David Hayter comments on not voicing Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V

David Hayter, voice actor of Snake, posted an update on his Twitter commenting on the recent news that he won’t be voicing Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. You can see the full post below.




David Hayter


Here’s a recap of events: 

I have been up in Toronto, for the past eight months, directing my first film, (WOLVES — 2013, TF1/COPPERHEART). On the December break, I came home to Los Angeles for the holidays. I heard then, that recording sessions for MG:V were being put together.

But I didn’t hear anything about whether I’d be needed or not. 

So, I got in touch with someone involved in the production. We got together for lunch, and he told me that they “wouldn’t be needing me” on this game. No reason, or explanation was given beyond that.

And that was it. 

I drove home through Laurel Canyon, bummed, and thinking about Snake. 

To be clear, I love being a part of the world of Metal Gear. I admire its technological innovations, the gameplay, the political message of it all. But primarily, I love the fans of these games. Two grown men burst into tears upon meeting me at the Vancouver Fan Expo last year. 

Now that… Is a rare and excellent role. You know you’re making an impact.

And I love doing it. 

In 1998, I tried to do come up with a voice which epitomized the kind of worn, put-upon, genetically-engineered clone-soldier that I saw Snake to be. Over time, as the games became more stunning and visually sophisticated, I tried to transition that initial voice into the increasingly real environments in which Snake found himself. My level of success is up to you, but any perceived deficiencies were not for lack of hard work. I have dedicated a huge amount of time and effort into creating a compelling character, capable of expressing the myriad emotional, physical and psychological hurdles that Snake has to face.

Anyway, now it’s been fifteen years, nine games, and an enormous blast to undertake. 

If it were my choice, I would do this role forever. To hear anyone else’s voice coming from Snake’s battered throat, makes me a little ill, to be honest.

But the truth is — it’s not my choice. Any and all casting decisions are the sole purview of Hideo Kojima, and Konami itself. And that’s fair. 

And I’ll get by. I am not lacking for employment on any level.

But I didn’t want anybody to think that I was intentionally abandoning them. 

And know that I will miss this job, and this character, very much.

My best wishes to you all,

David Hayter

April 1, 2013


Keep in mind what day it is today. Since the announcement that David Hayter won’t be returning in this new installment, fans have started a petition asking to bring him back, which has over 8.000 supporters at the moment. Now some people are hoping that it’s all part of some big joke, as Kojima recently said in an interview that he thinks it’s important to mislead people in his trailers. Kojima did mention on his Twitter today he won’t be doing an April Fools Day joke this year, as he has done in previous years, due to lack of time. Then again, this too could be part of the joke. After the Moby Dick and Joakim Mogren stunt, it’s hard to know what to believe.

Update: David Hayter posted another Tweet on the subject:


Source: David Hayter Twitter

  • iSolidus

    This is all so sad. Why can’t KojiPro and Konami just give the fans what they want. Everybody wants David to do the voice; are they really gonna be this stubborn? I hope this is all one big joke, because this MGS won’t be genuine without the real Snake.

    • Nyxus

      I have faith in Kojima but this decision doesn’t really make sense to me, at least not at the moment.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        I still can’t get it out of my head, why did Kojima revealed us Ground Zeroes by showing us the Japanese trailer. Why not the English version? Because David Hayter maybe? If he is voicing Snake, i believe it will be only in Ground Zeroes, which i’m cool with.

        • That would make sense, as we only saw the Japanese GZ trailer ad English MGSV trailer. I’m still gonna sign the petition though. Kinda pissed that Hayter isn’t voicing Big Boss. But if he’s voicing him in GZ, that’d be AWESOME! And it’d make sense if Big Boss’s voice changed in the 9-year coma, explaining the change of voice actor.

          • ObsessedGeorge

            Man my favorite voice is Dayvid Hayter as Snake but i’m not signing any petitions. I trust Kojima.

  • Cartmanism


  • TheKastorian

    Come on…this has to be an April fool’s joke.

  • haytertheman

    hayter confirmed on his twitter that this wasnt an april fools #noaprilfools

    • Nyxus

      I added it to the post.

  • swaglord xx

    I died a little when I saw the latest tweet. I just hope it’s only because they need a new voice actor for older Big Boss and Hayter will be coming back in another game.

  • BerserkerVTR

    Maybe Kojima don’t want the series to rely only on Hayter, or he just want to try something different for once.

  • Rayx
  • screaming_pink

    For as long as Big Boss is the player character, I want Hayter to be his voice. When Big Boss trades in his mullet and sneaking suit for combed back white hair and a coat, then, and only then, will I accept the character being voiced by someone else.

    While I’m on a rant, I don’t want this game taking place in 1983/84 and then ending with “to be continued in Metal Gear”. I really don’t want that at all. Don’t even introduce me to Solid Snake in this game, I want to see Big Boss become the commander-in-chief of foxhound to bridge MGSV to MG, and recruiting Psycho Mantis and Revolver Ocelot into his ranks to bridge MGSV to MGS1, if those characters are in fact in this game. but i’d rather another game come after that, leading up to how Solid Snake got in with Foxhound in the first place. I’d like to see how they first meet and for it to be in some way similar to their very last encounter in MGS4, and then recruiting him into foxhound.

    Show me Big Boss train Solid Snake in CQC as he claims in MGS4 was who taught him CQC in the first place. Give me something that makes Big Boss’s betrayal of Solid Snake at the end of MG1 to be that much more profound. Whereas Naked Snake wears The Boss’s bandana, give me something to make Solid Snake stop using CQC, once again as he claimed in MGS4 as to why he never used it.

    and oh yeah, i want Hayter to still voice Big Boss… did I say that already?

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