Metal Gear Survive delayed to early 2018

Metal Gear Survive has been delayed to early 2018. The game was previously slated for release in 2017, but according to Konami the development team needs a few more months to polish the title.

The game is currently being shown off to the press at E3 2017. According to a Konami representative speaking to Polygon, it will feature a dense single player mode in which players embark on a mysterious adventure, as well as a cooperative multiplayer mode.

Yesterday Konami released some new screens, which can be found here.

Source: Polygon

  • Eugene Voldo

    Nooooooooo! I hoped for 2017 release. Bu at the same time maybe it’s a good news, cause I dont acually remember that Konami originanlly planned a dense single player mode for Survive. So it’s not so bad.

    • Mr.Pony

      They did say it would have a single-player mode. Also, I would take the word “dense” as a grain of salt.

      • Tom Brearley-Smith

        “It’s so dense. Every single image has so many things going on.”

  • Full Options

    Review of some dude that tested it at E3. He says Survive is surprisingly great :

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Of course it would be, it’s still MGSV.

      • Full Options

        The gameplay should be cool but I am concerned about their choices to remove or add features here and there. I need to DualCheck it myself.. ;D

        • ObsessedGeorge

          Yeah, just don’t expect to be DualShocked by it! 🙂

          • Full Options

            I don’t even expect to be Sixaxed, so…

    • NegaScott128

      I’m sure it’s a decent game, but it’s what it represents that gets people upset about it. Right after Kojima left, amid great controversy and scandal, we get this glorified zombie mod that is not only a huge departure for the series, it’s also blatantly pandering to tired, outdated trends in the industry. It’s not only soiling the legacy of the series, it’s cashing in on the brand name recognition to make a quick buck.

      • Full Options

        Completely agreed.
        Seeing what’s slowly revealed, I am not even sure it will be decent enough since it feels also to me more and more “pandering to outdated trends” as you said. I mean compared to Gamescom 2016, I don’t really see much more breaking news…

        • NegaScott128

          That’s probably because they showed off all the new mechanics at Gamescom. With MGSV, every demo showed off some new mechanic, like the buddies or new AI behaviors. With Survive, I doubt there’s much left to show off in the gameplay department.

          • Full Options

            That’s exactly what I fear… This spin-off appear to have “spit-off” all its spin-off gameplay material. Now they could have prepared a consequent amount of possible interesting missions…
            Future will tell, but I am not really expecting any fireworks.

  • Mini gear

    Dang was looking forward to trying it out, oh well, hope they atleast keep us focused with news on it

  • More and more disappointments 🙁
    MG Surive delayed
    Cod WW2 looks boring
    Interesting E3 games release next year, aw man…

    • Full Options

      Which E3 ??

    • Mr.Pony
    • I’m the biggest fan of MGSV but I hate this screenshot. I like the idea from the Matrix-hub… But where are the god damn shadows? As if they forgot about PBE lighting and what Fox Engine is capable of.
      That’s not even funny.

      • Full Options

        You mean what happened to Akio Sakamoto ? ;P

        Nah, joke apart, conferences demos are often lacking features for various reasons. I doubt they won’t cast shadows for this specific room in the final product, unless it is wanted, but yeah it would be a full error in taste.

      • Lex Radu

        MGSV looked the same in demos, then in the later demos and final game, they had shadows in this hub like room too.

      • NegaScott128

        The only thing I can think of is they disabled shadows because the strain of all those items and 4-player co-op is too much for the engine to handle and maintain 60fps. Which just makes me worry about the performance in the rest of the game, since it’ll be a lot more complex than this and have tons of enemies on-screen. That Gamescom demo had some performance issues, and something tells me Konami isn’t particularly interested in fixing them.

        • Full Options

          Fine-tuning geometry’s and screen-space shaders is a stage that can only be polished at the end of the production because artists are not completely done with shapes and textures, so working out those effects before could induce some waste of efforts.
          It can be seen a bit like fine-tuning sound for a movie.

          The number of players should just affect network performance and some side-effects could indeed imply frame drops, but the rendering engine itself is not obviously struggling. Networking data is extremely light compared to rendering’s.
          If the rendering engine suffers frame drops, there are multiple ways to make all fit back in the budget, specially with the solid base they gathered by stabilizing GZ and TPP.
          After all they went through with TPP and MGO, I doubt they behaved risky with their horse-power roof-tops (not impossible though).

        • King of Disgust

          I got a question : Are you the user once known as Danny Patten?

  • King of Disgust

    Off-Topic:This game needs more attention imo

  • Venom_Sina
    • Eugene Voldo

      >Sorry Hideo Kojima, but I quite enjoyed playing Metal Gear Survive

      Yep! I think a lot of people were blinded by hate for Konami when MG Survive was announced. I was surprised at negative reaction, because to me Mg Survive looked like a very fun co-op experience.

    • Full Options

      Multi-player this, multi-player that.. We need to check the game ourselves..
      They are calling some of us “naysayers who refuse to touch a Metal Gear game that isn’t made by creator Hideo Kojima” but things are a little more subtle. If it is good we’ll call it good, if it is sh.t we’ll call it sh.t. So far, and considering latest info, I slightly see it on the latter category, but did not had my hands on it so I am ready to shurprised.

  • Full Options

    To stay awake or not stay awake… Just 3 hours, but if we had no Sony-main-stream stuff among that poor and quick conf… Maybe we’ll have perhaps some crispy sentences if not snapshots… :3

    • Full Options

      So not a single bit of info… Nada… After all he does not owe us that yearly updates, but without HideoTube anymore, that’s becoming rather frugal…
      Can’t wait the next real update.

  • vic boss

    Eventhough I will probably buy it and play it with my friends, and that it probably won’t be as bad as people make it to be , the thing that really sucks is that both this year the 30th aniverssary of metal gear on msx and next year the 20th anniversary of metal gear solid on PS1 we fans of metal gear will probably see nothing worthy of the occasion for metal gear other than survive.

  • mcbennet

    what a joke

  • Johnno


    What’s Konami’s excuse now?

    Are they going to fire themselves like they supposedly fired Kojima for taking too long to put a game out (according to some Kojima-haters)?

    • Full Options

      Their miscalculation is surprising… It always felt a bit rushy to pack a AAA title (even if a spin-off) it the window they initially announced. I would not have thought like that before, but now that they delayed the release, it feels it was rushed like “hey look we can do a game without Kojima !!” instead of properly estimating the time needed. Yet another communication mistake.. They are really world champions at that…

  • Batzi

    People actually give a shit about this?

    Day 1 release though.

  • So are there any reports as to who this J-San is?

    Surely he was at the Survive Booth

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