Hideo Kojima will answer questions at the Nordic Game Conference next month

Kojima will be attending next month’s Nordic Game Conference in Malmö, Sweden, to answer questions from the audience on stage. You can also send in questions via email.


From the official Nordic Game website:

On Thursday 19 May, Hideo Kojima will take the main stage at NG16 to do a live Q&A session with the conference audience. Moderated by Thomas Puha, former editor of Finnish gaming magazine Pelaaja and now working on Remedy’s highly anticipated Quantum Break launch, the Q&A will be all about the give-and-take between Kojima-san on stage and the audience.

So you can play an important part of making Kojima-san’s presence in Sweden as memorable as possible. Formulate any questions you may have and send them to us here – questions selected by Kojima-san will be answered on stage in May!

Meet Hideo Kojima at NG16, 18-20 May in Malmö, Sweden. One of the best reasons ever to register right now at conf.nordicgame.com!

In July, Kojima will also be attending the Develop Awards 2016, where he will hold a keynote and also be named Development Legend.


Source: Nordic Game Website, via Ayako Twitter

  • This is going to be extremely tricky for Kojima if everyone will just start asking him stupid questions about Konami vs Kojima drama. I hope everyone understands that he just wants to move forward.

    So I hope that ppl will start asking him about the future tech, new studio… Maybe about the new franchise. Collaboration with Sony. What devs he is looking in to… How much people he wants in his studio.

    I want that.

    • Yes, hopefully he can say something a bit concrete about his next project, and how things are going with setting up the new studio.

    • Venom_Sina

      Yeah,even small glimpses from his next game would be very cool.

      • ThreeMadFrogs

        Just gimme some sweet sweet Shinkawa concept art.

    • Full Options

      They are probably going to have tons of stupid questions, but Koji-Pro will select / have the final cut on those emails, so that Hideo can answer them on stage without any problem.

    • Ishmael

      There is no reason why he should not be asked what really happened between him and konami and what really happened to mgs 5. people deserve answers. not everything, but at least a few reasonable facts should be provided.

      • Kojima can’t talk about that. And he already said he’d rather focus on the future now.

      • Kojima is under NDA and he does not want to talk about that drama anymore. He said that multiple times. Business issues of Konami and Kojima are private and should stay that way.

      • Full Options

        Besides him being really tightly gagged (just remember TGA), I think we have quite enough info to easily imagine what Konami did to Kojima Productions last year. They wanted to make him look like a diva in front of us, whereas he is the only one left, really caring about providing new game experiences (sorry for the others, but the guy got fired because nobody could ever become more Konami than him, otherwise he would have simply quit like Karmack from ID). I think they wanted to go mobile because a couple of titles tremendously increased their benefits over AAA hardware targets and likely black-mailed him to issue GZ so he could continue to produce TPP, whereas I am sure he wanted to give us it on the same disk, like MGS2’s tanker. Maybe I am wrong but strongly sense it.

        • Venom_Sina

          I think that’s the case,too.But I have something in my mind that really bothers me.
          I think this debacle happened in March’15.Before that everything was fine (at least it seemed fine).They sold a playable demo to people and made a lot of money and (most important part) they gave the opportunity to KJP to develop the next Silent Hill game.KJP gave PES Productions their FOX technology and in the end,everything seemed fine.
          I think Kojima (only him) did something big that really pissed Konami off.Konami is not stupid to give away his best man that easy.I think both are responsible for this disaster,50% Konami,50% Kojima.But what happened inside…guess we’ll never know.
          It was mid-2015 that we understood Konami’s behavior with their developers and it was terrible,but what about now?If it’s that bad,why most of the ex-KJP team remained in the company?or other teams?Why they’re still working for this evil Konami?
          I think Konami is not that bad as we think.All those behaviors that we saw from Konami in ’15….I think it’s safe to assume that Kojima was the reason behind it (partly).

          • Full Options

            I also think the zenith of this debacle happened in March 2015.

            As I said somewhere before, TPP’s release date was given almost at the same period than when they decided to remove his name. This fact is so weird that I think this date was also forced by Konami like the release of GZ.
            For Hideo, that was probably the drop of water that has made the vase overflow. Chances are that he probably answered to the board that if they do that, he won’t sign his game. They likely answered “fine”. I can’t really see any other explanation about that.
            I was not expecting a that soon release, even if TPP was in development for a long time. I was of course happy as hell when they said September, but something was sounding weird, it was a bit soon for me. I am not sure, but from what I remember, MG release dates or periods are announced much sooner than only 6 months before, this looks rushy. Despite what some may think, I am pretty convinced that TPP’s dev was severely impacted and its packaging was triggered much sooner than it should have.

