Metal Gear Solid V HD gameplay demos and English PAX trailer released

Kojima Productions has finally released the Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes trailer in English. Watch it below, or go here.

Also, the two game play demos from the Tokyo Game Show are now available as direct feed. See the night time demo below.

Or go here.

And the afternoon side Ops demo.

Or ge here.

Source: Kojima Productions Official Japanese Site

  • smoozles

    English subtitles would be nice for the gameplay demos

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  • ZenTzen

    I’m sorry but Keifers voice just doesnt fit, i was willing to give
    keifer a chance, but when i actually saw the face doing the voice, it
    just doesnt fit, even the whole conversation with Kaz before the kept
    you waiting was already awkward to me, keifer just seemed like he was
    phoning it in

    • Jack.

      Agreed. It’s just not right.

      This whole thing still hurts. Can’t believe they (Kojima and Konami) have done this.

  • solidmatt

    Youtuber YongYea claims that the night time demo is current-gen graphics and the daytime demo is next-gen. I thought both were supposed to be next-gen. Could someone please clarify.

  • PrinceHeir

    damn this game is getting better and better 🙂

    Snake is more rugged and more rough this time around 😀

    they even took some heavily cues from Blacklist like Guards are now wary if one of their buddies has gone missing.

    though i don’t like the see through all mechanic.

    hopefully there’s a toggle option ^^

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