Robert Peeler from Konami discusses Mother Base, microtransactions and the future of Metal Gear

In an interview conducted by ’Angry’ Joe Vargas, community manager Robert Peeler stated once again that Konami has no intention of ending the Metal Gear series after the release of MGSV: The Phantom Pain.

Metal Gear is a very important franchise for Konami. We’re not going to just abandon it. And we already have spoken about hiring for new material, hiring for things down the road. I can’t really give any details about any future releases at this time, but I can say that this is not a franchise that we’re abandoning with the end of Metal Gear Solid V.

Konami issued a press release a few weeks ago saying that they’re looking for new staff to create future games in the Metal Gear franchise, which is what Robert was referring to.


“There’s the new Kojima we ordered. Slowly… careful…”

Metal Gear as a franchise is something that we want to continue. And we’re going to do so with… we’re hiring new staff, we’re hiring additional people to help us make games down the road. Again, more details beyond that I can’t really share with you at this time, but it’s definitely something we’re dedicated to.

They also talked a bit about microtransactions, a feature that left many fans somewhat worried and uneasy. Robert repeated earlier statements saying that this is just an optional feature, meant for those who might otherwise be a little intimated by some of the game’s features.

There are some microtransactions involved in the game. […] What it does is it allows players to basically, you know, finish the efforts they made in the game a little bit quicker, a little bit differently. Different from, say, unlocking it, which you can also do. So this is completely optional, something that players can use to help them throughout the game if they’re having trouble, but in general you can unlock everything, there is no difficulty with just ignoring that aspect of the game and just unlocking everything naturally.

Robert also assured that the game certainly isn’t specifically designed in a way to make the microtransactions more appealing.

In general, Metal Gear Solid V is being designed for a wide variety of players. We want to open it up to people who maybe haven’t tried the Metal Gear series before, and they might have a little trouble getting past some of these hurdles, so we want to make it easier for them by using this method. But, I mean, in general for that hardcore player, and really everyone who wants to try it this way, you can unlock everything naturally in the game, and that’s perfectly viable as well.

They also discussed some reasons the player will want to return to Mother Base every now and then.

For instance, if you never head back to Mother Base, there might be some infighting, there might be some difficulties with your personnel. […] You might want to come back, take a shower, especially if you have a hard time avoiding getting detected, then you might get some blood on your clothes or on your body, and you might want to go take a shower or something along those lines. […] So, there’s reasons to go back to Mother Base more than just to get through the story. […] It’s up to the player.


To watch the entire interview, follow the link in the source section below.

Source: AngryJoeShow (thanks MichaelPayneV), Yong

  • Leviathan

    first one 😀

    • cardboardbox engineer

      it doesn’t matter, if you can contribute then it matters

    • MrVux007

      : )

    • Bartolomeo OP Snake Eater


    • No Place For Hayter

      No, Big Boss was the first 😉

  • Aleezy

    Wow, how slow time is going to be these next couple months… Jeez.

  • it really is a bummer how Joe couldn’t ask about Kojima. it looks like they put so many restrictions on him he couldn’t give him the interview he wanted.I also like to point out that Robert looks like he hadn’t slept in days. he also has a very weak chin haha

    • Tong Ninja

      He MUST be working pretty hard to finish Metal Gear Online. Release in 2 months. This is crunch time for them.

      Yeah apparently Konami told Joe not to mention Kojima in the interview….

    • J.Wayne

      Seems pretty weird, it seems like extreme bitterness from Konami. I wonder what really transpired.

      • Like Ozzy said, “times are strange and times have changed, here I am but I ain’t the same.” (Unrelated) mama I’m coming home *drums come in*

    • Rob

      Look at this scar (on my weak chin). There is nothing left inside me now. Nothing at all. No hatred, not even regret.

      • Vegas

        Loyalty to the end.

      • Don’t let my comment fool you. I got mad love for anybody involved in the creation of this title. If your name is in the credits, respect. Sick reference too bro! Haha

  • Franky

    I bet MGO will be a standalone in the future. They can only lose if they try to make story based games.

