This video gives you a look at what’s behind the scenes in the original Metal Gear Solid

In a Youtube series called Boundary Break we get a look behind the scenes of popular games. By manipulating the camera and zooming in or out of certain things, we get an idea of how the games renders areas or triggers events. The latest episode focuses on the original Metal Gear Solid (using the PC version), and shows what tricks are being used to run the game, where characters go and come from when they’re off screen, and more. On top of that, the intro of the video is voiced by none other than David Hayter himself.

An earlier episode of the series, released in November of 2016, looked at Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, the remake of the original game for Nintendo Gamecube.

Interestingly, in a podcast episode released in 2012, Kojima Productions talked about these rendering techniques when explaining why they did not update the HD version of MGS2 with free camera control. “When we make the games, we basically only make what you see.” the developers explained back then. “It’s like a stage set. You see the walls around you, but beyond that, there’s nothing. It’s just this big black space. So if you suddenly give the player the ability to look anywhere at any time while moving around, they may see things that they are not supposed to see, and it will totally destroy the illusion of the game.” MGS3 on the other hand was a different story, since it was the first game in the franchise with more open environments and free camera control when Subsistence released.

Source: Shesez Youtube

  • NegaScott128

    Off-topic: Guillermo del Toro just won the Golden Globe for Best Director. They started to play him off, but he got them to stop playing: “It’s taken me 25 years, give me a minute.”

  • Carboardbox_designer

    this was very interesting, thank you dear Nexus, it just shows how much efforts goes onto creating a video game with such limited technology at that time

  • Full Options

    OT: I am in the train so can’t check if it is fresh stuff, but it seems :

    • Yeah it’s some new gameplay and cutscene snippets.

      • Full Options

        AI pod… Maybe the ultimate weapon to surpass those waves of zombies is to craft a Metal Gear and plug this pod in its very core..

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