Mark Cerny has seen some Death Stranding gameplay: It’s in the best sense possible a Kojima game

In a conversation between Sid Shuman and PlayStation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny about the PlayStation 4 Pro and its benefits, Cerny briefly talked about the Decima Engine and Kojima Productions’ game Death Stranding. He reiterated that the Decima Engine is a collaboration between Guerrilla and Kojima Productions, and that the latter is actively contributing to it.

Speaking about the last Death Stranding trailer, Cerny praised the reality of the graphics and the close up of Mads Mikkelsen’s face. “As for gameplay, I have seen some early work.” he added. “I haven’t gotten my hands on the controller yet, but I can say that the game shows a certain clarity of vision. It is in the best sense possible ‘a Kojima game’.”

Not much concrete information, but at least it sounds like the game is coming along nicely, and has Kojima’s touch. Unfortunately it’s not present at this year’s E3, but it may appear at one of the shows later this year, Tokyo Game Show or the PlayStation Experience.

You can check out the video below, the part about Kojima Productions starts at around 3:20.

Source: Mark Cerny on the PS4 Pro and Future of Gaming | E3 2017

  • Batzi

    PSX 2017.

    • Yeah, PSX is a perfect place for Death Stranding gameplay tease.
      Until next year we won’t see much. Game development is a long journey.

    • Venom_Sina

      Or maybe TGS 2017.

      • Full Options

        Still also hope for Gamescom 2017 even if less probable…

        • Johnno

          I doubt we’ll see anything until E3 2018. And likely as the final surprise show-closer.

          Kojima will likely not only want to perfect the vertical slice but also have the graphics at a near-final state. I imagine our best hope is another conceptual trailer, perhaps to show off Kojima’s actress at either the Game Awards or PSX, or both like last time.

          My guess is the actress reveal trailer for Game Awards, and at PSX they do a panel with Guerilla where we get a real time demo of the same trailer running in engine where Kojima changes the camera angles and plays around etc. to prove everything is real time.

          Then we’ll finally get a lengthy gameplay trailer at E3 2018, with the game’s release slated for sometime in 2019. Probably summer.

          • Full Options

            I think next December’s PSX should be crispy. Perhaps not TGA because even if Geoff would be happy, the ceremony is about finished games and some special prizes such as Industry Icon which Kojima received last year, so they would lack a pretext for show-casing any DS contents.

            In 2018, there is also GDC before E3.. Kojima likes this conference and did not attended this year, so perhaps we’ll have a little demo there too.

            As for the launch window, summer 2019 looks indeed like a realistic window.

          • Johnno

            Most likely after the E3 showing I expect KojiPro will do something similar to MGSV where we get multiple playthroughs of the same level and other variations at TGS, GDC, Gamescom etc. 2018 will be Death Stranding’s coming-out year with actual content and cutscenes from the game.

          • Full Options

            Won’t bet on all you sensed although a 2017 free of any DS update would look strange… For sure 2018 will be fruitful. ;D

      • Batzi

        I doubt it will be TGS. Kojima hasn’t been revealing much at TGS for years now. There is a better chance of him showing something at Gamescom than TGS.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Nah, it’ll be just like Ground Zeroes… PAX 2017. 🙂

  • Everardo Guzman

    Nah we will have some gameplay by next year. E3 2018 and TGS 2018 for sure and then a release date in 2019 I’m thinking.

  • Gatsu

    Damn I’m getting so hyped by just reading this 😀 ^_^! I hope it will appear later this year, we all wanna see how it looks like.

    • Mini gear

      I feel the same *-* these Kojima games have the longest wait but pay out well

      • Dr. Miles Manners

        I disagree after MGSV. He should’ve took care of things a better way than he did and care for the game to be properly finished before going on so many trips to hollywood. He had 5 fucking years!

        • Johnno

          You’re probably not aware of what occurred during MGSV’s development, so let me detail it for you.

          – Kojima was not just tasked with making MGSV, but also was given long term plans for building an in-house company wide multiplatform engine – The FOX Engine. MGSV and FOX were being built simultaneously.

