Metal Gear figures at San Diego Comic Con – ‘young Psycho Mantis’ gets a name

At San Diego Comic Con several Metal Gear figures by Play Arts are on display, among them Venom Snake (various versions), DD, Ocelot, the Man of Fire and the Psycho Mantis-like character we’ve seen in several trailers.


Judging from the information sign the Mantis kid is called ‘Tretij Rebenok’, which translates to ‘Third Child’.


DD seems to be wearing a visor on his head.

SDCC-MGSV-TPP-Figure-D-Dog SDCC-MGSV-TPP-Figure-D-Dog-5 SDCC-MGSV-TPP-Figure-D-Dog-4

SDCC-MGSV-TPP-Figure-Venom-Snake SDCC-MGSV-TPP-Figure-Venom-Snake-Splitter SDCC-MGSV-TPP-Figure-Venom-Snake-Splitter-2 SDCC-MGSV-TPP-Figure-Man-on-Fire SDCC-MGSV-TPP-Figure-Ocelot SDCC-MGSV-TPP-Figure-Skull-Face SDCC-MGSV-TPP-Figure-Venom-Snake-Sneaking-SuitSDCC-MGSV-TPP-Figure-Ocelot-and-Man-on-Fire


Source:, Square Enix Twitter, 2, 3Toyark,

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