MGSV update coming May 10, brings new items, weapons, features and more to FOB and single player

On May 10 (tomorrow) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will receive a new update, that will bring a number of new features and items to the game, as well as some bug fixes. This has been announced on the official website of the game. Metal Gear Online will also receive an update, more info on that can be found here.

See below for the content of the latest update to METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN, which is packed with exciting new features!

New Online Development items added!

This update features a range of new weapons and items to aid in your missions. Several of these are shown below. All of these are Online Development items, meaning their development progresses even when you are away from your game system or PC. You can also use MB Coins to shorten the development time!

SNEAKING SUIT Security Guard Stealth Camo[★9~★11]


This security feature is added to sneaking suit and battle dress uniforms of Grades 9, 10, or 11. When your security guards spot an intruder, they will activate temporary stealth camouflage and vanish from sight! Add a stealthy surprise to the defenses of your FOB.

UA-DRONE Battery Vaporizer-Equipped UAV[★9~★11]


This security feature is added to UAVs of Grades 9, 10, or 11. The UAV carries a compact microwave emitter that disables batteries in the surrounding area. Knock out the electronics of intruders into your FOB!

FOM DECOY Dummy Field of Movement Emitter[★5~]


Jams the search capabilities of an FOB defender’s Intel Team, showing a false FOM prediction where the emitter is thrown.

FB MR R-L FLTN Falkenberg Multi-Role Recoilless Rifle (Fulton Warheads)[★5~]


A recoilless rifle designed to Fulton extract targets struck by its specially-developed warhead.

TORNADO-6 Revolver[★3~]


Ocelot’s revolver of choice. Firing at solid surfaces such as walls causes a ricochet that may hit nearby enemies.

UN-AAM-NL Non-Lethal Machine Gun


A general-purpose 5.56mm machine gun of European manufacture, specially modified to fire rubber bullets. *New Online Development items added in this update will be unlocked one by one after maintenance periods in the weeks to come.

Dispatch your forces to assault FOBs and aid your infiltration!


This new feature allows you to dispatch a strike force to an FOB ahead of your infiltration, to knock out security devices or eliminate guards.

Added information on Short Leagues to PF Rating screen.


In addition to the virtual league battles held on a weekly basis, you can now participate in special short leagues that last just one day. Also, the PF Rating screen will now show your PF’s stats in greater detail, so be sure to check it and see how your day-to-day actions are strengthening your force!

New soldiers arrive with unique new skills!


The new skills in this update are perfect for getting a major boost to your PF Rating. Find and extract soldiers with these skills to make your force stronger than ever!

Special online-only tasks added to the Challenge Task list!


“Challenge Tasks,” the special achievements that offer rewards for each one completed, now include online-only tasks! There are all kinds of tasks to try, from simple feats that can be completed with ease, to massive undertakings that will keep you trying for hours. Online Challenge Tasks will be added/changed as time progresses, so be sure to check out the latest challenges and try those you think you can achieve!

Other update details

In addition to the above, a number of small refinements and bug fixes have been applied.

Source: MGSV Official Site

  • Stealth camo with a visible shield on his back :v

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

      Players be like: “Whose shield is this?” – right before getting CQC’d.

  • Kol Leqejza

    srsly, that’s an awesome update! although too late for most players but nonetheless great!

  • Jav

    I’m still waiting an update for helicopter travels in the field.

    The new items are coming one by one week after week, or maybe after 2 weeks. That’s not good. They will be really expensive.

  • SholidOnline

    The last time I played, over 100 soldiers were gone, and the game told me I don’t play enough. That’s when I decided to try out Dark Souls. Metal Gear will never be the same.

    • Cka Stu

      Sounds like the game is right to me… 😉

  • Leguywhodrownedquiet

    Rip Isao Tomita 🙁

  • kirtanloorii

    I look forward to that non-lethal machine gun.

    • That Fulton launcher should come in handy as well.

      • 223hzy

        Best thing in Peace Walker IMO

    • Mr. Sir Shpee

      Hopefully it’s easy to develop. Seems like the revolver will be pretty easy at a level 3 rating. I’d love to suppress the NL machine gun and rain rubber hell on my foes.

      • kirtanloorii

        I think it would be perfect for those moments when you get caught by a bunch of guards (either SP or FOB) and you want to fight them off without killing anyone. I just can’t figure out why it took them nearly nine months to think of this.

        • Mr. Sir Shpee

          Yeah, pretty much. It’ll be fun to screw around with nonetheless. We needed more nonlethal assault weapons.

  • fuck yes

  • Solidus

    Fulton cannon is baaack! Peace walker memories

  • Mr.Pony

    This is a good update, not bad Konami, not bad at all.

  • proceeder

    Ocelot’s gun without dual wield?! Pssst, not impressed.

  • Full Options

    *Alert* – MGSV TPP just received a Famitsu Award !
    Don’t know which one, my japanese is too weak…
    Made a screen capture, looks like Konami is receiving it and so booooooo’d on the streams comments… xD

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  • proceeder

    The riot LMG is not in the game. I’m developing a non-lethal RPG but it doesn’t clarify that it shoots Fultons…

  • Steven Chethuan

    Can anyone here tell me why since May 10th I’m still not seeing the non lethal AAM machine gun the Fulton warhead rocket launcher Dummy Decoy FOM emitter or the Battery Vaporizer UAV Drone listed anywhere the development list even though it’s been over a month since the update?

    • In Belfast

      Did you get them yet?

  • Pingback: The Falkenberg Multi-Role Recoilless Rifle with Fulton Warheads will be added to MGSV next week – Metal Gear Informer()

  • Keagan Graham

    What about ridding the game of the Demon Suit?

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