          – FOX development took a hit when the team Kojima put in charge of RISING, failed to deliver and the game had to be handed over to Platinum to complete on their own tools reusing assets made by KojiPro. At this time Kojima was completing the Japanese-targeted Peace Walker for PSP, highly regarded as one of the system’s best titles despite the platform’s own shortcomings.

          – If you want to know how difficult it is to make a multi-plat game engine, consider the multiple failures Square Enix went through with Crystal Tools and Luminous. As well as Capcom’s abandonment of Phanta Rhei. This is why many devs just stick with UnReal Engine or some other established licensed 3rd party tools. Hideo Kojima on the other hand, thanks to making many trips to discuss technology with Western Studios and looking at their methodology from Sony to EA to Ubisoft is so far the only Japanese developer to have actually set up a functioning in-house company-wide engine with FOX, which scales from high end PC to current gen consoles to mobile and scalable for the future. Ironic, considering now that Konami will probably let it languish and not use it to its full potential.

          – Kojima’s role is also not only just focused on game and engine development but also oversees the rest of Konami’s studios as part of a board of directors. Kojima was tasked by the former President of Konami with expanding the game division, opening a more western focused studio as part of this, which he did in LA, get FOX up to spec to match the likes of Anvil, Frostbite etc. and at this time he was also tasked by the former President of Konami with reviving the Silent Hill franchise.

          – Sometime during MGSV’s development, Konami’s president changed, as did a reshuffling of higher ups at Konami who then did a complete 180 and wanted to scale down gaming and go more into mobile, gambling and other businesses that they deemed more worthy to put their resources into seeing no future in gaming outside of mobile and microtransactionable models. There was a report done (I can’t recall the guy’s name) for Konami made public where pretty much Konami forecasted the decline of console gaming, saw no potential in VR, and was more interested in mobile and app development. There was also some hedging of bets that the Japanese government was rumoured to legalize gambling, though this didn’t happen. None the less, Konami went all in, shuttering the LA game studio and opening a new division in Las Vegas to cater to that market.

          – Konami has long been letting go of developers from Igarashi, Yamaoka and others who all felt there was no future for what they did at Konami. Kojima was literally the last guy holding the torch a large part due to the fact that Metal Gear was a huge success comparatively, however even Kojima was not allowed to pursue big new AAA IP and he himself lamented that in order to compromise he’d bring his ideas for new games wrapped in Metal Gear’s branding for the remainder of his career.

          – Whatever occurred at Konami, even with the 180 performed on the gaming side, talk that for many years many higher ups at Konami viewed the gaming side with contempt because they no longer wanted to be some ‘toy company’ and wanted to rise to the status of corps like Toshiba, Mitsubishi etc. and that gaming created a disfavorable image of them. So plans were made to reduce Kojima’s image and remove the Kojima name from branding and just have strictly numerical divisions for Konami’s gaming teams. Something went down at Konami, and there was a falling out finally between Kojima and Konami.

          – Kojima during the last crucial year of development was locked in his office, prevented from directly speaking to his own employees and team members. So naturally the game’s development suffered and was left incomplete.

          – Some unconfirmed word we received from a potential leak suggested that it was last gen systems that were holding the game back and Kojima preferred to move completely to PS4/Xbone. The limitations of the PS3/360 were apparently hindering the larger environments Kojima wanted thus necessitating that to accomodate loading stuff into and out of memory meant putting bases very far away from each other with large expanses of empty maps so the game had time to load and unload areas. Most notable for Mother Base. This was also problematic for just flying in your heli across the map to get to where you want faster as the heli is too fast and even on Mother Base the heli would do several roundabout trips to get to where you wanted to go. This also meant things we experienced such as the heli missions in Ground Zeroes became impossible. If this is true then this is potentially the only mis-step Kojima failed to consider in development of FOX and the scale of MGSV for last gen consoles. One that could’ve been avoided by moving completely to PS4/Xbone, but Kojima had already committed to supporting PS3/360. The only other option to alleviate this was to scale down the graphics considerably which wouldn’t be an easy task.

