Metal Gear Solid V The Definitive Experience gets a teaser trailer

Konami has released a teaser trailer for Metal Gear Solid V The Definitive Experience, releasing next week for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This new edition will include both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, as well as Metal Gear Online and all DLC released up until now.

The Definitive Experience will launch in the US on October 11 for $49.99 and in Europe on October 13 for €39.99.

Source: Konami Youtube

    • César H. Sandoval

      Of course they are dude, this is not a new game at all

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

        They always have

      • What… that’s not what I’m trying to say. They just took scenes from other trailers and put ’em in this one. They didn’t even bother to create a new one

  • Full Options

    Def Ex is as promising as Survive for me, for now. They want us to believe in Survive…
    Why not, actually, but why this “Experience” lacks everything more than a simple MF cash–grab ?? Are we supposed to expect real stuff from Survive ?? Perhaps yes, but if Def Ex had SOMETHING NEW (dunno like 60 bucks for something REAL), we would be probably more confident with Survive, right ?? But yeah, only 9 days left to receive my Pachislot premium platinum package, only suitable for Japanese gamblers, that will make Konami successful on few islands, instead of the f.ckn earth.

    • Mr.Pony

      I would be surprised if they fixed or patched anything about MGO or FOBs for this release at least. It just a box with all the flavour you know, nothing new.

  • Kol Leqejza

    this is aimed for players who do not own mgs v. this is something like a goty version with anything included (which is the case here) so i don’t fucking know where all the hate’s coming from. we get it all, you hate konami, but it get’s tiresome…

    • Gatsu

      I don’t like Konami etc but imo many MGS fans could calm down.

    • Ricardo Coelho

      I completly agree with you, people are hating for any reason either good or bad just because of Konami. And that hashtag “****Konami” is getting really immature by now.

    • proceeder

      From mission 31 not getting released and creative team not receiving revenue from sales.

  • Jav

    They should release this in 2017 with the shitty survive.

    • WhatTheJuicay

      They’re waiting till 2018 to bundle it all together for $59.99

      • Jav

        You are right. With the dlc for the zombies heads.

  • Pliskin

    They used a cutscene that wasn’t even in the game

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      It was in the game you….
      It was a shot of demon snake in the acc according to PEELER

      • The cutscene itself is not in the game dawg

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

          Because it’s not a cutscene bruh.
          I can understand what do you mean but well….

      • Gatsu

        It’s not and I wish it had been :(. T_T

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

          So Konami lied to us?
          It would’ve been a real surprise if they told, the truth
          But PEELER said it was edited with the coffins so that it fits the trailer’s atmosphere

          • Gatsu

            I dunno, I read somewhere that Kojima added certain scenes only to the trailers. But it still sucks when I expected to see them in the game. Anyway, no point dragging in the past :). Amazing game even if didn’t see them.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            Peace bruh

  • Gatsu

    Nothing beats Elegia or Nuclear trailer <3.

    Btw TWD fans you seen this? Oh fuck D:…

  • Full Options

    Ok, I just checked again and a bit more closely at this Japanese article, and believe there is some very interesting elements in it :

    People fluent in Japanese may correct me, but from what I saw in these pages, Hideo clearly explains that VR does not really help story-telling enough for the kind of traditional 3rd person game experience he wants to deliver with DS (or MG btw).

    I think he shared that he still needs some narration mechanics where the player is for example able to look backwards, but still with the main character in front, instead of having the player itself directly look behind his shoulders.

    This makes true sense since he is pretty specialize on 3rd person view story-telling, instead of FPS or racing game concepts as he mentioned, and obviously always keen in designing very advanced artistic poses for his characters.
    In fact all his characters (whether Snake, Raiden, etc..) look fantastic under every single angles and that’s neither easy to do, neither innocent since they are efficiently shaped in order to be shot under every single angles by the player’s camera.
    Venom is yet another and the most marvelous example of such effort.

    He also explained that Sony, around years 2000-2001 and while he was working on MGS2, was investigating on VR systems, but there were only prototypes, without any clear direction / technology strategy and also regarding potential costs to consider a Metal Gear with it.


    I just beat The fear and Im trying to find out why The pain and The fear blown up at the end of fight. Thats kinda stupid isnt it? XD
    The pain! Thae pain! The paaaaaain!!! BOOM!!!
    The fear! The fear! The feaaaar!!! BOOM!!!
    Hahaha whose stupid idea it was?! XD
    But im still impressed about that pure stealth. Only stealth. No stupid things. Stealth, stealth and one more stealth. Its really awesome!
    I also like idea of healing and eating. too bad that this isnt anymore in Phantom pain.

    • Mr.Pony

      In the radio talks they explain that all bosses wear with suicide vests, that why they all blow up at the end of the fights

      • SNKtheStampede

        Yeah, also because of their special abilities, so that they don’t fall in enemy hands. They failed with the end though…

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        Yeah, I just find out after beating the fury.
        But thanks anyway.

    • Alexa Danielle Bresee

      the explosions are a reference to the first two metal gear games, as bosses would explode for no reason, with no explanation (as was common in games back then).

      The in-universe explanation is that they’re trying to avoid their bodies being recovered

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        Oh I see. And Yeah. I know that already.
        Yesterday I beat the sorrow. If we can even call that a battle! XD

        But it was really cool walking through that water seeing bosses You already beated. Very cool.

        I assume that Snake eater is close to end of game, right?
        The boss is only left and I know there will be a battle with Volgin too, right?

  • Full Options

    Off-topic: Holy sh.t / can’t wait :

    • I read John Carpenter for a second

    • moto hellogoto

      YESSSS! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Now the wait is almost over. The first movie totally surprised me. I never expected it to be as good as it was. Every scene is perfect and I love that it doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. Like a lot of action movies try to cram in a love interest and/or romance but John Wick is just beautiful, stylish vengeful-action all the way through. I told my co worker about this and now he a john wick fan too. I spread the gospel of John Wick wherever I go.

      • Full Options

        Yeah John Wick was surprisingly well pace. Too sad we lost Willem Dafoe in the first one.

        Fishburne is on-board !?! Did not know that ! YESSSS !!!
        “You take the red pill. You stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes…” xD

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

          Perry white

  • FMercenary

    I have to admit that my brother and I got a PS4 about a year ago and I still have not played any games on it. My brother is the one that’s been gaming on it but it seems like the first game I’ll be playing will be MGSV this Tuesday that I get the DEx.

    • BurntFM

      If you don’t care about the dlc skins and weapons, I suggest you get MGSV used. If you want a physical copy of the games TPP runs for about 20 bucks and GZ about 12. That’s 32 to 35 dollars maximum. And you wouldn’t be giving your money to Konami. Just a suggestion.

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

        “And you won’t be giving your money to konami”
        Who cares?
        What difference does it make?

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)
    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

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