Metal Gear Rising merchandise list for the US

Metal Gear Rising’s marketing campaign is on full steam. Konami has announced a whole list of merchandise related to the game, launching early this year in stores across North America. Here is the full list:


  • Custom headsets (Astro Gaming)
  • Headwear (Bioworld Merchandising)
  • Wallets (Bioworld Merchandising)
  • Jewelry (Bioworld Merchandising)
  • Dog tags (Bioworld Merchandising)
  • Utility key ring (Bioworld Merchandising)
  • Lanyard (Bioworld Merchandising)
  • Cell phone cases (Bioworld Merchandising)
  • USB drives (Epic Weapons)
  • Candy (Epic Weapons)
  • Buttons (Great Eastern)
  • Magnets (Great Eastern)
  • Patches (Great Eastern)
  • Puzzles (Great Eastern)
  • Pins (Great Eastern)
  • Stationery (Great Eastern)
  • Stickers (Great Eastern)
  • Tattoos (Great Eastern)
  • Throws (Great Eastern)
  • Tumblers (Great Eastern)
  • Wall scrolls (Great Eastern)
  • Towels (Great Eastern)
  • Action figures (Square Enix Inc.)
  • Strategy Guides (Piggyback Interactive Ltd)
  • Wall posters (Trends International, LLC)
  • Mini posters (Trends International, LLC)

Some of this merchandise has already been shown, and will also release in other regions.

Source: Konami Official Site

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