  • Tong Ninja

    Interesting about how frequent you should go to Mother Base…

    So for example if you leave Quiet at Motherbase and never go back to the base in a long time, soldiers will want to fight Quiet. Then when you do arrive, there will be a cutscene where Quiet will be taking out all the soldiers. You intervene with CQC, and try to calm everyone down.

    • Mr.Pony

      I’m just going to kill everyone in MB if I can. Why? Because I’m a maniac with access to a saving and loading screen.

      • No Place For Hayter

        You might get reset after killing just one, so you might not be able to kill EVERYONE, lol

      • Ninja_Se7eN

        Lol, I did just that in one of Skyrim’s cities xD.

      • Maurycy Zarzycki

        I feel like this was already confirmed that killing someone in the mother base just ends up with game over but I don’t remember where and when I’ve read it.

        • MeLand127

          actually no, it’s just said you’re just going to return to before you actually killed anyone in MB 😛

          • Maurycy Zarzycki

            True! Now I remember, thanks! 🙂

  • Tong Ninja

    I also wonder if you go visit Mother Base often, we will get some interesting cutscenes. 🙂
    That would be awesome!

  • No Place For Hayter


  • MrVux007

    But i still wonder….will Big Boss be taking a shower naked or with his equipment….

    not that i have any interest in seeing him naked or something …

    • gerber

      you want to see a naked one eyed snake?

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      A more important question is: can we make Quiet take a shower?

    • Oh, I see where this is going.

    • Vegas

      Considering his body is clean and the only thing dirty is his clothes… we have an answer. You dirty little boy.

    • Javier

      He enters in a bathroom like this

    • H’m


      • MrVux007


  • No Place For Hayter

    “There’s the new Kojima we ordered. Slowly… careful…”
    Best, lol.

    I love the face kicking in the final picture, lol.

    • Chem

      That Kojima IA will make awesome videogames and twitt about food, movies and music all day.

  • Solidus Türk

    But pls with Kojima!

    • Mr. Sir Shpee

      This is not a mental picture that I wanted.

  • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

    The microtransaction aspect IS pay to win. They can sugar coat it all they want. Spending additional money on a full priced game to unlock features early is absolutely disgusting and shouldn’t ever be encouraged. It’s a very greedy tactic. It has tarnished the game for me slightly. A real pity.

    • PsychoMantis18

      Exactly, all they give us is “blah-blah bull-shit”. They haven’t told us once what they’re exactly for and i’m guessing it has nothing to do with them not wanting to spoil some aspect of gameplay but that micro-transactions will be used in the same way as they are with most other games in which they cheapen the experience.
      Maybe its been mentioned earlier but I hope you can turn these off; I don’t want to see any reminders during the game. I would love to hear Kojima comment on this… hopefully we’ll hear more in interviews after MGSV’s release

      • Tomas3345

        I think its going to work when researching things, in PW the late game items you had to research took many missions to be complete, to save time for those people who can’t put in many hours you can pay to have it complete instantly

      • Maurycy Zarzycki

        “What it does is it allows players to basically, you know, finish the
        efforts they made in the game a little bit quicker, a little bit
        differently” The way I understand is it will allow you to speed up the discovery of new technology instead of having to wait real time/mission time (like you had to wait in Peace Walker).

        Really, microtransactions are the future and there are many ways where they can be used well. As long as the game developer is not lying about how they’re used and about how the game is designed in respect to Mt it’s all fair. If that’s how they are going to work I don’t mind them at all.

    • Jak

      It shouldn’t affect the game at all for you-this is still utterly Kojima’s vision and level of polish.

      It should just make it entirely clear that Konami is greedy, stupid, and this will be the last time they have a AAA release any of us will be buying.

      • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

        Can’t wait to see what multiplayer has in store for us. The microtransactions in that are gonna be funny. For instance, buy an overpowered weapon early and use it to rape another players base before he/she has the opportunity to grind and unlock or counter it. Maybe even unlocking stealth camo early? If it was coming out for PC day one I wouldn’t be purchasing it. I’d let that PS4 Collectors Edition rot.

        • Vegas

          No microtransactions for MGO, as they once said I guess.

        • Ralexion

          I kinda agree. I wouldnt go as far to call it pay-to-win yet as we cant know for sure what we can pay for yet, both in TPP and MGO3. Still, I also think they sugar coat it quite a lot and in the end, I see it only as another way for them to make extra money out of a full price game.

          Anyway, I can understand the point of view of people that doesnt have that much time to play, but still… shall we get microtransactions in 200 hours JRPG from now on too? You know, so its not that intimidating for players not used to it… man, just play.

          I would like this kind of thing out of the game completely. Or at least, I hope you can deactivate it, I dont want to see it floating around the menus (but ill hazarda a guess and say that wont be possible).

    • Janeo

      Not sure why people are so upset about this, it’s not like you’re being forced to use the feature and it has been stated many times that everything in the game is available without paying anything. Think about how big peace walker is, it takes a long time but it’s still possible to unlock everything if you keep playing and TPP will be the same except bigger so people will have the chance to take a shorter route. I would never use a feature like this in a game but for the people that don’t wanna spend hours and hours getting everything it’s fine for them. Plus if you’re on this site I’m pretty sure you will be playing the game a hell of a lot anyway so you won’t need to worry about making things go faster.

    • Edward Wokhands

      I agree. If it was about “letting busy people play” (or whatever excuse it was they gave) then why not add an option to speed time up in some menu? Remember in LA Noire? You could skip certain parts. If that was made now you’d have to pay to skip missions.

      Why not just add something like that but make it really unobtrusive? Why do they want real money? This game is going to sell SO many copies. I’m buying it for PS4 and PC for a start. How about using the in game currency? I get the feeling that this is one of the reasons why Kojima has left. This is such an anti-Kojima thing to put in an MGS game.

      I think they’ve done it because they know where they’re going to end up once the excitement for this game dies down. They’re going to need as much help as possible because I’m never buying another Konami game after this.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    I still don’t quite get how the new GMP system will work but as long as I have the cash, I’ll be visiting mother base pretty often :).
    If nothing else, I’ll teach some CQC to the new recruits.

    • Lewis

      And handwave to Ocelot. Don’t forget this very important gameplay feature!

      • korruption

        Will do it every time.

  • Franky

    Last comment ever:
    Katy Perry I love you!

    Good Bye internet

  • PsychoMantis18

    Goooooo fuck yourself Konami.

    What’s this “dedicated” horse-shit?! The only thing Konami seems dedicated to is swindling what money they can out of the fans that hope to support the great artists in their employ, which they seem intent on pissing off, and on. Maybe if they treated Kojima better he would’ve hung around to make an amazing non-MGS game. I sincerely hope that with the exception of remakes (i.e. : anything masquerading as canon), that the new MGS’s fail and ultimately so does Konami.


    • korruption

      The “dedicated horse-shit” made me envision D-Horse taking a huge shit, then the camera zooms in with text reading “Dedicated to Konami.”

  • Chem

    loved the caption on the mammal pod picture hahah… imagine an IA with the mind of Mr. Kojima? it would a mine of gold.

    • WhatTheJuicay

      It’d be a heavily encrypted mind that nobody could decipher or understand.

  • JablokoMoloko86

    Hi guys I am new here. I am a big fan of mgs saga. Please accept me 😀 It will be so nice to be part of community 😀

    First I want to tell you what i found in the trailer ( e3 2015 ). No one noticed that when Big Boss is walking towards the camera in the first shot/flash he is wearing sneaking suit from ground zeroes and on the other he changes to normal afganistan suit. ( sry if this is not new for you , probably i missed few posts ).

