatant errors or problems, but I point them out never the less as even though they make sense, they are examples of the conceptual problem I have with MGS4.

            This turned out to be another large post, not novel length thankfully, lol. Oh and if you throw a large comment at me I just have to read the whole thing, lol, it might make me say “uh, oh” but I will always read it, I just can’t pass up on a good long comment, lol, so don’t worry about wasting my time it is never a waste of my time to read anything, especially something from people that care as much as I do about the games 🙂

            P.S. METAL GEAR THEORIES is where all the fun is at 🙂

          • Vegas

            When you put it this way, Vamp really doesn’t make much sense. I mean, they explain why he is “imortal” but not the other stuff. That was a problem indeed but i feel like Kojima didn’t want to go so deep into a fantasy to the point that you have an imortal character, so he made this. But anyway it shouldn’t be there in the first place xD thanks for your time dude, they should include this discussion in the Complete Guide hehe

          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah, lol, I would like the complete guide filled with discussion and interviews, I love all sorts of readings to sink my time into, lol.

            No problem always fun to discuss 🙂 I’m not so hard on MGS4 as it does maintain it’s own self greatly which I missed some of before.

            P.S. Looking forward to “Those who don’t exist” and the parasite unit, we are going to got all sorts of special units and paranormal supernatural enemies 🙂

          • Vegas

            Have I told you what I think about the parasite unit? They seems like the precursors of Frog and the nanomachines that enhance the body. But that would make little sense since Naomi created the nanomachines. But could be something closer to what they did with Frank. Also, their power (velocity, turn into smoke) seems a lot like Quiet. Maybe she is the Subject 0.

  • WhatTheJuicay

    The hype around MGS4 was so massive. It was phenomenal. I think it was also due in part to the long cutscene trailers we got. They obviously did it differently this time around. Most of the trailers for MGSV are in trailer format. They spoiled Raiders reveal for MGSV. One of the best scenes in the game. They could have saved it. I’m sure mgsv has a ninja. Cyborg ninja? They’re just saving that shit now.

    Anyways, I remember saving up for months while in school for a mgs4 ps3 bundle while listening to the podcasts and watching the trailers.

    • Vegas

      At least they saved the most important: the final appearance of Big Boss. Imagine how would it suck if a trailer had BB showing up like that xD

      • WhatTheJuicay

        True. Eventhough I spoiled that by staying on the forums after it was released. I got mgs4 a month after its release. Actually.. That was spoiled before the game was released, I remember. Spoiled by fans, not kojima.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah wasn’t it that picture where the fans were able to adjust a monitor in the photo so the could clearly make out the scene which just happened to have Big Boss on it, lol what a thing to have in a picture.

          And yeah it sucks to have things like that spoiled lol, one thing I am going to do though is leave the internet after the release of TPP until I finish the game, because I know the entire internet will be talking about TPP and I don’t any more spoilers. So expect not to see me for a least a week after the release of TPP, lol.

          • glitchbomb

            You aren’t the only one. I have a feeling this place will be a ghost town.

  • Solid O. #V

    MGS4 <3

  • Matrixcity

    Going back to Shadow Moses and the Rex vs Ray battle = Best moments of MGS4.

  • Venom_Sina

    Congratulations,Boss.Seeing Master Kojima in person is really amazing.
    Those signed materials,They are pure gold.I love to have these kinds of items,but the country I’m living in…
    Boss,there’s a tiny,little error in the article:”Excitement was huge: this was the first Metal Gear to come to the fifth
    generation of consoles, and on top of that the final episode in the
    saga, ending the story of Solid Snake.”Actually,PS3 is a 7th generation console.Please fix this little error.

    Thanks again for this beautiful article.

    • That’s right, not sure where that mistake came from. Anyway, fixed, and thanks!

      • Venom_Sina


  • Venom_Sina

    IGN:”Is it possible to give a game an 11? If so, this would be the game that
    would merit that score. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a
    title that exceeds all of the hype that was attached to the title.”

    MGS4 is a Masterpiece.

  • Wompeat

    MGS4 was awful.

    • Dr. Miles Manners

      No, your opinion is.

      • No Place For Hayter

        An opinion by nature can’t be either good or bad, it’s just what a person thinks. There are things I love about MGS4 and things I hate about it, so while I don’t completely agree that MGS4 is awful I do see why someone could easily think that. And even if I couldn’t find any fault in it maybe it just wasn’t someones cup of tea.

