Kojima shows new merchandise, and Ludens is moving to the US

A few small Kojima Productions related updates today. First of all, here are some new pictures of Death Stranding / Kojima Productions related merchandise that is currently being worked on.

“Still working on to make this available….” – Hideo Kojima

Secondly, here are some images of the 1/6 scale Ludens figure by Sentinel.

“This one is 1/6 action figure by Sentinel. Still working on the coloring.” – Hideo Kojima

And lastly, a Kojima Productions vending machine. This one is not for sale though.

As Kojima mentions in the above tweet Ludens statue that was placed in the hallway has been moved to the US.

“Ludens #1 who landed at KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS hallway in Jan will take off to the US. Farewell. Ludens #2 still exists at our building entrance” – Hideo Kojima

“Good bye Ludens.” – Hideo Kojima

The reason for this relocation isn’t clear but it seems likely it will be on display somewhere during the E3 taking place in Los Angeles mid June. Maybe at the SONY booth. Either way, we can expect Kojima to make another appearance at Sony’s media event, but what he will talk about or show this year… who knows? Just a few weeks left!

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Terashima Twitter

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    xD so this is it, Boss was secretly crafting a Pachislot in which you can win soda+chips…
    …Ludens was caught trying to still crackers last night so they are sending him into exile for this treason…

    Safe travel to E3 my boy !


    • Can you actually buy chips on that machine?
      I need Coca-cola + Pringles combo.

  • Batzi

    Emma Stone or Stefanie Joosten? Or both?

  • Hey guys, a small discussion with ya’ll.
    Basically after watching countless of other youtube videos about “Most anticipated games of E3 2017 blah blah blah” I came to the conclusion that Kojima must reveal something more than just a teaser for this E3 or just not show anything if it’s not ready.

    Kojima just created a new studio, the engine tools are still not ready on the level when they can easily just create and change things asap. He also making a game with less than >100 people with a short development time.

    When Rockstar will reveal RDR2 or others will show big blockbuster games can’t see how he can keep up with these huge sharks in the gaming industry.

    • Meumels

      If MGSV is any indication, we’ll have seen all the death stranding cutscenes before the game is even out.

      Not many people expected to see something from kojima last year at E3 only months after the split with konami, yet he blew everyone away with the first trailer for death stranding. So i have high expectations from kojima this year.

    • If he doesn’t show anything, everyone is going to ask ‘where was Death Stranding?’. Even a small update would show the game is progressing. Besides, it looks so different from any other game that Kojima doesn’t need to worry too much about how it measures up to other showings.

      • Even a small update would show the game is progressing.

        Really? I mean, you really need this? Why? Does it really matter?
        Look at the Fallout 4 reveal. 5 months later the game was released. I’m saying that there should not be an update, but a significant showcase, otherwise it’s pointless compared to other huge sharks and sequels.

        Besides, it looks so different from any other game that Kojima doesn’t need to worry too much about how it measures up to other showings.

        That’s not really that significant for the AAA market. This “different situation” makes things more complicated. An art game is typically a serious, independent game aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience.
        Kojima is known for bringing a mass market game that is clever, but just being different is not everything.

        When MGSV was first revealed at Microsoft’s E3, it was amazing. They showed only possibilities of the sandbox gameplay, but it’s strength was not in being different. It was a true AAA game with top notch visuals, camera work, characters in a cold war setting… Horses, blood, Afghanistan, stealth/Action, vehicles, open world was a good thing for it’s time when not every game was… open world.

        • The game made an appearance at virtually every show since it was announced, to not have it at the largest gaming convention of the year would seem strange. But who knows, maybe Kojima will blow everyone away by what he has in store. It seems to early to expect gameplay footage already, but then again, it did seem too early for a trailer last year as well.

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      They must have quite robust playable samples in-house nowadays, but I would easily understand if they decide to show no gameplay footage at E3 since preparing those presentations has also a great cost, slowing down their efforts. Specially if the team is small, but Mads said somewhere they are over 200…
      Although inserting few gameplay sequences would not be too much efforts, as far as they have yet well designed levels.