            Konami is not bad and full of Hideo’s fans. That’s Konami’s board that is completely nuts and can’t figure out that even if AAA is not bringing enough revenue compared to mobile, they have to maintain those devs more as a vitrine / communication vector (eg. Ford is selling no less than cars now thanks to Hideo’s AAA projects…) rather than butchering their public image like that. This board really s.ck at communication and marketing because they believe they can afford s.cking that deep, thanks to the huge size of their group.

            As you said, all this are only speculations. Hideo is also probably a tough negotiator, but I am pretty convinced mister Hayakawa (CEO) is not smart enough to see further than his financial stats, which is dangerous for Konami.

          • Probably that last thing is closest to the truth. At least what we can gather from various reports: http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=21067

            Kojima likely didn’t see himself working in such a studio anymore: http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=19402

          • Full Options

            Can you imagine MGSV with twice the budget ? TPP with 200$M like GTAV ? I bet that as a big fan of RS, Hideo wanted the same for Snake, or at least as much as possible.

            MGSV with a such high budget would have easily reached 10-12 M copies, if not more. Also a great marketing investment for Konami’s future, to consolidate themselves as the reference of gaming and computer entertainment, along with keeping Hideo in their walls to work for example on SH with Guillermo. They missed something huge that SCE did not.

          • Venom_Sina

            I don’t know.I don’t think a franchise like MG can reach 12M sales,even with higher budget.Cause it’s not like GTA or Call of Duty which attract millions of gamers (maybe because of their simplicity).Also when we look at Silent Hill,the sales goes down more,cause there are few people around the world who enjoy these kinds of games.

          • Full Options

            Maybe you are right, but sales statistics can wildly evolve depending many factors. I think that a lot more players were /are ready to discover Metal Gear universe starting with TPP, part of it thanks to our hype around it (btw). Without this mess, TPP would have probably collected a lot more awards, hereby advertising the title far more. People want to discover more gaming concepts.
            More and more casual gamers are considering other gameplays nowadays than their “candy crush” or , the numbers can change very fast. Some of my friends ignoring all about MG discovered a so addictive and enjoyable way of playing by finally considering MG way of stealth.

          • MGSV sold well. This huge budget won’t help MGSV because you can spend so much money only for GTA. GTA is a mainstream title. It’s a casual action-adventure with tons of things to do in a city. It’s simplicity and setting what people like.

            Metal Gear is a hardcore stealth game with a history of games that has serious plot that requires a player’s demand to understand it. It’s too complicated for the average Joe who buys CoD/GTA and AssCreed.

            10 million is possible but only with hardcore marketing, but that’s another story.

            And for a stealth game MGSV is the best selling title this gen easy which is an achievement. Konami can make another MG games in the future and make some money again.

          • Full Options

            As I replied to Sina, I truly think that along with Koji-Pro efforts to make MG stealth more available to new players both on the story and the gameplay standpoints, people need more gaming concepts nowadays. A lot more casual gamers are not to the point of turning HC, but there is a growing demand for new ways of playing. This include older gameplays, more praised by HC gamers until now.
            It is fine on a financial POV to consider mobile for Konami, but they should also integrate that those new gamers will turn sooner or later more exigent than accepting the poor titles served to them on their smartphone or tablets.
            Like a kind of “mobile game bubble” that will inevitably lead back to AAA because people slowly learn / discover what games are about now (at least I hope).

          • Konami does not give a flying F about their Best Man. At the same year they got rid of a Castlevania creator which says a lot about companies policy.

            I think everything is much more simple then that. Julien Merceron proved it when he left the company and said that Konami does not interested in high end game development.

            Konami had changes in it’s board of directors. They thought that they can make more profits from Pachinko and mobile gaming which is huge in JP… because their gaming business mostly… Let’s be honest… Only Metal Gear games made huge profits and… PES but at what cost? It’s not about the money, it’s about the time period. Kojima was making MGSV for a long time. It’s not his fault. To make something like MGSV you need open world engine, team structure similar to Western design. You need top notch production team. Who did all of this? Kojima. For how long? Almost 7 years.
            Let’s compare Ubisoft to Konami. Ubisoft makes a lot of profits on the stupid AssCreed releases every year and they release other games each year too. Konami does not have that in their games portfolio. They made a lot of money from MGSV:TPP but now they are mostly done for this year, except for PES series which won’t bring much. So there is no steady income for them from games. So they closed KojiPro LA. Basically killed everything that wastes their money.