        • That’s fine, but calling it awful… it’s clearly a quality game.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            thats the weird thing people are divdeo over mgs 4s long cutscenes and vs cassette tapes.

          • No Place For Hayter

            The thing about the cassette tapes is that it made perfect sense for PW as it was hand held and the cassette tape method worked in many ways. But I question its usage in a console MGS like TPP, but it really isn’t a huge issue or that big of a deal actually its kind of fine while still being an odd choice what would make it a problem though is if Kojima put important information or important events behind a cassette tape, like GZ did, while I do not want to see the torture in GZ it feels cheap to stick it behind audio only, and it acts likes its exploring deep ideas and dark concepts, and to me hiding behind audio tapes does not mean you are treading new ground anybody can suggest all sorts of evil cruel and dark things behind audio, I just hope that TPP isn’t scared of itself and instead fully embraces its content without reservation about how people will react, either Kojima is going to take a step forward with TPP as far as content goes in games or he is simply going to tread the line like in GZ.

            Though I don’t worry much because GZ was a teaser to TPP, and it isn’t supposed to be a ground breaking bomb shell that TPP will be 🙂

            And as far the the curscenes in MGS4 are concerned I don’t mind having that many cutscenes as long as there is enough gameplay, sometimes a game will be praised for having an amazing story but the gameplay itself will be short and suck, so while I do not mind any amount of cutscenes I don’t want that to be all there is to the game, I’m playing a video game not watching a movie. I don’t want Kojima to jump from one extreme to the other when people voiced complaints about the amount of cutscenes.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            its rated r18 for a reason!

        • Dr. Miles Manners

          Shut up, Hayter. There’s no place for you.

  • PrinceHeir

    Great 🙂

    I met Kojima twice and was able to talk to Shinkawa-san despite my very limited Japanese language back then.

    Now i can’t wait to meet them again with my level right now. Still not enough, but at least i can understand it and gave some proper sentences instead of just Konichiwa or Arigatou ^^

    • Gatsu

      You’ve met him twice :O!? That is so cool :D…

      No I’m not jealous at all, not one bit… .

  • kirtanloorii

    I wonder if Kojima is even going to be allowed to do anything like this after the whole Konami fiasco.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I’m sure someone with half a brain will be throwing money at Kojima to do what he wants, you have to be stupid NOT to.

      • kirtanloorii

        This is 2015 Konami we are talking about, so…

        • No Place For Hayter

          Well someone other than Konami, lol, they don’t even have half a brain, lol.

    • FOX

      He always said he wanted to work on diffrent projects beside MGS so yeah but not with Konami anymore.He should be hired by Take Two or any other big companies that care about quality not $$$

  • Shalashaska

    I wanted MGS 4 for xbox :'(

    • Mr.Pony

      Still waiting to see the collection on PC since TPP is coming to the platform.

      Squeeze a few more bucks from the franchise Konami we won’t mind!

      • No Place For Hayter

        Heck we still need a good collection for the PlayStation consoles, the best we got was the legacy collection which still has problems, some of which are the fact that the first MGS was a download code only and thus you don’t actually get to own the first MGS and also the fact that 2 and 3 were the HD versions which had content cut from them.

        • Mr.Pony

          Really? Didn’t know that. What did they cut exactly?

          • No Place For Hayter

            Nothing to huge or important, what I can recall 2 had the skate board mini game cut (not like we care about that but still) and boss survival was also cut, but 3 took the biggest hit, by having Snake VS Monkey removed, the dream nightmare removed and the secret theater was also cut. I’m sure someone has a list somewhere, I’m simply going off memory here, lol, but I’m sure that is most of the cut content.

            Some of these were obvious as to why they were cut, like Snake VS Monkey which requires the use of Ape Escape monkeys and stuff which are a Sony license which means it was cut because the collection was also on the Xbox, which that license would not be allowed. What ticks me off about this move is the HD versions are now consider the final versions so we will never get that content again, for example the Legacy Collection was PlayStation only but it did not get the cut content back because it simply used the HD versions instead of actually adding the content back in. The Legacy Collection is the laziest collection I have seen in a while not only do not not fix or add anything back into the HD versions of 2 and 3 but they don’t even bother giving you the first MGS on disc they lazily simply give you a code for the PSN store as if adding that game to the discs was a chore that they could not be bothered with when it was already on the PSN store.