      Maybe we’ll have some gameplay for E3 under some very simple form of video presentation or snapshots… A playable demo sound totally impossible until sometime like around next GDC but a tech footage, which is million times easier to put together, would be yet way perfect for us.

      A trailer without gameplay could feel great too because the difference between the first and the second one was so pronounced that a third one with the so called new characters and totally new environment could also fairly help us to wait.

      • I’m sure that Mads know nothing. Mads do not know game development at all, he is an actor.
        The game is absolutely not being developed by 200 people. Kojima said himself that this huge team is not for him for this title.

        I hope it’s not a teaser. Kojima needs to blow our minds… More like blow the minds of the people who are interested in other games.

        But after watching

        This makes me sad for the DS.

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          For sure Mads know nothing about gamedev. I am not sure why he dropped this number… Maybe he heard somebody including some Guerrilla’s teams which could definitely but officiously bring the number largely over 200…
          We’ll have the final answer in the game credits but even at Konami, KP was sub-contracting many studios for various purposes, so to the question “how many are working on DS”, the answer stays quite blurry and distinct to the “how many are working at KP” one.

          I am sure Kojima can blow our mind with a simple teaser though.
          On the other hand, I am also sure he is capable of pulling out few details on the gameplay for E3. I mean the contrary (being capable) would start to be worrying for the overall schedule… The question is whether he’ll decide to do so or not.

          It means nothing but I believe that seeing it as a 50-50% chances situation (so I am rather optimist).
          Having the material is not the question, they must have very convincing stuff already but showing samples at early stages needs a quite careful selection, if any is planned.
          I am confident.

          • For sure Mads know nothing about gamedev. I am not sure why he dropped this number… Maybe he heard somebody including some Guerrilla’s teams which could definitely but officiously bring the number largely over 200…

            This is exactly what happened. Also, Kojima said that he don’t want to outsource stuff to other studios. Kojima wants to do everything in-house (KojiPro JP/Amsterdam).
            I don’t understand that decision either. Even Guerrilla Games used Brazil studio to design some of the robots for them.
            Kojima believes that everything they do in-house is much better, under their own vision. He said that in some interviews and in the Lenovo video.

            I am sure Kojima can blow our mind with a simple teaser though.

            No. He can’t. Well, Kojima will blow away his own community, but not everyone else.
            Enough with the teasers. Gamers want something serious and fans want some answers.

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            No. He can’t. Well, Kojima will blow away his own community, but not everyone else.


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            Kojima believes that everything they do in-house is much better, under their own vision. He said that in some interviews and in the Lenovo video.

            All studios must agree with him. I believe none of them really appreciate out-sourcing, but it seems sometimes difficult to stay on schedule with heavy projects without using external teams (probably not impossible though but quite time-consuming).

            Yet it must have been really painful for him to rely on Guerrilla’s engine instead of FoxEngine because like any game developer, they surely prefer 100% in-house design and also 1000% in-house code… 🙁
            So for example, this was yet some form of code outsourcing, mandatory to be effective in time … We are lucky because Kojima (and specially him) was perfectly capable to tell his devs to rewrite an engine from scratch and disappear like that for at least 5 years… =O
            But the ambiance with Guerrilla looks very fun and if he feels himself back on track / not missing too much Fox, that’s really cool they managed to switch all that fast actually. ;D

    • NegaScott128

      Perhaps a live demo isn’t possible, but a trailer that demonstrates the core gameplay in a scripted, edited form would be feasible. Something along the lines of the MGS2 E3 2000 trailer.

  • Gatsu

    Cya in E3 Ludens :).

  • Lex Radu

    Questions: How comes no Metal Gear Fan did at least 1 proper Movie edit of a Metal Gear Game, a version without the filler cutscenes that are there in the game to make the Game flow better, but would slow it down as a Movie?

