Some additional Metal Gear Survive info from the official website – Mist World, playcycle and creature descriptions

Today, Konami shared new details on their upcoming title Metal Gear Survive, including a release date of February 2018. In addition, the official website has been updated to provide some more in-depth information on the different modes, mechanics and enemies that can be found in the game. As previously announced, Metal Gear Survive will have both a single player and (online) co-op mode, but they are not entirely separate, as progress carries over between both modes.

Metal Gear x Survival

Introducing a new style of Metal Gear, where teamwork and strategy will be the key to your fate.

Metal Gear Survive is a spin-off of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that integrates MGSV:TPP’s intense gameplay elements into a survival action format. This is Metal Gear as you’ve never seen it before. The tension of stealth gameplay, tactics of base defense and the grueling reality of survival.

Set in a dangerous, ruined world filled with creatures and hazardous mist. Success relies on your ability to read the evolving situation and make strategic choices – placing defensive units, predicting enemy behavior and designing attack patterns.

Two Modes

Metal Gear Survive is composed of two main modes: Single Player and Co-op.

Single Player takes you through the story of Metal Gear Survive while learning fundamental gameplay elements. These skills will be put to the test in online Co-op mode.

Progress and rewards obtained in both Single Player and Co-op mode carry over and apply to your character across both modes.


Co-op mode lets you team up with friends and players from around the world to take on various missions.

Salvage Missions

The object of these missions is to set up a Wormhole Extractor in a designated location and harvest energy.Large hordes of creatures that are drawn towards the machine will attack in several waves. Coordinate with your teammates to fend off the enemies.
Between each wave, there will be a short period where you can reinforce your defenses or go on side missions to obtain crucial items. The mission is successful if you protect the Wormhole Digger for the duration of the attacks. The mission fails if the machine is destroyed.


In Single Player mode you explore a strange ruined world as you seek answers and a way to return home.


The greatest obstacle in this mission are hunger and thirst. You must keep a close eye on your health, gathering and consuming food and water as needed.

Wounds inflicted by creatures and illnesses contracted from contaminated food must be treated quickly to ensure your survival

The Mist World

The vast majority of the Single Player world is enshrouded in a mist of unidentified origin. This mist is extremely hazardous and you will need to pay careful attention to how much oxygen you have left in your air tank while within it.

This world is ruled over by the creatures dwelling within the mist. Your oxygen level continues to deplete during battle, so it is important to understand each situation and sometimes it will be better to avoid combat.

The mist world is one of many perils, but there are pockets of civilization within that may hide precious materials or valuable pieces of information. Repeated expeditions will be needed to unravel the secrets concealed in the world of mist.

Base Camp

Base camp is the central hub of your Single Player activity and where you will use the resources scavenged to upgrade your weapons and accessories, as well as expand the base itself. You will also be able to assign tasks to your crew of fellow survivors.

The extent of your base developments and the fruits of your crew’s labours will have a major impact on your ability to craft equipment and the self-sufficiency of your camp. Build your own one-of-a-kind base using things recovered during your exploration.

Basics of Crafting

To survive in this hostile world, you’ll have to master basic and advanced crafting skills. Crafting items from weapons to equipment and gathering and cooking food and water sources will be key.

Collecting resources and rewards during Single Player and Co-op mode will allow you to craft all sorts of items to use in both modes.

In addition to collecting resources, you’ll have to find recipes in order to create specific items. Recipes can be found while exploring in Single Player mode or obtained as a reward for successfully completing co-op missions.



A creature that you will frequently encounter while exploring the mist. Wanderers are not highly intelligent and are weak at recognizing nearby enemies, making it easier to square them off one by one. However, they can become distinctly tough to beat when you encounter them as a horde.


A creature that appears to have an abnormally swollen head and is considered to be a sort of subspecies of the Wanderer. These creatures have a tendency to violently explode upon their death so you must be careful about how you deliver the final blow. Some reports have cited cases where they did not explode, however, the reason behind these cases remains unknown.


A creature with strangely mutated legs. Thought to be a subspecies of the Wanderer. Their distinctive legs gives them the ability to move around rapidly and jump over barricades with ease, meaning you cannot solely relying on your defenses to fend them off. Trackers have a tendency to relentlessly target their attack towards an enemy that has been detected, so extra precautions must be taken when you are out on your own.