    Next thing I want to mention. If you look good you will see that MIRRORS are very impoprtant (?) in mgsv. Phantom LIMB Pain Mirror Chamber , Xof – Fox , Snake in front of the mirror. So I started to think. Do you guys remember a movie called Donnie Darko ? The hero of the movie was sick and saw a person in a BUNNY SUIT on the other side of the mirror in his wc. This bunny told Donnie to do evil/good things. Only Donnie saw this “bunny costume guy”. Sounds familiar ? Donnie Darko had problems with his psyhic. He was on medicines just like BB. Maybe this will interest You. Here is a link to some scenes from movie ( Bunny – Skullface ? )

    • SNKtheStampede

      Welcome aboard!!!
      Yeah the suit thing had already been noticed, but with mirrors you definitely have a point. Also thanks for reminding me I have to watch donnie darko again, I forgot EVERYTHING!!! They also released a shitty sequel to the movie didn’t they? I think I saw 5 minutes of that, then I gave up.

      • JablokoMoloko86

        Welcome and Thank You for replaying : ) Donnie is a great movie. I watched it 2 times before i started to notice some details about the story ( twists ). Damn.. sequel ? Damit. I didn’t knew. Google 🙂 Thx for info I will check it.

    • A film based on the 80’s days by the way, with an excelent 80’s soundtrack 😉


      • JablokoMoloko86

        80’s days around the world ? 😛

    • Vegas

      Thats a really good observation (about the bunny movie). Kojima might’ve got inspiration from this movie but i don’t think it goes further than that. Ground Zeroes costume is something funny, I think its just a scene of him remembering how it was before the attack. He probably go back to the destroyed mother base at some point.

      • JablokoMoloko86

        I only remember Donnie Darko. Maybe there are more movies about a guys talking to mirrors. Another movie where we can see a person talking with his “doppelganger” is spider man ( I found this info in one of the Python movies from you tube ). He also mentioned a movie Fight Club. If you look at the Nuclear trailer you will see similar scenes ( soldiers fighting between them like in the movie fight club. They are friends but something is pushing them to madness and for fun they are fighting with each others ( maybe big boss have so much influence on them ? ).

        • Vegas

          I think the fighting scenes happend because they are being put into a lot of pressure. And when Big Boss is not present enough, they start getting stressed.

    • Javier

      kojima said the mirror thing in an interview with ign

  • Steven Michael Brown

    Me waiting for MGSV is like la, la la, la la la, la la la, la, la la, la la, la la la (in psychedelic female voice)

  • Dudes, please, don’t be so rude always with Konami, no needed of say bad stuff to them.
    Kojima will get his studio and he will continue making games, stay sure. But no need of badtalk about Konami neither. 🙂

    Don’t let hatred go inside of you. 🙂

    PD: No, i don’t work for Konami, haha.

    • korruption

      Fuck Konami, fuck them up their stupid asses!

      There ya go, I was nice about it. =]

    • Frederick Guese

      Don’t shoot the messenger, guys!

  • Ralexion

    Just guessing, but Ill say that you will need to get back to Mother Base from time to time just to restock ammo, grenades and the such, and fulton charges. Of course, me myself will stroll around and take a shower too.

    • Vegas

      You can get ammo from the support team, but it costs GMP.

      • Ralexion

        Indeed, but apart from the GMP cost (as it would be with any kind of equipment/uniform/vehicle/buddy/whatever you could need and will be able to get on-site via drop off [I LOVE THAT]), im guessing you will only get one type of ammo, and maybe just a limited quantity (it was like that in PW, if I recall correctly, and you couldnt get extra fultons), whereas if you go back to MB you will get your whole inventory restocked in one fell swoop.

        It was just like this in PW, only with the difference that in PW you where in the Mother Base menu, now we can actually go to it.

        • Vegas

          There was a lot of things that you couldn’t do in PW. You just asked for supplies and they send you whatever they want. Now you can choose so I believe you can choose what kind of ammo u want. And in a big place like Afghan, Fulton should be infinite or at least 50-100.