    We need to show the Movie gowers what we’re capable of, what we learned from Kojima’s work, they need proper edited Movie versions of at least 1 Kojima Game!

  • Lex Radu

    How comes no Metal Gear has done at least a 3 hours well edited Movie version of a Kojima Game, keeping the important cutscenes to the main plot, while also keeping the good subplots that would make it flow like an actual Movie?

    We need to show Movie goers what we are capable of, what we learned from Kojima’s Metal Gear Cutscenes about the art of Filmaking, they need at least 1 Movie version of 1 Metal Gear Game…

    • NegaScott128

      “How comes no Metal Gear has done at least a 3 hours well edited Movie version of a Kojima Game, keeping the important cutscenes to the main plot, while also keeping the good subplots that would make it flow like an actual Movie?”

      • Lex Radu

        Exactly, something like this, but in high quality.

        I’m still surprised no on recreated this with PS3 footage of MGS3!

        • NegaScott128

          Well, the problem is that Existence also uses gameplay footage captured from cinematic angles, most likely with pre-scripted AI. It would be borderline impossible to recreate those sequences in the HD Collection, or any version for that matter.

          Besides, I only brought this one up because it’s official. There’s a ton of unofficial “movies” on YouTube. Unfortunately, most of them are well over 3 hours long. This one, for example, is 9 hours in length, longer than even the same creator’s MGS4 movie:

          Videos like this are only really made for fans, since no casual viewer is going to see that runtime and be like “nope.” Strangely, this same creator has made a 12-hour movie featuring all the main games in the series, and each individual section is pretty close to a standard feature length. They’d be pretty good introductions to the series, but they’re inside an absurdly long video that no non-fan would ever sit through.

          • Lex Radu

            That’s exactly the problem, everyone makes either “All cutscenes” or “All cutscenes + some gameplay” instead of thinking like an Editor, and decide what is relevant to the main plot, and what is not, what subplot ads to experience, while also not breaking the flow, the pacing.

            I wanted yesterday to watch a Movie version of MGS4, and all of them are over Six hours, when MGS4 could be made in to a 3 max 4 hours Movie, if you can think like a film maker, and for example, cut most of the sneaking, that’s not what i would want to see in a Metal Gear, i wanna see the dialogue scenes,
            the boss fights (the important ones), the character moments, the interactions between the hero and the villain, thinks like that, besides, i want to see Snake already on location.

            Ex: I wanted yesterday to watch a Movie version of Peace Walker, i’ve seen 4 or 5 hours versions, but then i found Kefka Productions version, which is the closest version to an actual Movie, the only guy who tries, who has the pasion , but lack the kowledge of scrip writing, of keeping a great pacing.

            For example, i can point at least 30 minutes of pointless sneaking, and unnecessary scnes, like Cecile’s rescue, or the Tank Boss fight, that only makes Snake take a new route, which could be cut out entirely, making the “Movie” flow much better.

            With these edits, you could easily make Peace Walker in to 2 and a half hours Movie, and it wouldn’t feel long or short either, it would feel just right!

            That being said, Kefka, if you are here, you have all my respect, mate, you’re so far The Best ad doing these Movies, and Yes, as a Fan is hard to decide if a scene should be cut or not, cause Kojima put those in for a reason, and those scenes are to keep the pacing as a game, to compliment the Gameplay experience, but that i’m certain Hideo would cut if it were a Movie, so keep what you’re doing, you are an Amazing Editor, you have potential to make the Metal Gear series accessible to everyone, if when editing you take a step back, and think of it not as a fan, but as a studio executive, making the best version of the film you have in nyour hands, the version that would introduce new people to Kojima!

          • Lex Radu

            That’s right, Kefka should re-upload the 12 hours Movie as individual Movies, he would sure make a lot more views, i would introduce my friends to those “Films”, and watch them on my Video Projector, like in Cinema.

