David Hayter talks about MGSV in a video interview

After the controversy surrounding the news David Hayter won’t be providing the voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, EP Daily conducted a short interview with the voice actor. You can see it below, or by following this link.

David Hayter explains he feel a connection to the character he has been voicing for over 15 years, but thinks it’s Kojima’s decision in the end. He is overwhelmed by all the fan reaction in the last couple of days. It’s clear Hayter would love to continue voicing the famous game character forever if it were up to him.

Source: EP Daily

  • bald_gye


    • Freesun4


  • CasualCat01

    Dubstep kinda throws off the mood.

    • swaglord xx

      I know, right? Who the hell thought brostep would make good background music for an interview?

  • Rayx

    that’s what I think, too: the main focus is on the japanese game.. forget the rest of the world..

    • iSolidus

      Yeah but without the succes and support from the rest of the world, the series would never have reached this many installments.

  • Golgari

    I don’t understand this decision. Even if MGSV main hero is not actually Big Boss (just the looks of it), Japanese version will still have old Snake’s voice.

    I have to say, my respect for Kojima as a person has decreased after this. You don’t treat a person who has worked with you for 15 years like this. Truly sad. There is no explanation on whatsoever about this stupid decision. Changing voice actors will not make MGSV as a fresh start.

    • EyeHaveYou

      I’m pretty sure Kojima has something hidden. He’s not the type of guy to just throw away David Hayter.
      Or maybe David Hayter’s just pretending (lying) like he’s not involved but in fact he’s part of MGSV, we just haven’t heard him yet

  • Mortal Machado

    I feel like he may voice big boss in ground zeroes but not in phantom pain. We shall see!

    • iSolidus

      That… I would be ok with actually. Who knows what a nine year long coma can do to a person’s voice.

      • Freesun4

        Considering Big Boss will be in his 50s in Phantom Pain they might want to make it similar to Richard Doyle from Solid 4.

  • Joshua

    I’m still one of those guys who thinks that this is a joke

  • Frank Jaeger

    Hayter said “he’s not doing the voice of Big Boss for the MGS:V game”. But what does that really mean? Kojima is making two games hellloo people. He could get by and say he didn’t lie if he really meant he wasn’t doing Big Bosses voice in the Phantom pain and that would be reasonable given Big Bosses age and recovering from a coma. Ground Zeroes is also on the table. I think Hayter will voice Big Boss pre coma (notice how Akio Otsuka was still voicing Snake in the Ground Zeroes trailer). But the twist will come in Phantom pain where Hayter will not voice Big Boss, but instead Solid Snake (would be real confusing if Hayter had to do the voices for both huh?). This game will not only be expansive in the size of the levels but also in the span of time it covers. We will be with Big Boss during his creation of Diamond Dogs/Outer Heaven, and make it to the final confrontation between Big Boss and Snake.

    • Jack.

      There are many factors to consider. Another that is prevalent is the Metal Gear movie which is very likely to have a new actor, the very same that Konami may be intending to integrate with the new MGSV games. That’s a reason supporting why Japan gets to keep Akio.

      The in-game timing for Phantom Pain would not permit a Solid Snake appearance voiced by David Hayter unless they retconned important information or greatly extended the in-game timing for the game. Don’t forget the years that MG events are supposed to happen and the information pertaining to MGSV that we have been given thus far.

      I’ve actually always wanted a Metal Gear remake with David Hayter voicing both Solid Snake and Big Boss. David Hayter has the vocal range. The reason that David didn’t portray both characters in MGS4 is that Solid Snake and Big Boss would have an identical voice in the same scene and that could then be confusing for players. I don’t know why people insist that Big Boss should sound more like Richard Doyle for the upcoming games. Solid Snake got old and David Hayter adjusted. Same goes for Big Boss; he would have Old Snake’s MGS4 voice for the upcoming games if they wanted him to sound older. No need for Richard Doyle or any other voice considering the ages of the Snakes do not coincide except for the MGS4 event. Japan also got a new Big Boss voice over (awesomely in some regards, Akio’s own father). That doesn’t mean that Japan needs Big Boss to now sound more like Chikao.

      Further to speculation, voice acting is a perception for the player. Japan got Akio for Solid, Solidus and Naked. We had John Cygan for Solidus. Liquid also had a completely different voice. Japan also got Liquid Ocelot with Liquid’s voice. We got Liquid Ocelot with Ocelot’s voice (Patrick Zimmerman). Further to perception is when Sokolov says to Naked Snake at Rassvet in MGS3 that his Russian is superb, though the dialogue is in English. This also supports Richard Doyle’s appearance as Big Boss in MGS4 because things are occurring on screen and audially for the player’s benefit.

      Furthermore to perception, is that David Hayter, outside of Japan, represents Snake(s) and MGS. Akio provides many voice overs to many games and anime of many popular characters. David Hayter’s presence is Snake himself.

      John Cygan as Big Boss would be pretty cool, but it’s still not David Hayter, who without, it’s just not the same and it’s just not good enough. David has been Solid Snake as many times as he has Big Boss and I wish people would stop getting the two confused.

