Kojima talks about the inspiration behind MGSV’s Metal Gear

On Twitter, Kojima talked a bit about the idea behind the new Metal Gear that can be seen in action in the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launch trailer.


“Its replica of Sahelanthropus. MSF had Pangaea Ultima motif, but also the motif of this world oldest human species. Once back to skull, you climb up the evolution simultaneously.”

“By walking upright, humans started using tools, got heavy & advanced cerebrum, & voice(lang) for communication by getting respiratory tract.”


“To forward to the new world, u need to stand up. It’s not homage to Tokusatsu/anime that MG becomes to walk upright.”


“2 yrs ago showed cutscene of Sahelanthropus walks upright to del Toro & he liked it. he also noticed Argonauts homage.”


Metal Gear Sahelanthropus

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • odd_box

    I personally like to think there is still some Zone of the Enders inspiration behind it too.

    • César H. Sandoval

      It’s just Shinkawa’s style… Look for his Gipsy Danger illustration, it also looks more like an OF than how it actually looked on Pacific Rim.

      • Adamska

        Yeah. The whip-sword remembers the chain-sword from Pacific Rim.

  • MrVux007

    surprised he didn’t mention ZOE

    • ddmaster

      He might’ve wanted to but you know, Konami.

  • GrayFoxWasTaken

    The countdown timer is counting to 5pm central time monday august 31. This cant be right

    • It’s counting down to European time (GMT).

  • Shiragama

    The accolades trailer for MGS V! Shows nothing more, though, only some ratings.

  • Chico Ribeiro

    Still looks a lot like Tokusatsu/anime.

  • Chem

    loved the Guillermo del Toro portrait

  • Adamska

    Just found it. Based on true future facts.

  • VFox

    So the preload on PS4 starts sunday? My friend just bought it digital and hes gamesharing it with me 😀 and the static theme looks awesome. Theres a storm coming later tonight (PuertoRico) so I hope to have internet and power to download the game and of course that no one lose their life…

    • i hope P.R dont get hit to hard

    • Hina

      I thought you can’t gameshare on ps4? Unless u guys share a console… still can on ps3 though

      • VFox

        Its actually a mess and you can get a timeout from sony from using your games for doing this, it has to do with activating the ps4 as primary on other accounts..

    • Robin Besch

      hey do u know where i get the mgs theme if i preorder physical only?

      • VFox

        Only digital preorder to get the theme It sucks I know

        • Robin Besch

          im suffering right now…

    • ddmaster

      Oh man Brother stay safe. From where I live we’ll be keeping a close eye on the system.

      • VFox

        Thx, still calm for now, should be here in a few hours

  • Adamska

    Just found it. Based on true future facts.

    • Ryan Locke

      What movie is this??

      • Vonkronberg

        I believe it´s one of the Mission Impossible

      • muaddib

        Mission Impossible 2. The Jon Woo one

        • alenoe97

          Nooooo you are wrong: is “METAL GEAR IMPOSSIBLE 2: THE REVENGE OF GOTY” ahahhaha

    • Gatsu

      Yeah saw this some days ago :D, pretty amazing haha.

    • Stuart

      SHOLD have edited a SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK in when he takes of the first mask

    • liza

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    • PlayStation4Life!

      YES! YES! YES!

  • Ishmael

    guys if you wanna get mad about a super troll, read what this faggot wrote about mgs and kojima (no mgs5 spoilers) : http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/metal-gear-solid-5-it-time-admit-hideo-kojima-terrible-writer-1517034

    • Gatsu

      I read it from N4G and shared my own thoughts there. What a prick :(… I love Kojima’s fantastic writing and MGS4 is far from being worst game lol. The series is pretty easy to understand really.

      I would have wanted to know what he think of MGS3.

      I think that writer is just looking for attention after all the MGSV review scores.

      • Will

        Reminds me of that rageaholic asshole from youtube.

      • No Place For Hayter

        He wouldn’t talk about MGS3? why because he is one of the retards, and what do these people do best? Take evidence that supports there own personal narrative they want to spin while ignoring anything that goes against what they say or believe, they simply ignore or toss aside what does not work with their personal reality of “truth”.

        Great, I feel like GW from MGS2, lol.

    • Mats

      Wow, that’s the very defintion of smugness right there

    • No Place For Hayter

      CRAP! I clicked the link without thinking, oh well might as well read it.

      It is incredibly funny how little this guys knows. He claims to know factual that Kojima is a terrible writter, but knows nothing about the man or the stories he writes, how could you know the story and yet not know it to such a large degree, wow. Also he really only attacks MGS4, which by my opinion is crap, for many important and well thought out reasons and pressures, meaning MGS4 SHOULD NEVER be taken into account when considering how good or bad Kojima is as a writer or director . I could go on forever, but I won’t it is clear this guys knows litaraly next to nothing and doesn’t care at all to actually know more or to understand anything, lol.

      Retards like him will always exist, just ignore them. I hate to be judgmental, pseudo factual, or rude, but we are clearly smarter than that guy ever hopes to be 🙂

    • grapes9h5

      Ugh I wish I didn’t actually click it (STOP SHARING THE LINK!!), let alone read it, only because I don’t want to support such shameless trolling.

