Kojima gives his thanks to Konami

In an interview with website Toyokeizai, Kojima talked about his days at Konami, where he worked for 30 years before creating his own studio in December of 2015. Kojima says he’s grateful to Konami for letting him create what he wanted to create.

“What I’m grateful to Konami for is that when I proposed something I wanted to make, they let me make it. Conversely, I wasn’t bound by them saying, ‘You need to do it like this.’”

When he joined the company in around 1987 the development team he was in consisted of only five people. During those days he only slept three hours today, but because of those small teams creators had a good overview of the game development progress, which isn’t so common anymore these days.

Kojima says that when he turned in a proposal for a game he wanted to make, describing the aim, development time and staff needed, he’d get the green light. “It was like that from when I joined to the end. Because of that, I’m the person I am today.”

Source: Toyokeizai, Kotaku

  • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

    Kojima is the opposite of humble but I respect him a billion gajillion jibbizillion more times (like dr evil would say) after this

  • Victor Villa

    A true gentlemen

    • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

      The kojima productions crew are truly true gentlemen
      Gentle in their craft 😉

  • Kojima is the boss. Even with all this shitstorm with Konami, he is a true Gentlemen


  • PrinceHeir

    While Konami has fucked up a lot of things. A lot of people seems to forget that there are very very few Japanese companies willing to spend $80 Million+ in one project. Only companies I know that are willing to spend that much is Square Enix(Final Fantasy series) and Sega of the dreamcast days(Shenmue cost around $100 million+).

    I know a alot of western gamess can spend that as much today like EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft etc.

    Capcom(lol), Namco, or any other big JPN company will not shell that amount of money, especially for one project that may or may not even break even.

    So at least Konami did something right. Just wish they actually let him finish Chapter 3. Though I realized that’s probably on Kojima’s part, he didn’t even have other writers helping him out like the old games. It was mainly him writing for the most part.

    You know, it would be cool if Kojima actually created Metal Gear at Square Enix back then. I’m sure as hell they would give all the money he needs to do whatever he wants and we would actually see a potential Metal Gear CG Movie right about now.

    • Capcom spends huge money on Resident Evil franchises. RE6 had the budget of a Call Of Duty game.

      and 80$ million US for the 5-7 year life cycle of development with the multiplatform engine is not a lot. In fact, they probably tried to save up some money by selling Ground Zeroes and other Metal Gear merchandise.

      • PrinceHeir

        Yeah, RE is probably Capcom’s MGS at this point. Though they dialed back in RE7. Despite RE6 having sold 4 million+. It still sold below expectations. Doubt they’ll spend that much on SF or Monster Hunter(the new one looks great though).

        I forgot about Ground Zeroes originally part of MGSV and had to split just so they can recoup costs while we wait for The Phantom Pain.

        Still MGSV did recoup the costs in one month I believe. So it’s a shame Konami didn’t believe in the game at the end and had to axe a lot of things.

  • Biggy

    “By the way ever since you let me go I’ve been doing great!!”

  • proceeder

    Yeah but,

    • Biggy

      Oh yeah, no more possibilities of a real metal gear game (with good story and direction) in the future

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