Pre-order copies will come with a ‘specially developed Survival Bonus Pack that includes a variety of extra bonus content available only with the pre-order’, as described by Konami. These bonus items are:

  • 4 gold plated weapons: Bat, Sledgehammer, Survival Machete and Survival Spear
  • 4 metallic coloured survival scarves: Green, Blue, Pink and Silver
  • 2 gestures: “Thumbs Up” and “Happy”
  • Mother Base nameplate
  • “BOXMAN [THE ORANGE]” accessory 
  • “Kabuki” face paint

Japan actually has some different pre-order bonuses, depending on what edition you pick. There’s a different gesture, a Gray Fox helmet, a 7-day boost, a PlayStation theme and a digital soundtrack.

Metal Gear Survive will launch in February 2018 for €/$39.99, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Metal Gear Official Website

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  • Mr.Pony

    So…are all firearms gonna be the same from TPP? C’mon…
    That Gray Fox helmet looks pretty god at least…

  • NegaScott128

    I read that headline too fast and thought this game was gonna have motorcycles. Yet another reason Metal Gear Survive is disappointing.

    • moto hellogoto

      So you’re disappointed that something isn’t in the game because you misread the headline?

      • NegaScott128

        is joke

  • Lex Radu

    Looks interesting, hopefully the Campaign is good!

  • Lex Radu

    Well well, Python&Selkan are back with an interesting video.

    My Take: This was supposed to be the OST, but she released the song anyway, because she worked on it.

    • Eugene Voldo

      >Silent Hills is Dead

      You never know… Never be game over, Lex!

      • Lex Radu

        If not dead, at least is on other Dimension.

        Therefore, Silent Hills is not in our Reality, and never will be.

  • Nekkedsnake

    japan gets the gray fox helmet bonus. damn it.

  • Lex Radu
    • Lex Radu

      5 days old article, and PC wasn’t edited from the article yet, so it cannot be a mistake.

      • That article says this:

        “Death Stranding is exclusive to PlayStation 4 (for now) […] It’s not completely exclusive, though, as Kojima’s next game will likely come to PC as well.”

        So they don’t seem to be entirely sure themselves.

        • Lex Radu

          Yet Kojima Retweted it…TWICE!

          • Not sure if he really checks these articles though. In any case it would probably be wise not to take it as confirmation at this point. There has been no official word on it, and the only thing the rumor usually stems from is the (deleted) Q&A, and that was published before the went with the Decima Engine.

          • Lex Radu

            Never said this makes it official, only that Kojima isn’t allowed to announce the PC version yet, so he drops hints, winks, links, like with TPP.

            No one expected MGSV to come to PC either, since only the first MGS Games came to PC, and yet Kojima kept dropping hints almost a year before the actual reveal, and what a reveal.

            This has to be to this date The Best PC version Announcement i have ever seen, it’s an Incredibly Stupid yet Genius Pun, The Box sounds like a “Steam” Train (Hype for the PC version)
            It’s simply put brilliant.

            That being said, when the announcement will be made for DS too, we might get something Crazier, and Considering the nature of DS, how it’s about connections and technology (amond others, biomechanic, Politics. etc) i won’t be surprised if the forth walls will be something that can only be done exclusively on those 2 platforms (unless is coming to X1 as well)

          • Johnno

            Actually we did suspect a PC release as Kojima was discussing his FOX Engine allowing for multiplatform dev which included PC and mobile and handheld and was demoing stuff on PC builds whereas before they’d always used PlayStation dev kits.

            FOX Engine was debuted as being capable of supporting ‘PC/360/PS3/NGP’ (NGP being the codename for Vita at the time) where ” “paving the road to go multiplatform for future titles.” (A mouse, PS3 controller, and Xbox 360 controller were the three different platforms that it seems to be designed for.)” and be “multiplatform, transfarring-enabled” and that he was working on a new title for all 3. That new title was either cancelled or changed into MGSV.

          • Lex Radu

            Also one more thing, years and only now i nottice it.


            That background looks incredibly familiar now.
            I’m convinced it means nothing we don’t know yet, but wow, he was thinking and working on DS from then.

      • They have not edited from the article because they are not sure if it will come to PC. Kojima always shares the articles for Death Stranding from big journalists.
        Please don’t spread fake news. There was no PC confirmation and I doubt there will be one in the near future.
        I doubt that Sony want to share Decima Engine source code to the rest of the world.

