Win a copy of The Art of Metal Gear Solid V by participating in our screenshot contest

Update: the winners have been announced.

We are pleased to announce Konami has been generous enough to provide us with three awesome prizes for a contest. Here is what you can win:

– 1 copy of The Art of Metal Gear Solid V: Limited Edition (more details)
– 2 copies of The Art of Metal Gear Solid V


Here’s what you have to do: get back into Metal Gear Solid V (Ground Zeroes or The Phantom Pain) and give us your best screenshot (preferably gameplay). It can be the funniest, the most beautiful, the most interesting… However, there is one rule: it cannot be manipulated in any way. So no modded cutscenes or digitally enhanced images. It has to come straight from the regular game.

The best screenshot wins the Limited Edition artbook, the second and third best the normal version.

You can enter until December 15th 12:00 CET. Send your entry along with your full address to

Now go, let the legend come back to life!

  • Lex Radu

    Challenge Accepted!

  • Gatsu

    Wow this is amazing :O…..

  • Sérgio Luiz Tofanelli

    Someone from anywhere around the world can enter the contest or there are restrictions?
    Only one entry or I cand send more?

    • Konami is shipping the prizes and they said they’ll ship worldwide. And yeah, one entry per participant please.

      • Sérgio Luiz Tofanelli

        Thanks for the reply! I’ll make sure that I select my best one.

  • RoberTrs12

    The screenshot can be from MGO too?

    • Yep.

      • Roman Spork

        Nyx, got any news any Metal Gear related merch?

        • Nothing that hasn’t been reported. 🙂

          • Roman Spork

            Cool, was hoping for some figure related news. I remember hearing Hot Toys was making a Venom Snake figure.

      • Tom Brearley-Smith

        Isn’t it strange how we haven’t heard much on ‘Metal Gear Survive’ since TGS 2016?

  • Pretty cool. I won’t be participating but I want to share this album of some screenshots I took here :^)

    • Kol Leqejza

      Blue is the best!

  • Matrixcity

    Now you tell me… I just got mine in… maybe I’ll win a 2nd one. Lol.

  • Ardens Anima

    I need to include full name in address too?

    • Well the address is just for the shipping in case you win. Not sure which postal services require a name (if any) and which don’t.

  • Jav

    Can we send the address only if we win?

  • Victor V.

    So who’s going to send a screenshot of Snake rescuing Kojima from Ground Zeroes?

  • PrinceHeir

    And I just deleted the game last night for The Last Guardian and FFXV 🙁

    I will try my best to do something!!

  • Kol Leqejza

    does it count if we used the companion app to take screenshots?

    • Sure, as long as the screens are straight from the (unmodded) game.

  • MrVux007

    Heh,i wont be able to participate,but you guys are awesome for making this contest.
    Good luck to the contestants,looking forward to those horse poop screens 🙂

  • James Enko

    Can I send pictures from the cutscenes (unmodded)?

    • You can, but you’ll probably have a higher chance to win with something unique (from gameplay).

  • Good luck to everyone! Have some fun guys. 😀

  • Shadowarr

    Can I send few screenshots?

    • Just send your best one. 🙂

      • Shadowarr

        Oh well. That’s a little shame because I have few that I absolutely love.

        • Well if you really can’t choose, you can send a couple.

          • Shadowarr

            Oh! Thank you a lot.

  • Full Options

    If only Emma could be in the cast…

  • Andrés Gil Vázquez

    Is the participation region free? I’m from Spain

    • Lamp123

      Yes, anyone can enter.

  • PrinceHeir

    Congrats! 7 Years is a good time and I hope both of you stay forever in the future!

    I’m from NYC as well. I wish I can find a girl in Japan 🙁

    I remember Japan having like a dedicated US comics store which they have tons of comics of Marvel, DC and others stuff.

    You should also play some arcade games like Tekken 7 in the meanwhile!!

  • PrinceHeir

    Probably a few months ago.

  • Japan is were wallets go to die.

    • Solidpnk

      You are 100% percent right Nyxus.
      If it wasn’t for my fiancé I would blow all of my money on mgs merchendise. I wouldn’t have money to bring back gifts for my family .
      Oh those MGS special and premium packages why you have to be so expensive.

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    Hot toys?
    Man I feel so bad for your wallet
    Osaka is like a dream place for me
    Alongside Iceland,Sweden,Montreal,Coppenhagen,Bahamas(cousin went there) and more … :3
    Man, I wish I had a relationship like yours
    Maybe just too young xD
    7 years is amazing
    Have a nice time there

  • Some questions:

    – Who’s gonna judge the screenshots: Konami or @Nyxus:disqus ?

    – Can participants send more than a single screenshot for both GZ and TPP or just one ?

    – Glitch screenshots like this one are considered “manipulated in a way” ?

    • – We choose the winners ourselves
      – Yes
      – Well as long as it’s directly from the game without being modified it should be okay

  • Talal Al-Salem

    Sorry i have a stupid question
    can it be a screenshot of a cut seen or it has to be only during a gameplay?

    • Gameplay preferably.

  • Gillian Seed

    How do I know if my entry has been received?

    • It has been received. 🙂

  • Alex
  • SixelAlexiS

    Just send you an email!
    Good luck to everyone!

  • jsizzler

    Okay, so I’m pretty late and mine took a few tries.
    Sorry Nyxus. :p

  • Boromir

    Too bad I can’t take part in the contest…

    So I made a Season’s greetings card instead

    Happy Holidays!!

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    Haha no problem mate
    Shopping can really tire you
    You can probably be unconscious by the time you reach your hotel lol
    Play arts are good
    Thanks for the reply 😀

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