            Now once i learn how to use editing programs, i will use my knowledge of Movie Editing, and give you all, The Best MGS Movie i can make!

  • PrinceHeir

    Every merchandise has a Ludens on it!

    • This is incredible. Kojima said in the last Hideo Tube that he wants Mads to cook in the game 😉

  • NegaScott128

    Looks like Shinkawa’s helping with some motion capture sessions. Not sure why, but there you go.

    • Lex Radu

      Well, he was the animation director in PW, so maybe not Kojima productions being smaller, Shinkawa has the role of an Assistant Director to Kojima, more involved than in the past!

      • NegaScott128

        PW used the comic-style cutscenes, though. DS is using real-time cutscenes, so it’s odd that he’d be directly involved with their production since it doesn’t seem like he has any experience in that area. Of course, he might not be heavily involved – he might just be visiting the set to check it out, or maybe he wants to meet one of the actors.

    • Full Options

      Good question… I suppose it feels natural, judging the extremely badass / cool poses of all his characters in his drawings, to have him being involved in various capture stages. It makes a lot of sense and should only go in the right direction to have his help in supervising such type of workflows. He was probably checking various things as well in all Metal Gears.
      In the MGS4’s making of, Kojima speaks about Yoji as someone being able to handle a rich collection of design directions.
      Boss is extremely polyvalent in his projects according to many sources that previously worked with him. I am sure Yoji has many strings to his bow as well.

      • Completely agree. For Kojima extremely badass / cool poses are really important. I remember the interview where he said that Shinkawa designs all of this.
        + This time around he works with less than 100 devs, so I think some of the devs or artists do multiple jobs this time around.
        Shinkawa also can check out the actors for additional ideas or sketches. He is responsible for main art and probably visuals of the game.
        at least here I’m confident that the end result will be very realistic and good looking.

        • Full Options

          No better words ! Koji + Yoji = Rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😀

  • Lex Radu

    Holly Moly

  • NegaScott128

    I think Yong’s starting to go through withdrawal or something. He’s really reaching with his latest videos.

    • Venom_Sina

      I don’t want to sound rude, but I think he totally lost it 🙂 This kind of reasoning and putting the puzzle pieces together… damn that’s like those Half-Life 3 jokes 🙂
      I strongly believe that Stefanie will be in the game. Not for these reasons, but for Kojima’s cap during episode 6 of HideoTube. It was a strong hint and that’s enough. Sorry about my incoming bad language, but that Thursday part was terrible tbh. Also I think TBT doesn’t have to be in a Thursday. It’s just a reference to a past memory.
      As for Stefanie’s involvement itself: Wish it was a dream. You know I wasn’t a big fan of Quiet and I already talked abut my reasons too much. So I’m not gonna go into details again. It’s not my choice to make, so I’m powerless here 😉
      At least I hope we don’t see another naked character flaunting herself, something that I have serious doubts about it…

    • You saw the hidden letters video? We really need a new trailer. 😛

    • Lex Radu

      Well, he make a pretty good point.

  • Venom_Sina

    Hey guys. Recently Dontnod came forward and confirmed another season for Life Is Strange. I wasn’t expecting it tbh. Yeah, they said something about a sequel about a year ago, but…
    Now there are some leaks about a prequel which seems pretty legit. Here’s the link:
    What are your thoughts? Am I the only one who is disappointed by all these sequel/prequel news?!
    I believe the first season should be the last. I think any other entry can’t hit harder than the first one. Hell, it may get boring, too, exactly like games that Telltale makes.
    But I guess no one is listening to me 😉

    • Mr.Pony

      I’m interested in Dontnod’s other game, Vampyr, besides Bloodlines there hasn’t been any good vampire game (which as theme has so much to explore), but having another Life is strange isn’t bad either, there is space for at least two, more than that might be too much, at least with the same characters.

      • Venom_Sina

        Yeah, I’m also interested to see their new work. Vampyr seems promising. Hope to see something cool in E3.

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