            So what about Kojima? Kojima wasted so much money? So what? Kojima made the game for too long? So what? So where is his fault? Only if he … I’m sorry, f***ed CEO’s wife, really. On top of that, Konami has HORRIBLE working conditions and that was not made up by some random dude from the West. Nikkei reported that.

            So after Kojima vs Konami issue. What happened? Kojima was hidden from a public and tried to complete his game. Konami said stupid things like “He is on vacation”. If Kojima was responsible for something even for 5%, Konami should say that to the Press if they want to look good in their eyes. But nothing happened. Because Konami does not give a flying F about it’s customers, journalists and their workers.

            Kojima is just a GAMES CREATOR, not a guy who is responsible for PR/Investment. He completed his contract for Konami and that’s it.

            It was only Konami’s fault.

          • Lamp123

            “All those behaviors that we saw from Konami in ’15….I think it’s safe to assume that Kojima was the reason behind it (partly).”

            So Konami wanting to go into mobile gaming/pachinko machines is Kojima’s fault?? 😛
            If Kojima did something REALLY BAD ,why haven’t Konami told us yet?

            Actually quite a few staff members left Konami. Yoji Shinkawa and Kenichiro Imaizumi, Kojima’s personal assistant. Couple of other KPJ members left as well. Julien Merceron the technological director left. The whole LA studio got shut down …. more people in Japan might of gotten fired or left that we don’t know about ….

            Some of the wonderful PR staff left Konami (Europe) ;(

            Also some of the team members might stay because they need the money/job. Getting a job as a game developer is pretty hard. Especially in Japan where competition is ridiculously high.

            IF ONLY Kojima left Konami himself (or he had sex with CEO’s wife), then I would say Kojima is largely at fault. And yes you are right NOT everyone at Konami is evil as some people think. It’s more the CEO and board of directors …. I think Konami got a new CEO in 2014.

      • Lamp123

        Usually in situations like this, we get answers years later. So maybe in the next 5 to 10 years we might get a better picture of what happened between Konami and Kojima.

    • Miky B

      As it is written in the article: “Formulate any questions you may have and send them to us here – questions selected by Kojima-san will be answered on stage”. Kojima will select the questions he wants/can talk about, while he will obviously ignore the stupid ones. So don’t worry. A shame though, as all of this is a big ruse and I’m much more interested in the ‘stupid questions’ about this whole social experiment/marketing campaign than the usual generic KojiPro Q&A that we ALREADY have on their website. Because let’s face it, he’ll probably repeat what’s already been said to any minor event he goes, unless it’s E3 or TGS.

    • DonquixoteDoflamingo

      I imagine most of the questions will be either ” GIVE US CHAPTER 3″ or “KONAMI”.

  • Joao Ribeiro

    Chapter 3


      – doesn’t exist.

  • Jav

    I edited this yesterday. It’s not 100% the same because some scenes have changed.

    1080p 60 fps.

    • Spiderman

      Damn, excellent job with that. You’re pretty good. I enjoyed seeing how certain changed during development. It would be cool if you could do a side by side comparison video

      • Jav

        I can do that.

      • Jav
        • Spiderman

          Excellent work Jav, age hasn’t slowed you down one bit

  • CR7HarisSnake

    Damn he looks so young!

    • Venom_Sina

      That’s the secret of people from Far East.I think it’s related to their food.I think sea food is their main food.That’s why they have these beautiful,soft,shiny skins.

  • Full Options

    Guyz, where is my HideoTube S1E3 ?? Any fresh meat on the topic ? We are already the 12 today and still nothing shows so far on the Koji-channel :/
    I hope we are still going toward a kind of monthly based show…

    • Probably lack of time, unfortunately. Hopefully they shoot some video during the upcoming events (NG16, Develop Awards) that they can show later.

      • Full Options

        Thanks for the info, was tracking the web since 2 days for any leak without success. Yeah, a 30 mn long monthly show hardly fit in a such heavy schedule. Koji-busy, huh ? 😉

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