Death Stranding / Kojima Productions merchandise will be available at the E3

Hideo Kojima and his crew are currently in Los Angeles, where the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the largest game show of the year, is about to begin.

Several PlayStation goodies are being sold starting tomorrow 11:00 at a temporary PlayStation Gear store in front of the venue, and some Kojima Productions and Death Stranding merchandise is also available.

“Getting ready for PSGearStore at E3 south hall. DEATH STRANDING & KJP Tshirts and phone cases (KJP & BRIDGES) will be available tomorrow!”

“Some nice merch lining up at the PS Gear store. In addition to the shirts, there will be iPhone cases too!” – Kojima Productions Twitter

“Phone bumper cases have 2 versions, KJP logo and BRIDGES logo.” – Hideo Kojima Twitter “PS Gear Store will open tomorrow 11am E3 Exclusive Death Stranding and Kojima Productions T-shirts and phone bumpers will be available.” – Ken Imaizumi Twitter

“Badass phone cases at the PlayStation E3 PSGear store. Oh, and nice artbook there Guerrilla ;)” – Kojima Productions Twitter

This is also where the half scale Ludens statue that normally stands in the Kojima Productions hallway traveled to.

If you can’t make it to LA, there will be more Death Stranding merchandise in the PlayStation Gear store during future events and the online shop.

On Wednesday, Kojima will be talking with Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie. Sony’s Media Event is taking place later today (5 PM local time), but Death Stranding won’t be presented this year. Kojima will probably still attend as a spectator though. He already met up with Shawn Layden of Sony Worldwide Studios.

“With Shawn-san. The BRIDGES Tshirt that I’m wearing won’t be available at the store tomorrow, sorry!!”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Kojima Productions Twitter, Ken Imaizumi Twitter

  • Full Options

    Wouldn’t be E3 without him.

    Wouldn’t be E3 without Death Stranding neither .. ;P

    • Machine Gun Kid


    • King of Disgust

      Nice one …
      Sure laughed at that

    • NegaScott128

      I don’t know what’s more shocking: Beyond Good and Evil 2, or Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back.

      • BurntFM

        Most surprising: Beyond Good and Evil 2.
        Most shocking: Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back.

    • OMG. What?
      Beyond and MGS????? WTF?

    • BurntFM

      Speaking of Beyond Good & Evil 2. I love the tone of the game and the animation. Now I’m really curious about the gameplay.

  • There was an interesting interview with Mark Cerny about the Decima Engine and the interviewer asked him about Death Stranding and how Kojima use the engine for it.
    Cerny said that KojiPro are not just using it but develop it together with Guerrilla Games and he saw the early stages of the game. He have not played it yet but it is definitely a Kojima Game. Vague at best, but what does that actually mean?

    • NegaScott128

      It means Guerrilla is essentially co-developing DS with KojiPro, and KojiPro is essentially co-developing Horizon DLC and whatever else they make next. They’re both updating the engine at the same time, effectively working as one studio when it comes to tech.

      Of course, Kojima’s style is radically different from Guerrilla’s.

  • NegaScott128
    • BurntFM

      I’ve bought the PS2 version, the PS3 HD remaster, the Japanese version of the remaster, heck yeah I’m buying this. I’m not gonna hesitate buying one of my favorite games. this trailer looks so good.

    • Gatsu

      Can’t wait to play it again…

  • BurntFM
    • Full Options

      You forgot to circle Imaizumi and Hirano sitting next Ayako.. ;D

    • Gatsu

      Hahaha nice ^^

  • Full Options

    I still had some hope, but T__T … If no slightest leak at up-coming coliseum, then we are doomed until next Gamescom and perhaps even TGS if not GDC in another life..

  • Gatsu
    • Does that mean only reviews/reports, no footage?

      • There will be footage for sure. When E3 starts we will find out more about this game. So prepare to survive 😉

      • Gatsu

        Like Golgari said, I’m sure the footage will be revealed.

  • Alex

    Bridges with a web.

    Sony conference ends with arguably the most impressive gameplay presentation, ending with a climax of Spider-Man forming a bridge of webs to catch the falling helicopter.

    Conspiracy confirmed.

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