        • Full Options

          They technically could try to target PC’s without sharing any sources / only deploying binaries, however whether for technical difficulty reasons or PlayStation-political ones, we don’t have any hint at possible PC deployment willing, and for several Decima games, now… It seems that digging in that direction is definitely not in Sony’s plans so far…
          Interesting thing is that the proprietary PlayStation SDK open source game engine (PhyreEngine) is yet targeting all platforms though (mobile / tablets included)…
          But I believe some more advanced code assets written by some 1st party studios such as Guerrilla feel more or less fully dedicated to the console market war.
          I hope they will change their mind at some point in the near future, otherwise if Boss wants to deploy his roms on other plats, he’ll have to choose another engine again…

        • Lex Radu

          Seeing how over the past 2 years we had PS4 Exclusive Games come to PC as well, by exclusive i mean that they didn’t came for X1, i’m thinking this is another one of them.

          • That is true and all of them were not developed with Sony. Kojima’s game is a bit different. He is developing a game with Sony just like Quantic Dream does that.
            Kojima uses Sony’s mo cap resources and technology.

          • Assuming you’re talking about Ni No Kuni II and Nioh, both these games aren’t developed by Sony nor are they published by them, so they have no say in its exclusivity. The publishers just chose to release them as PS4 exclusives initially because that’s where most of they target audience is. But for example Bloodborne, which was published by Sony, is still a PS4 exclusive.

          • Full Options

            Interesting, FromSoftware are 3rd party developers… Sony must give heavy bucks :

            Bloodborne Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa :

            I always wanted to make a game set in the Victorian era, but to make it look good — with all the clothing and the architecture and things — required a console more powerful than the ones that were around. the arrival of the PS4 finally gave us that. Bloodborne isn’t a game that could have been cross-generation, it was only possible on PS4.

            Their proprietary engine feels hooked to PlayStation a bit like MGS’s was before Fox.. Not 1st party, but feels really as close to it as KP feels right now. But apparently for totally different reasons. They are owned by an important JP group. Sony seem to respect them a lot…

          • Lex Radu

            True, but it’s Kojima we’re talking about, he started on PC, this man loves PC while working with Play Station and Guerilla, he is like Revolver Ocelot, a True Tipple Agent. :)))))))))))))))

          • Full Options

            He actually started developing for MSX, that makes him even a quadruple agent… ;DD

          • Lex Radu

            Neither is Death stranding developed by Sony, but Kojima Productions, why is not a Sony first Party Studio as far as we know, they are Colaborators.

          • It might be published by Sony, we don’t know yet. And in any case he’s working closely with the company (Andrew House, Mark Cerny, Sony studios and of course Guerrilla Games which is owned by Sony).

          • Lex Radu

            I guess we’ll see, time will tell, after all..

          • Full Options

            Nyx, in the case of DS we have the info since some time now.
            DS is a trademark of SIEA (mentioned at the end of the 2nd trailer). And yet the first trailer was stating “Sony Interactive Entertainment Presents”.
            Sony is definitely publishing it.


          • Ah, yes looks like they’re heavily involved.

          • Full Options

            It overall feels pretty re-insuring and safe for KP in terms of marketing assets for his future titles.
            Kojima games scores regularly well at system-selling, which surely caught Sony’s attention as well all these years.
            If I were them, I would for sure try as much as possible to put KP among the very cores of their console market war arsenals.

          • Johnno

            Keep in mind that those PS4 exclusives that came to PC were usually 3rd party games. The only exception being online MMORPG games by Sony Online Entertainment on licensed properties, like DC Universe, Star Wars and also Everquest. That division is no longer around.

            On Death Stranding, Kojima Productions is 2nd Party, similar to Insomniac with Ratchet & Clank, and it will be Sony directly publishing it, and it’s a guarantee they will not cede the rights as they did for Demon’s Souls by allowing anyone else like Atlus to publish in another region.

  • Robin030

    “The greatest obstacle in this mission are hunger and thirst. You
    must keep a close eye on your health, gathering and consuming food and
    water as needed.

    Wounds inflicted by creatures and illnesses contracted from contaminated food must be treated quickly to ensure your survival”

    damn i think im officially hyped for this…

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi
    • Full Options

      Love this flanger effect ! ;D

    • Yeah. This is it boiz. This time of the year. Get ready for TGA or PSX. Kojima need to show us some juicy stuff for it’s upcoming grand masterpiece.

      • Okay, place your bets everyone! PGW, PSX or TGA?

        PSX seems to be the most likely.

        • Eugene Voldo

          My prediction is “Nothing big till E3 2018” 🙁

          • They already skipped last E3, and both TGA and PSX are a pretty big deal. TGA has a huge audience and PSX is Sony’s biggest own show of the year, and since Death Stranding is one of their most high profile games, it makes sense to have it there (remember last year PSX had the reveal of The Last of Us Part II, which is huge).