          • Mr.Pony

            Mgs has a history of making a game and then add things (MGS: Virtual Missions, MGS2 Substance, MGS3: subsistence),the skate mini game was only part of Substance, the original didn’t have it or the vr missions, as for the Ape escape thing it makes sense since it is a copyright thing. Was the stuff from the special versions (Substance, subsistence etc) included? It made me kind of angry because I remember they selling MGS already as a Platinum game for like 30€ and Substance was always sold at 60€. Looking at it now Konami really likes to squeeze that cow

          • No Place For Hayter

            I’m pretty sure most of the stuff that was cut was from the substance/subsistence releases (which are still the best releases for the games), such as the skateboard mini game and the secret theater in MGS3.

            As far as what was included, I don’t really remember a time without substance or subsistence, lol, so unfortunately I don’t know what was included from the substance releases, but I’m pretty sure Snake Tales in MGS2 was substance and those made it into the HD version.

            And yeah Konami is really annoying with all these releases especially when they are so half-arsed about it and lazy, as if I’m going to keep buying the same game in different collections when they remove some things or add some things, I mean I would have bought the Legacy Collection if I actually got MGS out of the deal and if MGS2&3 had all their optional content in there. I have unfortunately never played the nightmare demo game thing in MGS3, and I won’t be playing ti anytime soon as I no longer have a PS2 (I know, I know I really should) and I can no longer play a version of the game that has that, I have also never been through the secret theater (I have of course unlocked it when I did play the subsistence version) and again I no longer can play a version that has that in it. Konami should at the very least keep the games intact when re-releasing it.
            Sorry went kind of ranty there for a bit.

  • Plissken

    San Francisco, June 14, 2008. I met Hideo Kojima and gave him my autograph. We saluted each other. It was after that meeting, Hideo decided he was going to keep making MGS but with Big Boss as the protagonist. That’s what I’d like to think anyway

    • kirtanloorii

      You fiddled him into continuing the MGS franchise. Nice.

    • Vegas

      You gave him your autograph? Damn you sure are important – or just egocentric as shit xD

      • Plissken

        Haha, I gave him a photo of me as Snake and on the back I wrote, “Thank you for Metal Gear, it changed my life. And yes, I did like it.” As a reference to the video where he asks at the end, “Did you like it?”

        • Vegas

          You missed a chance to mock him saying “I did rike it” xD Just kidding. But seriously that was awesome, i’m sure he was more than happy to see that.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Oh man this is awesome! I’m really jealous of you! You met with him. Face to face, in order to contact Big B… don’t mind my mumbling… 🙂

    • kirtanloorii

      Must. resist. urge. to use. Metal Gear Quotes…. You’ve placed some C4. Get to a safe place before detonating it…. doh!

  • Alex

    I was first in line with my brother to see him in NYC for the PW signing. We had come from Florida and waited a whole day in advance (we weren’t coming all the way from FL for nothing), crazy us. It was also our first/only time in NYC, and we were there pretty much just for Kojima and then had to go back. We didn’t have a lot of money. Its very telling how big of a deal Kojima is when NYC has always been and still is a fantasy of mine to truly explore and what finally makes me go is a man, with little time or money for NYC. The day prior signing, just a couple hours after we got there and started waiting, he had come into the Uniqlo clothing store to check it out. I had also just beaten PW Ch. 4 on my PSP (it came out the day before or so) riveting from it. But there he was, and we were just losing out minds inside while trying not to freak out. We got to shake his hand and meet Ken for the first time, the awesome bridge so to speak. Kojima took a pic with us and tweeted it. Life won. I than took one with him with my camera, and we saluted him on his way out (his smile was huge from that, it was epic). Shortly after, a couple fellow MG brothers came to join us; pretty bummed that they just missed Kojima by not that much time. By night time, many started joining us and there was a big line a good 16 hours or so before actual signing, so we weren’t going through the long cold night alone, we were surrounded by amazing brothers. Than, Kojima bombshell happened. At midnight or so he stopped by out of nowhere to take pics with everyone! He had gotten word of how many people were waiting overnight and wanted to show his appreciation, what a guy! When he went back to his hotel we all lined up and saluted him on his way out, more epicness. We continued through the night playing Co-Op PW missions and just talking up a MG storm. Had a lot of fun despite how cold and worn out we were getting. He came in the following morning in a limo like a Boss, with Paparazzi. When we went into the store, Heaven’s Divide started playing. I cannot express into words how heavenly magical that felt for me, having just beaten it and being dead tired. It was the greatest feeling in the world. Because of that, that song will always have a very special place in my heart, hearing that as we were about to get our stuff signed after waiting so long. Than, another Kojima surprise. Right before we got our signings, an assistant had given me and my brother a bunch of goodies from Kojima for waiting so long: The green PSP bundle, MP3 player, etc. Wow wow wow wow. I may not have gotten to spend quality time with my beloved NYC, but the whole ordeal was definitively one of if not the biggest highlight of my life, personally.

