Check out the packaging for the full scale bionic arm replica for North America, shipping this week

Soon North American fans will be able to own the full scale bionic arm replica from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as well. Earlier this year webstore Nsurgo started accepting pre-orders for the item, today it was announced on their official Twitter page they will ship this week. On the accompanying photo we can see what the box looks like.


The arm is still available on the webstore for $185.

Source: Nsurgo Twitter

  • BurntFM

    I thought it was giving me the finger for one second until I noticed it was the index pointing up. LOL I don’t need it. I can live without but. Oh man that 1/1 scale tho

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      Me too πŸ˜€

  • Package is awesome. Made in the style of MGSV:TPP box.

    Ehh… It’s a shame that Kojima won’t do Metal Gear anymore.

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        Did you preordered it ? If yes, I am waiting for your unboxing / close up this week !

        • Sadly no, a little too expensive… do they even ship to Europe?

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            Looks like it had a recent 250$>185$ price cut. It seems they ship quite world wide (Netherlands included) by judging their country drop down on the guest check out page :

          • Looking at the article it seems it was 185 from the start. But yeah, a lot of money, as cool as it is.

            Edit: wow, almost 50 dollars shipping costs.

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            I agree, substantial budget.. Really nice item though… Would probably shiver me up to touch / shake Snake’s real hand…

  • Just wanted to say that all Kojima games have amazing soundtracks. Even old games have amazing soundtracks.
    This one is my favorite from the old games he made:

    My favorite part is from 2:10-3:09 when announcer talks about Gillian’s past and the future: Gillian Seed. Estimated Age, 31… etc.

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      Is it one of Yoshinori Sasaki’s track here ? I know he was on Snatcher and also with Hideo from the very beginning of his career (Penguin Adventure).
      Yeah, all Kojima’s games are really careful about sound.
      CDs were a so cool revolution for games musics and sound effects…

      The rom cartridges were so tight in room ~128Kb that we sometimes less notice also awesomely composed patterns on 8 bit games (almost no rooms for cool instruments, but still enough for long patterns).
      But even there if you just focus on composition more than on instruments, the musics are fantastic !

      Another cool 8 bit track I loved from him (F1-spirit main menu / car customization) :

  • Hey Gatsu and JJBYACH, as Life is Strange fans you might like this latest purchase:

    Don’t mind the photos, they’re just test shots, still figuring it out. πŸ™‚

  • RanFujimiya

    I’m glad I got the japanese premium package with one of these… not that cool package style, but the arm rocks.

    • Yeah that PP is crazy expensive right now, unfortunately. Lucky you!

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    *Off topic* Turns out “Civil War” is out in Japan and Hideo gave a very favorable critic after watching it !
    His 2 tweets :
    “Saw CIVIL WAR. Amazing! Fully satisfied! Good story, good action, good theme!
    Its the sequel of Captain America as well as Avengers. Full of service but touches ur heart. Masterpiece!”

    We have to wait for next week here.. aaaaaahhhhh :/

    • Gatsu

      Great review by Kojima, can’t wait!

  • Gatsu

    I might get this if I didn’t have the smaller arm already.

  • Venom_Sina

    Nice analysis video about MGSV.It’s the work of our neighbors:

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      This documentary is dense ! Thanks for sharing, Sina !

    • Spectralbuttplug


      • Venom_Sina

        Yeah.Guys at

    • MichaelPayneV

      But you could also see it as Venom becomes dangerous and unstoppable, so Big Boss sends Solid to kill Venom in MG1, making Big Boss just like The Boss, a Hero going down in Hystory as a Villain!
      Jeremy makes a ggood point too

  • I really want one but… I don’t think $185 is worth it πŸ™

    • hunner

      Pinkie up.

  • Jav
  • Will Hough

    Sweet! Do you reckon we’ll be able to get hold of this here in the UK?

    • It looks like they do ship to the UK, but as someone pointed out earlier the shipping costs are quite high. Around $50 to the Netherlands, probably the same to the UK. And then there may also be customs charges.

      • Will Hough

        Wow! That’s a lot of money! It may end up cheaper to find a British scalper on Ebay in a week or so.


    Looks Amazing!!! I wish I could wear it on my arm. They should make a cosplay arm detailed like this one.

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