          • Full Options

            I think TGA has a bigger audience than PSX (which is huge too), so for the most visibility, I bet he’ll launch most of the nukes at TGA.. ;D

          • Yeah, and he has a long history with Geoff, and also used TGA to reveal The Phantom Pain.

          • Full Options

            Plus he is an official guest / judge. I think a new statement like “what happened at KP since the last time” could be justified…
            I could be mistaken, but doing an atomic party of such with Geoff makes so much sense… I hope we’ll see more about the dark flying robots skeletons.. ;D

          • Full Options

            Wait, I did not gave up some good meat a GDC 2018 next late March ! ;D

        • PSX will be absolutely… The question is where he will show it first. TGA or PSX. Anyway, only month left and some days to find out. It’s coming and it will be BIG!

          • Maybe a teaser at TGA and more elaborate reveal at PSX?

        • Full Options

          I’d go for TGA exclusive regarding most of the content and replaying it at PSX with possible slight changes + discussion just like last year..
          Yuuuuummmmmmm !!!!! ;D

    • MrVux007

      God that is what i call an eargasm.

  • Received this last week (LRG release):

    Ys Origin Collector’s Edition (PS Vita)

    More pictures:

  • mcbennet

    don’t have my hopes up for the main story line but i feel like they nailed it with the base camp building and MGS3-esque survival elements..MGS5 would have benefited from them. here’s hoping they carry them over for MGS6. i’ll take base camp building over FOB stuff any day.

    • moto hellogoto

      It’s nice to see some optimism about this game for a change. So many people are judging the game even before it comes out because of their hatred of Konami.

    • Mr.Sixes

      The main story line is going to be interesting because there are 3 co-writers of Kojima’s unaccounted for on

  • Maynard
    • Robin030

      Good read!

  • Lex Radu

    Hmmm. is that George Sears?
    Kidding, just Oats studios.

  • Lex Radu

    Question: If Konami doesn’t want to release “Mission 51” or “Chapter 3” as part of TPP Game, then why aren’t they considering to hire a good Artist, like Alex Ross, and release those as a series of “Tie In Comics” Epilogues?

    I’m convinced i wouldn’t be the only one who would buy MGSV Comics, or an “MGSV: Peace” Graphic Novel.

    Would you guys buy MGSV related Comics?

    • NegaScott128

      Because I guess they figure that everyone who cares already watched the video of Mission 51 on YouTube, and they don’t want to remind people of how they screwed up MGSV. They’d rather cannibalize it to sell zombie mods.

      Can’t wait for the battle royale DLC for Survive that also adds loot boxes.

    • Eugene Voldo

      I think Konami is doing a good thing for MGSV. They left storyline completely intact like Kojima wanted it to be. Because let’s be real here: MGSV story is finished. Period. Even if you add Mission 51 it won’t change anything, because the biggest twist in the game was… (U R BIG MEDIC!). And Chapter 3 is nothing but “online part” of the game. And we’ve already know how it ends (“Peace” cut-scene) thanks to modders.

      So yeah, i’m not interested in MGSV comics. Let’s move on to MGS6 speculations already! 😀

      • moto hellogoto

        MGS6 should just be MG1 and 2 remade IMO. I don’t think there is much more to reveal about the characters and I can’t handle anymore giant twists (Big Medic?!?!! whyyyyyy =( ). And what would be more epic than Snake vs Big Boss made with today’s technology? It could be so good. I know no one trusts Konami, but the story is already setup for them at least. So it wouldn’t have to be them making it up from scratch, they would just have to make the gameplay good and get some good voice actors.

    • moto hellogoto

      I wouldn’t because I hate the mgsv story, but I would be interested in other mgs comics. Maybe showing some of the stuff that Snake and Otacon were up to between mgs1 and 2, I’d be totally into that.

      • Lex Radu

        That would be cool. Hopefully once we get the MGS Movie, if it’s good, there will be interest in expanding the universe in more mediums, like Comics and TV Shows.

  • Full Options

    Morgan Mala again… Suspicion of having her in the game is growing quite constantly..
    Not sure about her acting skills nor even if she was asked for any perf in the case she was selected, but she is a very cute model .. <33
    Kojima looks also very charmed each time they are on photos together… xDxD

    • Lex Radu

      Hideo has really a thing for models, and turn them in to actresses.

      • Full Options

        Correct !

  • prudis

    coud be cool , but the online-omly kills it for me especially at that price

    • Lex Radu

      Actially 40$ is what this game deserves.

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