  • Vegas

    MGS will probably become what Prince of Persia did: a bunch of remakes and mobile games. They can’t make cannon games anymore, and even if they try to make one, the fans won’t accept it.

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    Hype- Joy and Sadness until September 1 : Then i will say Fuck you Konami until my last days on earth

  • grapes9h5

    Um MG needs to be retired once MGSV is out and Kojima leaves. Make a new one Konami, and you will feel the wrath

    • korruption

      It will be retired, then “succeeded” by Money Grab Sell. Or Metal Gear Corporate, I haven’t decided.

      • Tanooki

        Metal Gear will become Konami’s new dead horse. Come on guys, If you’re going to continue the series, REBOOT IT. Do not attempt to add to the Kojima canon what so ever. Hell if you reboot it you can reuse old characters and do whatever you want with them. Take the series, put it into an alternate universe, make Solidus the main character, have Ocelot and Vamp be his side kick buddies and have them fight a new main villain. They can even pilot Metal Gears and have grind house style fights. That sounds totally horrible but see how easy it is!

        • Frederick Guese

          I think this threw the Ravi’s Metal Gear cycle out of the window.

        • Budgiecat

          reboot with NONE of the old characters. Thats how you do a proper reboot without trashing on the original. Just keep the MG name. Dont even use “Solid”.

  • James Raskalov

    >Konami issued a press release a few weeks ago saying that they’re looking for new staff to create future games in the Metal Gear franchise, which is what Robert was referring to.

    Yeah, that’s cute, Konami.

  • Bigbossmsf1974

    Regardless of what konami decide to do with the metal gear solid franchise now onwards, they will suffer without hideo kojima supervision. This men is a true visionary in the gaming industry in the last two decades, who else do we know guy’s that could have both a gaming and a movie director view point in developing a game that all fans across the world remember for years to come. Without kojima and his team komami will undoubtedly fail in their goals and their desires for the next up coming metal gear solid games.

  • FMercenary

    I don’t know what I want more: to know all the info regarding the Kojima & Konami incident or to play TPP already?

  • hehe:

    • kidding aside i’m probably done with Metal Gear after this game, and i hope many people do the same too.

      as an artist myself i have a lot of respect for authors of every kind,especially those that i follow because of their work, for me Kojima is one of the greatest minds ever on the game industry so i’m not interested on what Konami can offer without the guy’s involvement. this feels to me like Star Wars all over again… even if ep VII is great (which i feel it will probably be) i’m not even interested on going to the cinema an watch it, i won’t give even a dollar for the franchise anymore, if Lucas left the franchise i’m not interested anymore on that. i put SW as an example because anyone could say that the last trilogy was garbage and that that’s good reason for the soon to come stuff, and that’s exactly my point, even if a guy makes his own work suck he has all of the liberty to do so, he is the creator he doesn’t owe anything to no one, an author can do as he pleases with his creations and no one else should be allowed to do otherwise even if it turns out to be great, of course it’s clear here what im referring to, a lot of stuff is okay such as parodies, tributes etc, i’m not saying that any mention of stuff created by some one else is wrong

  • PrinceHeir

    If they’re making a new Metal Gear Game, it should be titled Metal Gear Liquid. Solid has its 3D Form while Liquid takes any form thus breaking out of solid(Also nice gesture when solid turns into liquid).

    Should take place in the future with Nanomachines and Augmentations run rampant. Make it Dark very cyberpunk and mixed it with Ghost in the Shell and Deus Ex. That would be awesome 🙂

    • PrinceHeir

      Or check the upcoming new movie 🙂

      Tank battles, hacking, stealth and lots of cyborgs!

    • Edward Wokhands

      I’d prefer to see The Boss get her story told. An MGS game set in WW2. Then again I’m still pretty annoyed at Konami so I don’t know if there’s much they could do to get me interested. This is Kojima’s story. It’s like some company painting “The Mona Lisa 2”.

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