    P.S. Sorry for breaking the picture uploader

    • Alex

      Forgot to mention, just last December I ran into Kojima and Ken again in Vegas at the PlayStation Experience. Kojima was all incognito, scoping the showfloor out. I think he was checking it out to see if its a good place to bring out his future games. I didn’t get to interact with him but I got to talk with Ken again, who’s just a fantastic guy!

      But the one void in my life still is Shinkawa, since he rarely comes stateside. Would love to have his autograph and one of his quick 2 second doodles that look like amazing Snake drawings. That guy’s just amazing.

    • Damn, that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing!

      • Alex

        You’re Awesome Nyx!

    • ddmaster

      Just wow comrade!!! If I could give you a thousand votes at once for that story I would!!! Inspiring and Feels for Kojima, love him as both a game creator and a person. He truly loves and respects his fans.

      • Alex

        Thank you thank you; believe it or not I tried my best to keep it Cliff Notes’ verison lol.

      • Alex
    • Alberto Sánchez

      Jesus. Please, use spaces between paragraphs next time. Your posts will be more comfortable to read..

      • Alex


    • glitchbomb

      So weird… I feel like I’ve Read this before? Have you written about this in the past?
      so jelous

      • Alex

        I think just once on GameFaqs back in 2010.

    • Gatsu

      Wow such amazing story and photos! Thank you for sharing Alex :D.

  • Javier

    Off topic. Ground zeroes 2014 intro with 2012 audio. It’s a little different the music when snake appears.

  • ddmaster

    Three words: So. Damn. Lucky.

  • PrinceHeir

    Makes me want Metal Gear Rising 2 🙂

    • invader_skoodge

      We just give the sword to these guys and wait for the Singularity and our robot overlords

  • PrinceHeir
    • PrinceHeir

      “Here is the new key visual for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” Kojima tweeted. “It was made by Japan resident genius illustrator Pablo Uchida. After E3, these posters will be deployed at shops all over Japan.”


      • No Place For Hayter

        I gotta say it’s a darn good piece of art. Though I will want spoiler riddled art pieces when I finish the game, as these pieces of promotional art are hiding a lot 🙂

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        looks like im late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrVux007

    (off-topic) if i can agree anything with Yong,is that CGI trailers in this generations are not rly necessary anymore … the closest quality graphics that are close to CGI thus far are
    from,Order 1886,Ryse Son of Rome,Star Citizen(sorry if i didnt mention
    some) and yet to be seen Uncharted 4(footage was pre-alpha)…that said
    ,even Naughty dog said that they doubt they will see a game(be it linear
    or open world) will look better then Uncharted 4 this generation(which
    IMO,from what we seen is the closest of them all to CGI quality)…next generation is a different story entirely (post 2020 ofc) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5jADUqGROw

  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    miguel asher said he would reveal all details about mgsv tpp tomorrow in the atomix show.seems interesting!

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      miguel asher feels yongs video about his information is funny!

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        i do not know if this is true.USED GOOGLE TRANSLATE!LOL!can someone translate it please!

        • Javier

          the show will go out on friday. tomorrow they will post the article, like all the others journalists.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet


  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    mgsv poster is made by pablo uchida and will be sold in japan slowly after e3.said by the boss himself#kojima.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I envy you @Nyxus:disqus. You got to meet a mastermind that not many people will ever see in person in their lifetime. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to meet him, but I’m sure saying it was a privilege for you is an understatement.

  • Hatasu haru

    I went to Amsterdam for the signing session, at first the line wasn’t that long. Then after kojima came, everything starter. Later on more and more came I’m glad he signed my mgs3 game. It was the most amazing thing, just tot have a chance to see the game maker live

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