          – If I might further speculate based on those leaks, Kojima was likely forced by Konami to support last gen due to worries about install base for an expensive game rather than strictly have the game near launch for PS4, this was around the same time Konami was predicting decline of console gaming before the PS4 took off extremely well, with exception to Japan which is understandably what Konami was focused on. Originally there was never supposed to be a separate release of Ground Zeroes. The game, according to the unconfirmed leak was to begin as Phantom Pain did with that linear tutorial section. Then you rescue Miller from Afghanistan. Then Miller in the heli recalls the events of Ground Zeroes on your way over to Diamond Dogs base which is when you were intended to play that mission, seeing the destruction of MSF and then afterwards arriving and starting over with Diamond Dogs. But Konami’s concerns forced Kojima to use the episodic excuse to release Ground Zeroes early with some things he envisioned for the rest of the game’s side missions. THis is also where Kojima began putting in hints of KojiPro going away and the erasing of his own Metal Gear canonical works.

          – Another part of the leaks said that chapter 3 was intended to take place in a new map and a more urban environment supposed a war-torn city near Russia, but this was not an environment possible on PS3/360 due to the same aforementioned reasons where FOX had difficulty loading bases which meant putting vast distances between them and increasing travel time to placate the loading, or strictly booting in and out of the map completely using your heli.

          – Kojima was not wasting time with trips to Hollywood. He had to go to LA anyway for E3 where he would meet with other developers. Kojima also borrows technology such as the latest info on mo-cap, digital filmaking and camera techniques and post processing from Hollywood studios, which makes sense when your work is reknowned for being very cinematic. And Kojima is also tasked with meeting with Hollywood Execs for things such as the Metal Gear Solid movie. It’s part of the job. He may post twitter photos of him drinking and eating with celebrities, but that’s a perk of the actual work he does. If you want to do a good job on the live action movie it’s natural that he meet with top directors and actors. This is a very Japanese way of doing things where if you worked for Japanese companies you have face to face meetings with those you hope to work with. Get to know them. Make friends. Drink together discuss each others work philosophies and then commit. Contrast this to the early years and troubles of Microsoft’s Xbox division where they thought they could just meet with Japanese devs and throw money around expecting to get results. Believe it or not, this is legitimate work for Kojima too.

    • Full Options

      They should have tapped straight in MGS6 or a TPP extension, instead of messing around with this …

      • Mr.Sixes

        it’s better to get feet wet then jump into the deep end

  • Machine Gun Kid

    Not 100% on this but I think kojima said there pushing for a 2018 release. Doubt it but hope so

    • Full Options

      At least they won’t have to polish it on all target platforms, however 2018 feels a bit too ambitious…

  • Full Options

    Yeah, this Mads mesh is the most detailed and realistic face I happened to see rendered in real-time… Plus the god thing is rendered in 4K !?
    The gaze also look so real / natural, almost competing with reality..
    The skeletons are extremely impressive too..

    • FoxTamerMGO

      When I look at kojima’s characters they give off presence! unlike other games where even main characters feel like fodder. Here, mad’s face alone gives shivers <3

      • Full Options

        Would you shout this loud up-stairs, coz I think they are daft to hell…

    • Johnno

      I don’t think it was natively rendered at 4K. It was likely upscaled to 4K using PS4 Pro. Kojima only said it was running in real-time on PS4 pro. Not that it was native 4K.

      • Full Options

        Not sure, Geoff stated it was 4K, but perhaps not indeed native.
        It is not impossible though. We need to see it with our own eyes because Youtube is compressed so it is hard to be categorical.

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    Kojima Productions needs to address their biggest problem: Their inability to properly administrate their times and release games in less than 4 or 5 years. Let alone releasing them complete!

    • 4 years a normal development time for a big game.

    • Johnno

      As Nyxus said. 4-year development is considered the norm for a large budget game the scale of Metal gear titles. Especially considering Kojima was also tasked with building an internal company wide engine created strictly to decrease dev times too.

      MGSV is the only game so far that feels incomplete and that seems more to do with Konami’s intereference with KojiPro.

      The rest of the world is fine with great games taking their time to be developed. We certainly didn’t want Metal Gear to suffer from the fatigue of the annual Assassins Creed/COD models. And the only reason those manage to release so regularly is that those franchises have multiple teams of thousands of employees working on 2-3 simultaneously games at once, so even those games have at least nearly 3-year cycles of development.


    Would be cool to see how this game looks like! In gameplay of course!

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