‘Quiet but not Silent’ and ‘Diamond Dog’ MGSV:TPP videos now available at 60fps

Youtube recently added 60 frames per second support, and Konami has been making use of this new feature by uploaded several of their older videos at this framerate. Below you can watch the ‘Diamond Dog’ and ‘Quiet but not Silent’ video at 1080p and 60FPS.

Keep in mind that this feature only works in Google Chrome for now.

Also, the short making of showing how Stefanie Joosten was 3D captured to be used for the character model of Quiet is now available in 720p and at 60FPS.

On the Konami channel you can also find other videos running at 60 frames per seconds, including the Gamescom gameplay demo, but since that was already provided by Gamersyde earlier it hasn’t been embedded in this post.

Source: Konami537, via Reddit

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