      I think we can say very safely that this guy has not actually played (at least to completion, if at all) any of the games in the series, not even MGS4, which notice how that’s the only one he actually discusses. Though I loved my experience with MGS4, I would be the first to admit it’s the obvious straw-man of the series for anyone trying to write it off. But this guys’s straw-man argument doesn’t even begin to talk about the actual issues of the game, rather only points tangentially related to those real ones, and exaggerated though his filter of deliberate smug trolling. And talk about sound editorializing, that his only talk of MGSV, the game obviously giving incentive for the article, is to dismiss it before the fact based on his discovered truth on MGS4 and the rest of the series by intended proxy. Beyond even talking about MGS4, the way he talks about the industry, and their reaction to Kojima, not only expresses pure contempt to which there is no thoughtful explanation, but a clearly stated dismissal of game as an art form. Doesn’t that undermine your point that Kojima’s status as an auteur is distasteful, when being an auteur requires that the subject is an art form? Never even mind that glaring contradiction. The aforementioned contempt he shows for Kojima himself shows nothing other than pettiness, it explains nothing and supports no argument. The same could be said about his on display feelings about games in general. Who would pay this man to write about games or publish his writing on them, when he so clearly hates them? Only a publication who wants clickbait trolling, or one so disregardful that they don’t mind that being the authors own agenda.

  • Gatsu

    Yeay! Welcome back our dear Big Boss, aka Nyxus <(^O^<). We've missed you!
    I could spend my weekend by watching Kojima's inspiration movies, not sure have I ever seen Guns of Navarone. I'm about to go watch Jason and the Argonauts from my TV :).

    3 and half day for Steam release, soon V has come to for us all =).

    • Welcome back Boss. (^-^)7

    • No Place For Hayter

      I have seen Jason and the Argonauts a dozen times, it is one of those movies I saw a lot as a child, we owned the movie on DVD and we liked it, so we used to rewatch is a lot, lol, I should watch it again 🙂

  • Okay so 3 days until release. Will be playing on ps4 so anyone who wants to connect for online and/or fob. Drop me a reply and I’ll add you. Won’t be on steam for awhile yet.

    • Gatsu

      I join PS4 when MGO is getting closer :).
      B1g_Boss88 is my PSN. Not sure have have we added each other yet.

      • Yeah we have already. Nice. I won’t be doing fob much, but willing to help defend anyone. Mostly gonna play pvp.

        Don’t like the idea of paying or earning coins to play fob

        • MattleGear!

          Hey Lefta Gaming,

          I think the pay to play FoB has been blown out of proportion by the articles. I would believe that you are given enough water space to build an efficient and strong enough FOB. But if you wish to make it bigger then what your given, then you can buy.
          But what for, quality over quantity right.
          The Bigger your FOB the harder to defend.. Easier to Infiltrate.

          Just my train of thought, peace out 😉

          • Yeah I thought that. Definitely agree with you there dude. Id rather have a badass, armed to the teeth base than a massive one where the enemy has taken you shit and left by the time you get half way there haha. We’ll find out soon enough.

          • MattleGear!

            Defs gonna concentrate on the main game, its been way tooo long!

      • Robin Besch

        hey im also adding you if thats alright with you 🙂

        • Gatsu

          Yeah thanks, I accepted :).

      • Arestras

        Can I add you too?

        • Gatsu

          Sure :), but I won’t be much online on PSN currently, when have to buy a new net modem perhaps. I can accept the friend requests using my mobile phone PSN app though :D.

          • Arestras

            Nice, I’ll add you with my current account (Toalfejo). Maybe I’ll change it since I’ve been having trouble suscribing to Plus with that one. Also I want to use “Arestras” as my ID to avoid confusion.

    • Robin Besch

      dunno if we connectet yet my PSN: TwistedVegan

      • Darby Crash

        TwistedVegan LOL

    • Arestras

      Toalfejo (the J is pronnounced like an H) 😀

    • MattleGear!

      PSN: AUS_JaCKaL_91

      Also mate, at the very bottom of this page theres a link that takes you to a google excel spreadsheet has alot of members on there!

      • Yeah I started to go through that but it’s too many lol

    • LetTheLegendComeBackToLife

      grimlock982 looking forward to helping a fellow brother

    • Vegas

      XDVictor11XD (i was 11, give me a break xD), i shall defend your FOB with one of my bravest soldiers.

      • Don’t worry dude mines the worst. lefta_testie lol. Had a bit to drink with mates and didn’t think I’d get into online gaming much haha

        • Vegas

          A funny story always starts with “Had a bit to drink with mates” xD

    • grapes9h5

      PSN: grapes9h5

    • Pip IV

      PSN: ACDC-FC
      Hope I’ll have a decent enough soldier by the time I answer your call of duty lol

    • Javier


  • Robin Besch

    i did my best comrades i really restrained myself and shielded myself from everything mgs related. but then i saw that frikkin launch trailer and it was just so god damn over the top! that moment when metal gear startet walking upright it was just to much for me i couldnt comprehend all this epicness! there was no way for mke to keep to myself the last few days so here i am haha lets hype the shit out of it until next tuesday!

  • Arestras

    Now that’s an erection…

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