      Another upsetting fact is that Hideo Kojima has stated no more Roy Campbell because the Japanese actor has past away. This shows devotion to the actor and the character in Japan. David Hayter IS Snake (Solid/Naked) and should be treated with the same respect, especially because it is the main characters.

      Considering all this information, and that Hideo Kojima and Konami make the decision for the English voice acting (and not Kris Zimmerman Salter or any other important voice over personnel outside of Japan), it still makes for a hazy picture but one where we know who as true fans need to convince.

      I too, am disappointed with Hideo Kojima and Konami, about this decision. Time and our voices will tell.


      • iSolidus

        My man, excellent argument! I’d strongly suggest you to send this to Konami, KojiPro and Kojima. Maybe this will finally make them decide more wisely.

        • Jack.

          Thanks, iSolidus. I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while now. I’m glad someone appreciated it. Thank you.

          Nyxus. I agree as mentioned. It’s just so odd, but there is indeed a reason behind it. Be it personal or the movie or some other.

          I like hearing other’s points of view when they’re rational and well thought and easily spoken. Thank you.
          A question for you: Would you have liked any other voice for Big Boss in MGS4?
          As soon as the name appeared in the credits and he then spoke, I was thinking of The Fury.

          Also, how does anyone else feel about Snake’s perpetually changing face? (namely Solid/Naked but also applicable to Liquid and Solidus considering who they are)

          • Nyxus

            I wouldn’t have minded another voice for Big Boss in MGS4, as long as it’s fitting (and I felt Doyle’s was). For me it didn’t sound like The Fury because the way he talks is quite different, and The Fury just had a few lines anyway. But I see your point. And I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand your last question.

          • Jack.

            My question about the face of Snake is about the following:

            We see Solid Snake’s face in MGS1 via the codec. In-game does not provide the detail to see his face properly. Despite the fact that Solid and Liquid are twins, it is worth noting that via Codec slight differences can be seen.

            In MGS2, Solid Snake’s face is somewhat different from his appearance via Codec in MGS1. MGS2 codec uses the same faces as the in-game. Solid and Solidus have the same face (important), but different eye colour, hair colour, facial hair and in appearance age for other reasons; Solid and Solidus being twins.

            In MGS3, Naked Snake’s face is different again from the MGS2 representation of Solid/Solidus.

            In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Solid Snake is a playable character. His face in Brawl is slightly different from MGS3 Naked Snake and very different from MGS2.

            In MGS4, Solid Snake has aged, and his face should be an older version of MGS1,2, and even 3 considering cloning. Solid Snake even has an equipable mask that is his MGS1 face but in then current day graphics, and it is very different to what has been previously depicted.
            Big Boss also appears, and his face is nothing like Solid Snake’s at all.

            The face and depiction of Big Boss of Peace Walker is different again. In the cover for the Peace Walker he is now more in keeping with his MGS4 appearance (though younger) and has a clear reference to Che Guevara.

            From what we have seen of Big Boss for MGSV, his appearance does not look, to me, as a clear progression of his appearances.

            My question was how others felt about the gradual changing of appearances of the Snakes and if others thought that they should all look identical and in what way they should change. I understand that the appearance is near enough to be recognisable but I don’t feel that they should be so very different unless the creators wanted to change the representation of the characters. This is in line with the argument made before in my previous post about the player’s perception of the game (the language heard, the voice actor).

          • Nyxus

            Ah, I see what you mean. But I think it’s recognizable enough for the player to believe that they are the same person. It’s probably a design choice.

          • Jack.

            And in saying that it is it a design choice, then perhaps Kojima and/or Konami feel that the original ideas of the story and all its pieces are different now to what they intended. Perhaps the characters should not have looked that way, perhaps they should not have spoken that way, and now they are demonstrating that through the new change.
            Otherwise everyone in the world of MGS would be wondering why the president of the United States (George Sears aka Solidus) looks so familiar (considering Big Boss saved the world in Peace Walker and other times too), or within Foxhound and the military (and Roy Campbell especially) why Solid Snake sounds and looks so much like Big Boss. All the higher-ups would have had to immediately know and be thoroughly confused.

            That would be their best excuse. Player perception and representation. Heavily flawed though. It’s not good enough in my opinion and David Hayter is Snake both Solid and Naked. Always and forever.

      • Nyxus

        Impressive comment! Anyway, I was also thinking of the fact that Kojima seems to think voice actors are very important to characters, to the point where he thinks he can’t use the character anymore if the actor has passed away. This make the decision and the ease with which David Hayter is being let go all the stranger. This is why I have the idea there must be more going on here, but what it is, I have no idea.

        I would like Richard Doyle as Big Boss for a possible remake, not because I don’t think Hayter couldn’t do it but because I really liked Doyle’s performance in MGS4, and very fitting for the older Big Boss, it also differentiates him from Solid Snake a little more, and I think the transition from Hayter to Doyle is pretty believable, even if the voices aren’t very alike. But that’s just my point of view.

  • Kojima said : Didn’t finish from solid snake. So i expect there will be new MGS includes solid snake and i guess he will bring back David Hayter 🙂

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